Welcome to the Legislative Document Research Page


The purpose of the Legislative Document Research Page is to provide a starting point for access to, research of, and use of legislative information by the citizens of State of Iowa, as well as other persons interested in the law, public policy, and the legislative process. The information placed on this site is an invaluable resource in researching Iowa law and the process of enacting legislation.

This research tool will allow citizens to search documents by keywords and will also allow searches by index terms. Documents can be stored into individual collections and notes can be attached to documents. These collections and notes can be shared with other users. The current use of this tool is limited to legislative staff and legislators.

Nonofficial Version

This Iowa General Assembly Website is generally NOT the source for official legal information. Although the accuracy and timeliness of the information is excellent, some information is provisional and all information is provided without any express or implied warranty. If information on this site may affect your legal rights, refer to the designated official printed or electronic publication of the law or contact legal counsel of your choice.

Notify Webmaster of Site Problems

This is the initial release of this research tool. Please notify the webmaster of additional features that would improve this tool or any technical or other problems when accessing this site. Please send an email to the following address: webmaster@legis.iowa.gov.