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Department Code Citation
Administrative Rules Review Committee §17A.8
Administrative Services, Department of Ch 8A
Aging, Department on Ch 231
Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Department of Ch 159
Attorney General (Department of Justice) Ch 13
Auditor of State, Office of the Ch 11
Blind, Department for the Ch 216B
Chief Information Officer, Office of the Ch 8B
Civil Rights Commission, Iowa Ch 216
College Student Aid Commission §261.1
Commerce, Department of Ch 546
Corrections, Department of Ch 904
Cultural Affairs, Department of Ch 303
Drug Control Policy, Governor's Office of §80E.1
Economic Development Authority Ch 15
Education, Department of Ch 256
Educational Examiners, Board of Ch 272
Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, Iowa §68B.32
Finance Authority, Iowa Ch 16
Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Office of the Ch 7
Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of Ch 29C
Human Rights, Department of Ch 216A
Human Services, Department of Ch 217
Inspections and Appeals, Department of Ch 10A
Judicial Branch Ch 602
Law Enforcement Academy Ch 80B
Lottery Authority, Iowa §12.30 Ch 99G
Management, Department of Ch 8
Natural Resources, Department of Ch 455A
Ombudsman, Office of Ch 2C
Parole, Board of Ch 904A
Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund Board, Iowa Comprehensive §455G.4
Public Broadcasting Board, Iowa §256.81
Public Defense, Department of Ch 29 §29A.11
Public Employees’ Retirement System, Iowa Ch 97B
Public Employment Relations Board §20.5
Public Health, Department of Ch 135
Public Information Board, Iowa Ch 23
Public Safety, Department of Ch 80
Regents, Board of Ch 262
Revenue, Department of Ch 421
Secretary of State, Office of the Ch 9
Telecommunications and Technology Commission, Iowa §8D.3
Transportation, Department of Ch 307
Treasurer of State, Office of the Ch 12
Veterans Affairs, Department of Ch 35A
Veterans Home, Iowa Ch 35D
Workforce Development, Department of Ch 84A