Live Chamber Audio

Streaming audio of Senate and House proceedings is available whenever the chambers are in session via the links below. HTML5 is the new industry standard for delivering media over the web. Most modern browsers, including most mobile browsers, support HTML5, however, there are still some browsers that do not. The Silverlight version will work with any browser that has the Silverlight plugin installed, these are generally PC-based browsers. We recommend you try the HTML5 link first and then the Silverlight link if the HTML5 link does not work for you.

Live Chamber Video

Streaming video of the Senate or House proceedings is available whenever the chamber is in session.

Live Chamber Video Panels

Live Video and Floor Action Panels

Senate & House Chamber Display Board

Senate & House - Live information as posted in the chambers regarding current debate and daily schedules.

Today in the Chambers
Standing Committees
Subcommittees on Bills
Session Calendars
Session Timetable - Major milestones for the legislative session.
Weekly Calendar - Schedule of chamber events and meetings published daily during session.
Debate Eligibility Calendars
Debate Eligibility and Regular Calendars contain the Senate and House calendars listing all bills and resolutions reported out of committee and eligible for consideration by the full chamber.
Social Calendar - Listing of miscellaneous events scheduled for legislators published by the House. If you would like to have something added to the social calendar please call 515-281-5383 or email meghan.nelson@legis.iowa.gov
Capitol Complex Events - Events on the capitol complex scheduled by the Department of Administrative Services.