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Legislative Contacts

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Contact the Senate Senate Switchboard 515.281.3116
Contact the House House Switchboard 515.281.3221
Contact your Senator Senate Switchboard 515.281.3116
List of Senators
Contact your Representative House Switchboard 515.281.3221 List of Representatives
Identify your Legislator Find Your Legislator
Contact Legislative Services Agency LSA 515.281.3566 LSA
Questions about bills, legislative schedules, daily reports, and legislative history LSA
Legislative Information Office
515.281.5129 LIO
Questions about bill drafting and legal services LSA
Legal Services Division
515.281.3566 Legal Services Division
Questions about Iowa Statutory Law LSA
Legal Services Division
515.281.3566 Legal Services Division
Ordering Iowa Law Publications, print or CD-ROM LSA
Administrative Services
515.281.6766 Sales Brochure
Questions about the Iowa Administrative Code LSA
Administrative Code Office
515.281.3355 Administrative Code Office
Questions about state government fiscal information LSA
Fiscal Services Division
515.281.5279 Fiscal Services Division
Scheduling tours of the Capitol LSA
Capitol Tour Guides
515.281.5591 Capitol Tours Capitol Tours
Citizen complaints or grievances about state and local governments Ombudsman 515.281.3592
Ombudsman Email Office of Ombudsman
To provide feedback or suggestions on this website LSA Webmaster 515.281.6506 Webmaster
Questions related to the operation of the Legislative Information System Computer Services Help Desk 515.281.6506 CSD Help Desk
To register for the Lobbyist System Lobbyist Clerk 515.281.5307
Questions about the social calendar Chief Clerk's Office 515.281.5383 Chief Clerk's Office