Appropriation/Fund Information

Information related to state appropriations and special purpose funds. Includes budget schedules and charts that provide financial information for all agencies of state government. The financial data comes from the Department of Management’s budget system and is not altered by the Legislative Services Agency.

Budget Unit Budget Unit Name Budget Unit Brief Schedule 1 Schedule 6 10 YR Funding Charts
282W080006 ACE Infrastructure - SWJCF
588K010001 Addictive Disorders
635DD5008J Address Confidentiality Program - ACRF
282I510001 Administration
553D360791 Administration - IPERS
635D710001 Administration and Elections
427Q610001 Administration Division
259I370001 Administration Division
542H300450 Administration Match - UST
009G410001 Administrative Division
427Q630001 Administrative Hearings Division
282W020001 Administrator Mentoring/Coaching Support
413N700001 Adoption Subsidy
282IF20006 Adult Literacy for the Workforce - SWJCF
009AH10017 Ag Drainage Wells - RIIF
6258180001 Ag Land Tax Credit - GF
297J420001 Aging Programs
009G700001 Agricultural Education
212P420001 Alcoholic Beverages Operations
583R190017 Alert Iowa Statewide Messag. System - RIIF
583R530943 Alert Iowa Statewide Messag. System - TRF
284I130001 All Iowa Opportunity Foster Care Grant
284I090001 All Iowa Opportunity Scholarships
542HC20295 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring - EFF
309Q170006 AMOS Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy - SWJCF
243A450001 Anamosa Institution
542HC10295 Animal Feeding Operations - EFF
5328900001 Appeal Board Claims
269E640170 Apprenticeship Training Program - WDF
259I250001 Archiving Former Governors' Papers
282W070001 Area Education Agency Distribution
282W060001 Area Education Agency Support System
259I210001 Arts Division
59500000060 Asset Sharing Fund - Federal
59500000061 Asset Sharing Fund - State
282W010001 Attendance Center/Website & Data System
126P010001 Auditor of State - General Office
213P550019 Banking Division - CMRF
284I100001 Barber & Cosmetology Tuition Grant
6258370001 Business Property Tax Credit
635D730001 Business Services
58459D0017 Camp Dodge Infrastructure Upgrades - RIIF
269EZ50017 Camp Sunnyside Swimming Pool - RIIF
335R87001A Capitol Dome Repairs - SBRF
282I520001 Career Technical Education Administration
282I580001 Career Technical Education Secondary
2557AA0017 CBC 3rd District Major Maint - RIIF
221A010001 CBC District I
222A020001 CBC District II
223A030001 CBC District III
224A040001 CBC District IV
225A050001 CBC District V
226A060001 CBC District VI
227A070001 CBC District VII
228A080001 CBC District VIII
379J710001 Central Administration
407M300001 Cherokee MHI
4138290001 Child Abuse Prevention
427Q500001 Child Advocacy Board
413N710001 Child and Family Services
413N560001 Child Care Assistance
2828110001 Child Development
402M120001 Child Support Recovery
588K070001 Chronic Conditions
406M280001 Civil Commitment Unit for Sexual Offenders
44400000075 Civil Reperations Trust Fund
167J210001 Civil Rights Commission
248A700001 Clarinda Institution
284I010001 College Aid Commission
6258360001 Comm & Industrial Prop Tax Replacement
64530S0017 Commercial Aviation Infra Grants - RIIF
645SC10950 Commercial Aviation Infra Grants - SAF
4018940001 Commission of Inquiry
379J720001 Community Advocacy and Services
269F840017 Community Attraction & Tourism Grants - RIIF
588K090001 Community Capacity
282I500001 Community College Salary Supplement
282I590001 Community Colleges General Aid
259I220001 Community Cultural Grants
5828830001 Compensation and Expense
282IE90001 Competency-Based Education
5888300001 Congenital & Inherited Disorders Registry
413N360001 Conner Training
00979H0295 Conservation Reserve Enhance - EFF
00976H0295 Conservation Reserve Prog - EFF
25100000639 Consolidated Farm Operations
114B070019 Consumer Advocate - CMRF
11200000294 Consumer Credit Administration
11200000088 Consumer Education Fund
11200000822 Consumer Fraud Refunds
23800000459 Contraband Currency
238A200001 Corrections Administration
238A260001 Corrections Education
23800000351 Corrections Training Fund
00975H0295 Cost Share - EFF
269EA60001 Councils of Governments (COGs) Assistance
238A240001 County Confinement
2598120001 County Endowment Funding - DCA Grants
655D930017 County Fair Improvements - RIIF
6548670001 Court Costs
11200000251 Court Ordered Environmental Crimes
44400000466 Court Technology & Modernizati
214P560019 Credit Union Division - CMRF
379J790001 Criminal & Juvenile Justice
23800000185 Criminal Alien Assistance Program
37963H0017 Criminal Justice Info System (CJIS) - RIIF
37963S0943 Criminal Justice Info System (CJIS) - TRF
59500000296 Criminalistics Laboratory Fund
59500000191 Dci - Background Prepayments
615L610001 Deaf/Blind - Licensed Classroom Teachers
615L730001 Deaf/Blind - Tuition and Transportation
131J010001 Department for the Blind
532D010001 Department Operations
427Q450810 DIA - RUTF
23800000156 Doc Inmate Labor Fund
532D230810 DOM Operations - RUTF
595R960030 DPS Gaming Enforcement - GEF
5951R10017 DPS Lab - DNA Marker Software - RIIF
5958490001 DPS-POR Unfunded Liabilities
595R760001 DPS/SPOC Sick Leave Payout
6548710001 Drainage Assessments
583R430046 E911 Emerg Comm Admin - E911 Surcharge
282IE70001 Early Head Start Projects
282W170001 Early Lit - Early Warning System
282IE60001 Early Lit - Iowa Reading Research Center
282IE80001 Early Lit - Successful Progression
282I600001 ECI Family Support and Parent Ed (SRG)
282II90001 ECI General Aid (SRG)
282IC20001 ECI Preschool Tuition Assistance (SRG)
269E470001 Economic Development Appropriation
615L650001 Ed Services for Blind & Visually Impaired
6258800001 Elderly & Disabled Tax Credit
405M220001 Eldora Training School
59500000957 Electrician & Installers Licensing Fund
13300J0017 Elevator Improvements - RIIF
309Q380001 Employee Misclassification Program
427Q510001 Employment Appeal Board
2698230828 Endow Iowa Admin - County Endw Fund
282W030001 English Language Literacy Grant Program
44400000468 Enhanced Court Collections Fun
283I800001 Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program
588K110001 Essential Public Health Services
140P210001 Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board
58430D0017 Facility/Armory Maintenance - RIIF
413N010001 Family Investment Program/PROMISE JOBS
413N320001 Family Support Subsidy
00972H0295 Farm Management Demo - EFF
112B150088 Farm Mediation Services - CEF
009GA50001 Farmers with Disabilities
0068240001 Federal Cash Management - Standing
1120000007M Federal Forfeiture Asset Sharing
238A250001 Federal Prisoners/Contractual
217P300087 Field Auditor - Housing Trust Fund
309Q160052 Field Offices - Spec Cont Fund
309Q030692 Field Offices - UI Reserve Interest
402M100001 Field Operations
282W230001 Fine Arts Teacher Mentoring Prog
11200000387 Fine Paper Anti Trust
595R820001 Fire Fighter Training
595R720001 Fire Marshal
542H200233 Fish & Game - DNR Admin Expenses
542G820001 Floodplain Management Program
427Q750001 Food and Consumer Safety
282I560001 Food Service
542G830001 Forestry Health Management
11200000424 Forfeited Property
252A800001 Fort Dodge Institution
242A400001 Ft. Madison Institution
429Q590035 Gaming Regulation (Riverboat) - GRF
282IF50006 Gap Tuition Assistance Fund - SWJCF
670V010001 General Administration
401M010001 General Administration
64531S0017 General Aviation Infra Grants - RIIF
572Q810001 General Office
112B010001 General Office AG
542HC40295 Geological and Water Survey - EFF
542HB70295 GIS Information for Watershed - EFF
411M400001 Glenwood Resource Center
582R230017 Gold Star Museum - RIIF
350C710001 Governor's/Lt. Governor's Office
615L720001 GRA - NW Iowa Regents Resource Ctr
615L760001 GRA - Quad Cities Graduate Center
615L750001 GRA - SW Iowa Regents Resource Ctr
532DA70017 Grants Enterprise Management Sys - RIIF
259I260001 Great Places
259IM30017 Great Places Infrastructure Grants - RIIF
542G390050 GWF - Geographic Information System
542G290050 GWF - Groundwater Monitoring
542G170050 GWF - Household Hazardous Waste
542G330050 GWF - Landfill Alternatives
542G380050 GWF - Solid Waste Alternatives
542G120050 GWF - Storage Tanks Study
542G370050 GWF - Waste Reduction and Assistance
542G230050 GWF - Well Testing Admin 2%
284IZ70001 Health Care Loan Repayment Program
284I140001 Health Care Professional Recruitment
427Q650001 Health Facilities Division
588K050001 Healthy Children and Families
65500000742 Henry Albert Trust
269EA70006 High Quality Jobs Program - SWJCF
259I400001 Historic Sites
265IM90017 Historical Building Renovation - RIIF
259I240001 Historical Division
670V060001 Home Ownership Assistance Program
583R400001 Homeland Security & Emer. Mgmt.
413N540017 Homestead Autism Facilities - RIIF
6258770001 Homestead Tax Credit Aid - GF
595R660001 Human Trafficking Office
655D970810 I-3 Expenses - RUTF
309Q390001 I/3 State Accounting System
33612U0017 ICN Equipment Replacement - RIIF
282I620017 ICN Part III Leases & Maint.- RIIF
282I900943 ICN Part III Leases & Maintenance - TRF
46700000106 Ilea Audiovisual/equipment Fun
46700000694 Ilea Gifts And Donations
409M340001 Independence MHI
283I680001 Independent Living
283I920001 Independent Living Center Grant
428Q440001 Indigent Defense Appropriation
588K150001 Infectious Diseases
23800000299 Inmate Tort Claims Fund
216P570019 Insurance Division - CMRF
595R850001 Interoperable Communications Sys Board
23800000460 Interstate Compact Fee Fund
427Q640001 Investigations Division
269F010001 Iowa Comm. Volunteer Ser. - Promise
238A210001 Iowa Corrections Offender Network
532DA80943 Iowa Grants Mgmt Implementation - TRF
588KA80017 Iowa Prescrip Drug Safety Net - RIIF
592P220001 Iowa Public Information Board
285I780001 Iowa Public Television
615L600001 Iowa School for the Deaf
25000000640 Iowa State Industries
595R750001 Iowa State Patrol
615L300001 Iowa State University - General
671V030001 Iowa Veterans Home
615L740001 IPR - Iowa Public Radio
28513I0017 IPTV Equipment Replacement - RIIF
28511I0943 IPTV Equipment Replacement - TRF
615L400001 ISU - Agricultural Experiment Station
61638L0017 ISU - Biosciences Building - RIIF
615L410001 ISU - Cooperative Extension
615L430006 ISU - Economic Development - SWJCF
615L470001 ISU - Iowa Nutrient Research Center
615L440001 ISU - Leopold Center
615L880001 ISU - Livestock Disease Research
615L370211 ISU - Midwest Grape & Wine Industry - WGTF
615L480001 ISU - Small Business Development Centers
61640L0017 ISU - Student Innovation Center - RIIF
615L330001 ISU - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
185C670943 IT Consolidation - TRF
269E650170 Job Training - WDF
282I890001 Jobs for America's Grads
444B200001 Judicial Branch
444B210001 Jury & Witness Fee Revolving Fund
37960H0017 Justice Data Warehouse - RIIF
37964S0943 Justice Data Warehouse - TRF
309Q020001 Labor Services Division
54339H0017 Lake Restoration & Water Quality - RIIF
467R010001 Law Enforcement Academy
112B110001 Legal Services Poverty Grants
269EZ60017 Lewis & Clark Rural Water System - RIIF
65500000255 Local Electronic Government Tr
009G690001 Local Food and Farm
532DB30943 Local Gov't Budget & Property Tax System - TRF
01266H0295 Loess Hills - EFF
67216V0017 Loftus Hall ADA Improvements - RIIF
335R520017 Major Maintenance - RIIF
588KA20017 MCH Data Integration - RIIF
413O98006R Medicaid Supplemental - MFF
41567N0943 Medicaid Technology - TRF
413N200001 Medical Assistance
413N450955 Medical Assistance - HCTF
413N430445 Medical Assistance - HHCAT
413N420985 Medical Assistance - QATF
413N280001 Medical Contracts
413N230173 Medical Contracts - PSA
282IE20001 Midwestern Higher Education Compact
6259290001 Military Service Tax Exemption
009GA40001 Milk Inspections
249A750001 Mitchellville Institution
58454D0017 Modernization of Readiness Ctrs - RIIF
009G610944 Motor Fuel Inspection - RFIF
6255930867 Motor Fuel Tax Admin - MVFT
246A600001 Mount Pleasant Institution
595R700001 Narcotics Enforcement
284I020001 National Guard Educational Assistance
009G490441 Native Horse & Dog Prog - Unclaimed Winnings
542G720001 Natural Resources Operations
131J030001 Newsline for the Blind
245A550001 Newton Institution
2829160001 Nonpublic School Transportation
282I570001 Nonpublic Textbook Services
4018960001 Nonresident Mental Illness Commitment
284I070001 Nurse & Nurse Educator Loan Forgiveness
413N480017 Nursing Facility Construction/Impr - RIIF
03525G0017 NW Events Area - RIIF
244A500001 Oakdale Institution
23800000104 Offender Re-Entry Program
309Q370001 Offender Reentry Program
18500000689 Office of Chief Information Officer
297J430001 Office of LTC Ombudsman
428Q6B0943 Online Claims Development - TRF
282W040001 Online State Job Posting System
005C850001 Operations
625T010001 Operations
642C050001 Operations
309Q300001 Operations - Field Offices
282IF40006 PACE and Regional Sectors - SWJCF
542HB60295 Park Operations & Maintenance - EFF
547B400001 Parole Board
44635B001A Polk County Justice Center - SBRF
65500000809 Pooled Money Invest Income Act
64695S0137 PRF - ADA Improvements
64625S0137 PRF - Adair Garage Renovations
645S180137 PRF - Administrative Services
645S330137 PRF - Auditor Reimbursement
645S320137 PRF - DAS Personnel & Utility Services
645S270137 PRF - DOT Unemployment
645S280137 PRF - DOT Workers' Compensation
64619S0137 PRF - Dubuque Garage Replacement
645S130137 PRF - Field Facility Deferred Maint.
64508S0137 PRF - Garage Fuel & Waste Mgmt.
64606S0137 PRF - Garage Roofing Projects
645S220137 PRF - Highway
64656S0137 PRF - HVAC Improvements
645S300137 PRF - Indirect Cost Recoveries
645S310137 PRF - Inventory & Equip.
645S240137 PRF - Motor Vehicle
64696S0137 PRF - Mount Pleasant/Fairfield Facility
645S200137 PRF - Planning & Programming
64599S0137 PRF - Rest Area Facility Maintenance
645S110137 PRF - Strategic Performance
645S160137 PRF - Transportation Maps
64646S0137 PRF - Utility Improvements
6258720001 Printing Cigarette Stamps
217P480001 Professional Licensing Bureau
428Q600001 Public Defender
582R310001 Public Defense, Department of
6548680001 Public Improvements
588K190001 Public Protection
595R640001 Public Safety Administration
595R670001 Public Safety DCI
595R690001 Public Safety Undercover Funds
64502S0017 Public Transit Infra Grants - RIIF
5952R20046 Radio Comm Platform Lease - E911 Surcharge
59693R0943 Radio Communication Upgrades - TRF
64539S0017 Railroad Revolving Loan & Grant - RIIF
259I420001 Records Center Rent
64538S0017 Recreational Trails Grants - RIIF
615L700001 Regents Board Office
615L670006 Regents Innovation Fund - SWJCF
615L020017 Regents Tuition Replacement - RIIF
26967E0017 Regional Sports Authorities - RIIF
282IF90001 Regional Telecommunications Councils
009AH40017 Renewable Fuels Infra Fund - RIIF
270F920001 Rent Subsidy Program
588K210001 Resource Management
247A650001 Rockwell City Institution
284IZ40001 Rural Nurse/PA Loan Repayment
284IZ20001 Rural Primary Care Loan Repayment
645S580810 RUTF - Administrative Services
645S750810 RUTF - Auditor Reimbursement
6458100810 RUTF - County Treasurer Equipment
645S760810 RUTF - County Treasurers Support
645S770810 RUTF - DAS Personnel & Utility Services
645S680810 RUTF - Driver Licenses
64659S0810 RUTF - Dubuque Garage Replacement
645S740810 RUTF - Indirect Cost Recoveries
645S690810 RUTF - Mississippi River Park. Comm.
645S630810 RUTF - Motor Vehicle
6458030810 RUTF - Personal Delivery of Services
645S600810 RUTF - Planning & Programming
64612S0810 RUTF - Scale/MVD Facilities Maint.
645S170810 RUTF - Strategic Performance
645SB90810 RUTF - TraCS/MACH
645S660810 RUTF - Unemployment Compensation
645S670810 RUTF - Workers' Compensation
2828980001 Sac Fox Settlement Education
532DB20017 Searchable Online Databases - RIIF
532DA60943 Searchable Online Databases - TRF
67215V0017 Sheeler & Loftus Renovation - RIIF
284IZ50006 Skilled Workforce Shortage Grant - SWJCF
542H260048 Snowmobile Registration Fees
00988H0295 Soil & Water Conservation - EFF
282IA30001 Special Ed. Services Birth to 3
2388970001 State Cases Court Costs
413N220001 State Children's Health Insurance
63500000443 State Election Fund
2829050001 State Foundation School Aid
270F990017 State Housing Trust Fund - RIIF
282I930001 State Library
282I980001 State Library - Enrich Iowa
588K990943 State Medical Examiner Office - TRF
54330H0017 State Park Infrastructure - RIIF
413N100001 State Supplementary Assistance
28268J0943 Statewide Ed Data Warehouse - TRF
282W180017 Statewide Education Data Warehouse - RIIF
269F070006 STEM Scholarships - SWJCF
282I690001 Student Achievement/Teacher Quality
259IN70017 Sullivan Brothers Museum - RIIF
284IZ60001 Teach Iowa Scholars
284I150001 Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness
542H410450 Technical Tank Review - UST
532D160001 Technology Reinvestment Fund
005C870001 Terrace Hill Operations
350C730001 Terrace Hill Quarters
625T040001 Tobacco Reporting Requirements
2698220001 Tourism Marketing - Adjusted Gross Receipts
655D860001 Treasurer - General Office
2848150001 Tuition Grant - For-Profit
2848040001 Tuition Grant Program - Standing
615LC1001A Tuition Replacement - SBRF
615L790001 UI - Biocatalysis
615L060006 UI - Economic Development - SWJCF
615L200006 UI - Entrepreneur and Econ Growth - SWJCF
615L150001 UI - Family Practice Program
615L140001 UI - Hygienic Laboratory
615L260001 UI - IA Online Advanced Placement Acad.
615L080001 UI - Iowa Birth Defects Registry
615L070001 UI - Iowa Cancer Registry
615L180001 UI - Iowa Flood Center
615L090001 UI - Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center
615L130001 UI - Oakdale Campus
61623L0017 UI - Pharmacy Building Renovation - RIIF
615L250001 UI - Primary Health Care
615L160001 UI - Specialized Children Health Services
615L190001 UI - Substance Abuse Consortium
0068250001 Unemployment Compensation - Standing
615L520006 UNI - Economic Development - SWJCF
615L510001 UNI - Governor's STEM Advisory Council
615L540001 UNI - Real Estate Education Program
615L560001 UNI - Recycling and Reuse Center
61637L0017 UNI - Schindler Ed Center Renovation - RIIF
615L010001 University of Iowa - General
615L500001 University of Northern Iowa - General
259IN60017 USS Iowa Battleship - RIIF
005C860001 Utilities
219P580019 Utilities Division - CMRF
670V140001 Veterans County Grants
112B100001 Victim Assistance Grants
11200000010 Victim Compensation Fund
283I670001 Vocational Rehabilitation
2848060001 Vocational Technical Tuition Grant
413N400001 Volunteers
635DD40017 Voter Reg Licenses Maint & Storage - RIIF
009AH30017 Water Quality Initiative - RIIF
542HB80295 Water Quality Monitoring - EFF
542HB90295 Water Quality Protection - EFF
542HC30295 Water Quantity - EFF
542H370017 Water Trails Low Head Dam Prog - RIIF
00971H0295 Watershed Protection Fund - EFF
412M420001 Woodward Resource Center
282IF60006 Work-Based Intermed Network - SWJCF
309Q010001 Workers' Compensation Division
282IG50006 Workforce Prep. Outcome Reporting - SWJCF
282IF10006 Workforce Training & Econ Dev Funds - SWJCF
269E020001 World Food Prize
269E370017 World Food Prize Borlaug/Ruan Scholar - RIIF
259IN80017 YMCA Strengthen Community Grants - RIIF
58300000491 2004 Distribution #1518 Public Assist.
259IM50017 25th Anniversary Museum Renovation - RIIF
00900000349 Abandoned Mined Lands Grant
59500000853 Abandoned Vehicles
41513N0017 ADA Capital - RIIF
6350000008J Address Confidentiality Program
54200000258 Administration Fund
28200000277 Adult Education
1121B10088 AG Prosecutions and Appeals - CEF
27000000174 Ag. Dev. Auth. - Administration
01400000174 Ag. Dev. Auth. - Administration
00900000871 Agriculture Fee Clearing Account
28200000401 AIDS Education
54200000325 Air Contaminant Source Fund
542H010943 Air Quality Application System - TRF
00900000223 Alternative Drainage Assistance Fund
30900000442 Amateur Boxing Grants Fund
00900000476 Aml Const. Reclamation Fund
42700000446 Amusement Devices Special Fund
24300000334 Anamosa Canteen Fund
58800000101 Anatomical Gift Awareness
54200000473 Animal Agriculture Compliance
41300000339 Anna E Casey Foundation
44400000854 Appeal Fees, Writs, Etc.
2690000007W Apprenticeship Training Program Fund
00500000055 Art Restoration & Preservation
25900000121 Arts Gift & Donation Account
59500000813 Asset Forfeiture Clearing
99300000001 Assigned BU
41300000898 Assistance Payment Recoupment
37900000352 Athletic Conference
54200000049 ATV Registration Fees
645S380143 Auditor Reimbursement - RUTF
009G420001 Avian Influenza
64500000821 Aviation Refund Account
65500000723 Bank Sinking Fund
259I410001 Battle Flag Stabilization
5880000008L Behavioral Analyst Grants Program Fund
30900000691 Benefit Fund Account
00900000463 Blufflands Protection & Revolving Fund
282I540001 Board of Educational Examiners
30900000648 Boiler Safety Fund
615LC30001 BOR - Regents Resource Centers
00900000415 Branding Administration Fund
185P060017 Broadband - RIIF
26900000409 Brownfield Redevelopment Fund
00900000382 Brucellosis Eradication
58800000952 Budget Unit 58800000952
64200000499 Byrne/JAG Grant
14000000833 Campaign Finance - Clearing Ac
28500000316 Capital Equipment Replacement
53200000022 Cash Reserve Fund
532DB40001 Cash Reserve Fund Appropriation
2690000008U Catalyst Building Remediation Fund
615LC30001 BOR - Regents Resource Centers
2556CA0017 CBC 5th District Major Maintenance - RIIF
40600000227 Ccuso Canteen Fund
00600000877 Centralized Payroll Trustee
00500000660 Centralized Purchasing - Administration
53200000097 Charter Agency Grant Fund
40100000323 Child Abuse Project
41300000987 Child Care Facility Fund
28200000280 Child Nutrition Commodities
40200000400 Child Support Grants
41300000887 Children Foster Care Clearing
413N590017 ChildServe - RIIF
28400000370 Chiropractic Loan Revolving Fund
5039250001 Citizens Aide
64500000312 City Bridge Construction Fund
26900000911 City Of Hurtsville Discontinuance
24800000464 Clarinda Canteen Fund
30900000804 Clearing Account
41300000915 Collection Services Refund Acc
265Z020017 Collections Storage Infrastructure - RIIF
2700000006V Comm Housing & Services Revolving Loan Prog
21100000019 Commerce Administration - CMRF
0090000006N Commercial Establishment Fund
40100000372 Commodities
40100000375 Commodity Supp Feeding/Elderly
26900000340 Community Development Block Grant
28200000268 Community Learning Centers
40100000324 Community MH Block Grant
282W240001 Computer Science PD Incentive Fund
53200000879 Consolidated Block Grants
2559CA0017 Construction Project Management - RIIF
1128330088 Consumer Fraud - Public Ed & Enforce - CEF
3090000064H Contractor Reg. Revolving Fund
28500000085 Contributions Holding Account
01600000817 Corn Promotion Fund
54200000498 Corps Of Engineers Cond 5&9 Fd
58200000053 Counterdrug Asset Forfeiture
64500000310 County Bridge Construction
62500000828 County Endowment Fund
28500000004 CPB/CSG FY 90/91
28500000033 CPB/CSG FY 91/93
37900000481 CSBG - Community Action Agency
25900000252 Cultural Trust Grant
64200000012 Dare Surcharge
645S510143 DAS
595R680001 DCI - Crime Lab Equipment/Training
28300000394 DDS Account
28300000231 Dds-medicaid
28200000282 DE Nonfederal Grants
413N790001 Decategorization
269E230103 DED Programs
00500000711 Deferred Comp Trust Fund
00500000805 Deferred Compensation Match Trust Fund
62500000904 Democratic Preference
00600000677 Dental Insurance Prem Operating
00600000678 Dental Insurance Premium Reserve
595R630001 Department-wide Duties
00500000717 Dependent Care Trust Fund
41300000321 Developmental Disabilities Grants
401M020001 DHS Facilities
259F080001 DIA FY18 Legis Reduction
37900000738 Disability Donations & Grants
30900000497 Disaster Unemployment Benefits Fund
21700000161 Disciplinary Hearing Fund
54200000884 Dnr Refund Clearing
00600000705 DNR/SPOC Insurance Trust
238A340001 DOC - Department-Wide Duties
25540A0943 DOC Technology - TRF
59500000116 Donations And Gifts
37900000186 Donations Aspih
64500000309 Dot - Sib Fund
64500000139 DOT Clearing Account
64500000142 Dot Contingent Fund
5952R40017 DPS Tasers - RIIF
59671R0943 DPS Technology Projects - TRF
28200000064 Drinking Drivers Course
64500000180 Drivers License Costs
21900000426 Dual Party Relay Service
59696R0943 Dubuque Fire Training Simulator - TRF
58300000381 E.M.D. Performance Grant
28200000986 Early Childhood Iowa Fund
2690000007G Economic Dev Energy Projects Fund
5329330001 Economic Emergency Fund Appropriation
41300000331 Edna Mcconnell Clark Foundation
28200000285 Education License Plate Fees
28200000031 Education of Handicapped Act
28500000304 Education Telecommunications Project
23800000062 Education-chapter I
01800000818 Egg Fund
11200000373 Elderly Victims Fraud Fund
41300000188 Electronic Benefit Trf-State
30900000649 Elevator Safety Fund
67212V0017 Emergency Fuel Tanks - RIIF
58800000074 Emergency Medical Services
58300000330 Emergency Response Fund
54200000045 Emergency Response Fund-penalt
00500000362 Employee Assistance Program
65700000234 Endowment For Iowa's Health Fu
65700000942 Endowment for Iowa's Health Restricted Capitals Fund
28200000289 English Language Acquisition
53200000295 Environment First Fund
53230E0017 Environment First Fund - RIIF
00900000319 EPA Non Point Source Pollution
28200000283 ESEA Title 1
28200000448 ESEA Title II
00500000674 Facility & Support Revolving Fund
112B120001 Farm Mediation Services
64500000138 Farm To Market Road Fund
54200000253 Federal Aid Pass Thru & Misc. Fees
21700000926 Federal Appraiser Account
53200000103 Federal Economic Stimulus And Jobs Holding Fund
58300000940 Federal HLSEM Disaster Fund
59500000207 Federal Marijuana Eradication
53200000988 Federal Recovery & Reinvestment Fund
00500000661 Federal Surplus Property
40100000391 FEMA
00600000878 Fica Ltd Payments
30900000953 Field Office Operating Fund
27000000169 Finance Authority
61663F0017 Fire Safety and Deferred Maint All Institut - RIIF
61655L0017 Fire Safety/Deferred Maintenance - RIIF
54200000598 Fish And Wildlife Capitals Fund
54200000233 Fish And Wildlife Trust Fund
65500000451 Flood Control Expense
58300000260 Flood Mitigation Assistance
30900000447 Food Stamp Allowances
283W250001 Foreign Animal Disease
54200000335 Forestry Manage & Enhance Fund
269EZ10017 Fort Des Moines Museum Renovation - RIIF
28500000713 Friends Donation Fund
28500000303 Friends Funded Programming
59660R0017 FSTB Mobile Equip Grant Match - RIIF
24200000333 Ft Madison Canteen Fund
25591A0017 Ft Madison Construction/FFE Costs - RIIF
25200000343 Ft. Dodge Canteen Fund
00997H0450 Fuel Inspection - UST
54200000975 Fund Only
53200000970 Fund Only
00000000001 Fund Only
6550000006A Fund Only
65500000900 Fund Only
65500000981 Fund Only
64500000959 Fund Only
99000000001 Fund Only
99100000001 Fund Only
99400000001 Fund Only
99500000001 Fund Only
99600000001 Fund Only
99700000001 Fund Only
99800000001 Fund Only
99900000001 Fund Only
64500000948 Fund Only
33500000198 Fund Only
6550000006D Fund Only
59500000030 Fund Only
21300000829 Fund Only
6450000008N Fund Only
309QA20001 Future Ready Iowa Coordinator
309QA30001 Future Ready Iowa Marketing
615LC70001 FY 2019 Regents Increase
645SC20950 General Aviation Infra Grants - SAF
33500000506 General Services Capitals
009GA80001 GF-Ag Drainage Wells
009G600001 GF-Soil Conservation Division
26900000109 Gi Loan/credit Guarantee Fund
58200000706 Gifts & Contributions
25900000707 Glenn Grover Herrick Bequest
41100000361 Glenwood Canteen Fund
542HD10017 Good Earth Park - RIIF
350C740001 Governor's Office Transition
64500000157 Grade Crossing Surface Repair
00900000407 Grain Indemnity Fund
54200000050 Groundwater Protection Fund
26900000494 Grow Iowa Values Fund
00900000029 GW - Ag Drain Wells/Sinkholes
28200000286 Handicapped Personnel Preparation
41300000374 Hawk-I Trust Fund
58300000257 Hazard Mitigation
54200000098 Hazardous Waste Remedial Fund
28200000412 Headstart Collaborative Grant
41300000066 Health Care Facility Fines
5880000006T Health Care Workforce Shortage
00500000700 Health Flexible Spend Trust Fund
00500000293 Health Insurance Administration Fund
00600000675 Health Insurance Premium Operations
00600000676 Health Insurance Premium Reserve
21600000230 Health Organization Insolvency
58800000697 Henry Albert Trust - Income
59500000201 HIDTA Funds
2690000007F High Quality Jobs Creations Assistance
645S440143 Highway
64500000144 Highway Beautification Fund
64500000131 Highway Grade Crossing Fund
25900000632 Hist. Resource Development Prog. (HRDP)
58300000168 Homeland Security Grant Program
28200000484 Homeless Child and Adults
00900000065 Horse And Dog Breeder's Fund
42900000290 Horse Racing Promotion Fund
41300000445 Hospital Trust
5008840001 House
27000000489 Housing Program Fund
58200000924 Housing Rental Desposits
27000000087 Housing Trust Fund
00500000672 Human Resources Revolving Fund
1120000008M Human Trafficking Enforcement Fund
00500000658 I/3
2690000009F IA Energy Center - Main
61500000417 IBSSS Restricted
64500000435 Iceasb Support Fund
33604U0943 ICN Equipment Replacement - TRF
33600000645 ICN Operations
58800000153 IDPH Gifts & Grants Fund
467R070017 ILEA Facility Remodel - RIIF
24200000204 IMCC Inmate Tele Rebate
28200000229 Improving Teacher Quality Grants
00600000922 Income Offset Clearing Account
42700000181 Indian Gaming Monitoring Fund
645S390143 Indirect Cost Recoveries - RUTF
58200000410 Ing Morale,welfare & Rec. fund
6258790001 Inheritance Refund
670V110001 Injured Veterans Grant Program
2690000006C Innovation & Commercialization Fund
42700000891 Inspections and Appeals Clearing
64500000132 Institutional and Park Roads
21600000243 Insurance Division Cemetery Fund
21600000846 Insurance Division Clearing Ac
21600000241 Insurance Division Education Fund
21600000364 Insurance Division Regulatory
00600000701 Interest For Iowa Schools Fund
64500000183 Intermodal Transportation Proj
5048010001 International Relations Account
59500000220 Interoperable & Broadband Comm Fund
655DU10017 Iowa ABLE Savings Plan Trust - RIIF
26900000369 Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service
65500000749 Iowa Cultural Trust Fund
53200000038 Iowa Economic Emergency Fund
009GB90001 Iowa Emergency Food Purchase Program
21900000003 Iowa Energy And Global Warming
5880000007K Iowa Health Information Network Fund
26900000154 Iowa Improvement Fund
26900000011 Iowa Ind. New Jobs Training (NJT) 260E Fund
009AH50441 Iowa Junior Angus Show - Unclaimed Winnings
282IF80001 Iowa Learning Online Initiative
40200000225 Iowa Refugee Service Center
03400000699 Iowa State Fair Foundation
28400000058 Iowa State Fair Scholarship Fu
67000000951 Iowa Veterans Cemetery Fund
67100000328 Iowa Veterans Home Canteen
67207V0942 Iowa Veterans Home Capitals-RC2
67000000750 Iowa Veterans Trust Fund
41300000500 IowaCare Fund
00500000297 IowAccess Revolving Fund
55300000791 IPERS Fund
615L890017 IPR - Radio Transmitter - RIIF
28007I0943 IPTV - Inductive Output Tubes - TRF
28500000311 IPTV Educational & Contractual Fund
28500000308 IPTV Marketing & Distribution
61652L0017 ISD - Long Hall Renovation - RIIF
615L680001 ISD - Special School Regional Academy
61500000416 ISD Restricted
24200000638 Isp Recycling Fund
61644L0017 ISU - College of Vet. Medicine - RIIF
615L950050 ISU - Data Collection - GWF
61648L0017 ISU - Library - Student Learning - RIIF
616LB20001 ISU - Research Park Core Facility
6150000042Z ISU - Restricted
615LC50001 ISU - Undergrad Resident Financial Aid Prog.
615L490017 ISU - Vet Lab Cancer Equip - RIIF
40100000353 IV-E Independent Living Grant
30900000850 Iwd Clearing Account
30900000107 IWD Major Federal Programs
5028860001 Joint Legislative Expenses
44400000793 Judicial Retirement Fund
44400000043 Jury & Witness Fee Rev Fund
37900000067 Justice Assistance Grants
37900000122 Juvenile Justice Action Grants
37900000162 Juvenile Justice Advisory Council
00900000712 Kenneth Wagner Award Fund
54200000002 Land And Water Conservation Fd
54200000221 Land Recycling Fund
282W190001 LEA Assessment
009GB30001 Legislative General Reduction
50400000079 Legislative Information Office
5049150001 Legislative Services Agency
64500000134 License Plate Fund
00600000679 Life Insurance Bsc Premium Operations
00600000680 Life Insurance Bsc Premium Reserves
00600000681 Life Insurance Optional Premium Operations
00600000682 Life Insurance Optional Premium Reserves
21200000631 Liquor Control Act Fund
62500000197 Litigation Defense Fund
64500000080 Living Roadways Trust Fund
64200000431 LLEBG/RSAT Grant
01400000635 Loan Participation Program
402M180001 Local Administrative Costs
59500000461 Local Fire Revolving Loan Fund
62500000802 Local Income Surtax Fund
61500000421 Local Law Enforcement Grants
64200000421 Local Law Enforcement Grants
62500000815 Local Sales And Services Tax
62500000814 Local Transit Guest Tax
01200000807 Loess Hills Development & Conservation Authority
00600000683 Long Term Disability Premium
00600000684 Long Term Disability Reserves
62700000633 Lottery Fund
62700000733 Lottery Jackpot Winners
37900000189 Low Income Energy Assistance
28200000313 LSTA
00500000670 Mail Services Revolving Fund
41512N0017 Maintenance - RIIF
41511N0017 Maintenance Health Safety Loss - RIIF
33564T0433 Major Maintenance - RBC
33570T006D Major Maintenance - RBC2
25565A0017 Major Maintenance - RIIF
41514N0017 Major Projects - RIIF
67214V0017 Malloy Hall Laundry Facilities - RIIF
54200000474 Manure Storage Indemnity Fund
54200000597 Marine Fuel Tax Capitals Fund
64500000651 Materials And Equipment Revolving Fund
4270000006R Medicaid Fraud Fund
588KA10943 Medical Cannabidiol Registry - TRF
58800000825 Medical Exam Refund Clearing
238A300001 Mental Health/Substance Abuse
41300000009 MH Property Tax Relief Fund
40100000444 MH Serv For The Homeless-Path
40100000377 MH/MR Federal Grants
413N650001 MHDS Regional Grants
40200000044 MI/MR/DD Case Management
413N600001 MI/MR/DD State Cases
58200000172 Military Operations Fund
006C880022 Military Pay Differential - CRF
28200000406 Miscellaneous Federal Grants
25900000126 Miscellaneous Income
24900000357 Mitchellville Canteen Fund
2559ZA0001 Mitchellville Prison Expansion
21300000102 Money Services Licensing Fund
00500000100 Monument Maintenance Account
00500000664 Motor Pool Revolving Fund
645S460143 Motor Vehicle Division
62500000868 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax-refund
64500000360 Motorcycle Education
410M360001 Mt Pleasant MHI
24600000453 Mt. Pleasant Canteen
64500000141 Mvft Refunds
64500000140 Mvft Unapportioned
62500000867 MVFT-Unapportioned
59500000318 Nat Highway Safety Act Funds
58200000171 National Guard Facilities Improvement Fund
24700000637 Nccf Recycling Fund
28200000205 NCES - NAEP Assessments
24500000338 Newton Canteen Fund
00500000684 No Name
4130000006M Nonparticipating Provider Reimb. Fund - NPPR
28500000069 NTIA Equipment Grants
2690000008K Nuisance Property Fund
24400000337 Oakdale Canteen Fund
37900000182 Oil Overcharge Weatherization
41300000411 Old Age Revolving Fund
1128340088 Older Iowans Consumer Fraud - CEF
54200000479 On-Site Wastewater Assistance
645S400143 Operations
28400000124 Osteopathic Loan Revolving Fun
64500000148 Other Federal Funds Cities/Counties
64500000272 Passenger Rail Service Fund
28400000209 Paul Douglas Teaching School
59500000120 Paul Ryan Fire Fighter Trainin
64500000910 Payroll Clearing - Dot
59500000792 Peace Officers Retirement Fund
645S620143 Performance and Technology
00900000870 Performance Bond
6548630038 Performance of Duty - EEF
654DT30001 Performance of Duty FY10
654DT90001 Performance of Duty FY2015
654DV90001 Performance of Duty FY2016
00500000008 Personnel Development Seminars
41300000173 Pharmaceutical Settlement
54200000702 Pilot Grove - Maintenance Fund
645S420143 Planning
44634B0017 Polk County Justice Center - RIIF
65500000823 Pooled Local Government Electr
00500000659 Postage/corporate Express/bond
58300000250 Power Plant Funds
58300000176 Pre-Disaster Mitigation - Competitive
3508570001 Presidential Electors
6450000006H PRF - Administrative Services
64694S0137 PRF - Ames Administration Building
64623S0137 PRF - Des Moines North Garage
64622S0137 PRF - Mason City Combined Facility
64697S0137 PRF - Muscatine/Wapello Combined Facility
645SC30137 PRF - Statewide Communication System
64624S0137 PRF - Traffic Operations Center
64618S0137 PRF - Waste Water Treatment
64649S0137 PRF - Waterloo Garage Renovations
64500000137 Primary Road Fund
00500000744 Principle Perm School Fund
00600000744 Principle Perm School Fund
65500000081 Prison Infrastructure Fund
282W100001 Program & Common Course Mgmt System
00900000465 Pseudorabies
28500000059 PTFP NTIA Grants
58800000824 Public Health-refund Of Fees
64500000082 Public Transit Assistance Fund
28400000136 Public/Private Partnership
26900000356 R.C. 2000
42900000907 Racing Commission Clearing Acc
64500000025 Railroad Assistance Fund
64500000359 Railroad Revolving Loan Fund
21700000178 Real Estate Education Fund
542HC50295 REAP - EFF
53200000017 Rebuild Iowa Infra Fund
64500000841 Reciprocity Fund
00900000803 Reclamation Performance Board-Interest Bearing
547B410943 Record Digitization - TRF
24300000669 Recycling Program
6258730001 Refund Cigarette Stamps
6258760001 Refund Income Corp & Franchise Sale
616LB40001 Regents - Fire Safety/Def Maintenance
269F090001 Registered Apprenticeship Program
00900000944 Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Fund
00900000350 Renewable Fuels & Co-products
009G010001 Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program
67213V0017 Replace Air Handler Units - RIIF
62500000905 Republican Preference
54200000147 Resource Enhancement & Protection Fund
62500000863 Revenue Department Clearing
64500000228 Revitalize Iowa's Sound Econom
28200000028 Revolving Fund
269EA30433 River Enhancement CAT-RBC
65500000810 Road Use Tax Fund
24700000336 Rockwell City Canteen Fund
645S560810 RUTF - Highway Division
64692S0810 RUTF - Scale Replacement
645SC40810 RUTF - Statewide Communication System
58800000390 Rx Prof / Tech Recovery Fd
28300000034 S.S.A. Program Income Account
64500000347 Safety Improvement Program
64500000838 Safety Responsibility Fund
40100000027 Sale Of Real Estate
61500000026 Sale Of Real Estate
26900000609 Sbnjt-retraining
28400000240 Scholarship And Grant Reserve
28200000404 School Bus Driver Permit
53200000880 School District Income Surtax
28000000063 School Infrastructure Fund
6258810001 School Infrastructure Transfer
2559XA0006 SE Reg. Planning Comm. House Bldg - SWJCF
65500000811 Secondary Road Fund-counties
63500000837 Secretary Of State Fee Clearin
62500000039 Security Deposit
00500000665 Self Insurance/Risk Management
5018850001 Senate
21600000902 Settlement Account
59500000477 Sex Offender Registry Fund
2690000006U Small Business Credit Initiative Fund
54200000048 Snowmobile Registration Fees
00900000036 Soil Conservation Revolving Fund
5953R30001 SOS Technology Modernization Fund
6350000009C SOS Technology Modernization Fund
02000000819 Soybean Promotion Fund
30900000052 Special Contingency Fund
5328090001 Special Olympics Fund
59500000040 Spoc Insurance Trust Fund
28400000163 Stafford Loan Program (GSL)
58300000267 State & Local Assistance
28200000275 State Assessment
64500000950 State Aviation Fund
5952R30017 State Interop. Comm. System - RIIF
35000000076 Statewide Volunteer Program
37900000117 Status of Women Federal Grants
269E630001 STEM Scholarships
26900000020 Strategic Investment Fund
65500000812 Street Construction Fund Citie
64500000128 Street Research Fund
265IN30017 Strengthen Community Grants - RIIF
28200000914 Sui Plant Funds
282W270001 Summer Joint Enrollment Program
309QA10001 Summer Youth Intern Pilot
28300000366 Supportive Employment Services
6259310001 Tax Gap Collections
65700000198 Tax-exempt Bonds Proceeds Rest
28400000363 Teacher Shortage Repayment
588K220943 Technology Consolidation - TRF
444B310943 Technology Project - TRF
53201D0017 Technology Reinvestment Fund - RIIF
00600000687 Term Liability Health Trust
27000000164 Title Guaranty Fund
21200000091 Tobacco Compliance Employee Training
6258780001 Tobacco Products Tax Refund
26900000493 Tourism Products Fund
30900000054 Trade Expansion Act Benefits Payment Fund
64500000095 Transfer of Jurisdiction Fund
64500000728 Transit Capital Loan Fund
25900000698 Trust Accounts
02100000820 Turkey Marketing Fund
30900000094 Ui Benefit Overpayment Clearin
30900000692 UI Reserve Fund
61500000414 UI Restricted
6150000064X UIHC Fund
65500000072 Unclaimed Property
42900000441 Unclaimed Winnings Fund
615LC40001 Undergraduate Resident Financial Aid Prog
65600000471 Underground Storage Tank Reven
645S490143 Unemployment Compensation - PRF
61500000256 UNI - Real Estate Education Prog
615LC60001 UNI - Undergrad Resident Financial Aid Prog.
61500000418 UNI Restricted
65600000485 Ust Innocent Landowners Fund
65600000478 Ust Marketability Fund
65600000208 Ust Remedial Fund
65600000450 Ust Unassign Revenue (nonbond)
00500000663 Vehicle Depreciation Revolving Fund
00500000662 Vehicle Dispatcher Revolving Fund
64500000839 Vehicle Title Surety Bond Fund
265IN50017 Vet Memorial Drakesville - RIIF
28200000281 Veterans Education
67291V0433 Veterans Home Facilities Renov - RBC
67000000388 Veterans License Plate Fund
00900000214 Veterinary Medical Examiners-National
65500000073 Vision Iowa Fund
26900000355 Vision Iowa Program
58800000024 Vital Records Modernization
28200000475 Vocational Education Act
28300000395 Vocational Rehabilitation-disabled
59500000125 Vol Fire Fighter Check-off Fun
635DD30017 Voter Reg & Bus Services Systems - RIIF
635DD20943 Voter Registration System Update - TRF
30900000851 Wage Payment Collection
54200000222 Waste Tire Management Fund
54200000206 Waste Volume Reduction & Recyc
00900000146 Water Protection Fund
009GA60001 Water Quality Initiative
269EZ70017 Water Quality Initiative - EFF
0090000007T Water Quality Initiative Fund
54200000376 Water Quality Protection Fund
655D700001 Watershed Improvement Fund
37900000041 Weatherization - D.O.E.
37900000190 Weatherization - HHS (LEAP)
009AH60295 Western Iowa Utility Reloaction - RIIF
28200000696 Westgate Foundation
28200000693 William E Hawks-charitable Tru
26900000211 Wine And Beer Promotion Board
58300000046 Wireless E911 Surcharge
41200000667 Woodward Warehouse Revolving Fund
282W260001 Work-Based Learning Clearinghouse
00500000685 Worker's Compensation Insurance Fund
65500000089 Workers Compensation 2nd Injur
645S500143 Workers' Compensation - PRF
26900000438 Workforce Development Admin
26900000170 Workforce Development Withhold
30900000108 Workforce Minor Programs