This is a collection of historical legislative documents. There are some missing documents in each of the collections. Those missing documents will be added as they become available. The collection has been a joint effort. Some key contributors are the State of Iowa Library, the Legislative Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC), and Google Books
Disclaimer: Many of these documents are very large and may take a long time to open depending on the Internet connection speed.
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Bill Video Archive Senate | House - Streaming video by bill of the Senate or House proceedings is available whenever the chamber is in session.
Chamber Rules - Rules governing the Senate and House chambers.
Daily Video Archive: Senate | House - Streaming video of the chamber proceedings is available whenever the chamber is in session.
Journal Index: Senate | House - List of chamber journals by Regular Session.
Session Timetable Archives - Major milestones for the legislative session.
Viewership Report: Senate | House - The Viewership Report shows the total number of views (per week) of live or archived videos.
Weekly Calendar: Senate | House - Schedule of chamber events and meetings published daily during session.
Legislators show/hide
Bluebooks - Previous publications which detail the composition of the Iowa General Assembly and its members and officers (1846-2014).
Candidate Disclosure Forms: Senate | House - Personal Financial Disclosures for Senate and House Candidates.
Historical Tables of the Iowa Legislature - Annually updated tables which detail the composition of the Territory of Iowa Legislative Assembly (1838-1846) and the Iowa General Assembly (1846-Current).
Iowa Legislators Past and Present - Search database information on legislators dating back to the 1st Legislative Assembly in 1838. Search by name, chamber, leadership position, party, district, home county, or assembly.
Leadership - Leaders of the Iowa Senate and House of Representatives (2003-present).
Personal Financial Disclosure - Personal Financial Disclosures for Senators and Representatives.
Pioneer Lawmakers Archive - In 1886, early lawmakers organized a permanent society known as "The Pioneer Lawmakers' Association of Iowa." The purpose of the organization is to preserve the history of Iowa and biographies of its public men and women.
Representatives - Listing of Iowa House of Representatives for the current General Assembly with the option to select previous General Assemblies (1838-present).
Senators - Listing of Iowa Senators for the current General Assembly with the option to select previous General Assemblies (1838-present).
Legislation show/hide
Archive BillBooks - Historical bill book listing all bills by General Assembly in pdf format.
All Amendments in Numerical Order - A list of all amendments in numerical order by General Assembly.
All Bills Passed Chamber - All bills passed by at least one chamber with additional search features.
All Bills Passed Both Chambers - All bills passed by both chambers.
All Bills Passed Either Chamber - All bills passed by either chamber.
BillBook - Search Engine for finding legislation by General Assembly and name or keyword.
Bill History - Displays legislative action for a Study Bill, Bill, or Resolution.
Bill Requests - Nonconfidential bill requests received by the Legal Services Division.
Bills Indefinitely Postponed - All bills Indefinitely Postponed per General Assembly.
Bills in Governor's Office - All bills in Governor's Office per General Assembly.
Bills Item Vetoed By Governor - All bills Item Vetoed by Governor per General Assembly.
Bills Sent to the Secretary of State - All bills sent to the Secretary of State per General Assembly.
Bill Version Tracking - Locate multiple versions of a bill or study bill.
Bills Vetoed - All bills Vetoed per General Assembly.
Clip Sheet: Senate | House - Displays all amendments, fiscal notes, and conference committee reports for a given day.
Concurrent Resolutions: Senate | House - Concurrent Resolutions of the Senate and House per General Assembly.
Daily Legislation (Bill Packet) - List of bills, Study bills, Amendments, Fiscal Notes, and NOBAs filed for a given day.
Directory of Legislation - Indices of bills, study bills, resolutions, and amendments.
Disposition of Bills - List of bills and their last action.
Failed Bills - All Failed bills per General Assembly.
Find Amendment by Amendment Number - Find an amendment by Amendment Number and General Assembly.
Find Amendment by Bill Number - Find an amendment by Bill Number and General Assembly.
Find Amendment by Date Filed - Find an amendment by date filed and General Assembly.
Find Amendment by Sponsor - Find an amendment by sponsor and General Assembly.
Find Legislation by Bill Number - Find a bill by bill number and General Assembly.
Find Legislation by Committee - Find a Bill by committee and General Assembly.
Find Legislation by Sponsor or Floor Manager - Find a bill by sponsor or floor manager and General Assembly.
Joint Resolutions: Senate | House - Joint Resolutions of the Senate and House per General Assembly.
Pre-filed Bills - All Pre-filed bills per Session.
Resolutions: Senate | House - Resolutions of the Senate and House per General Assembly.
Session Daily - Unofficial record of legislative action on given day.
Signed by Governor - All bills signed by Governor per General Assembly.
Similars and Companions - Listing of bills that are the same or similar.
Tabled Bills - All Tabled bills per General Assembly.
Votes by Date Passed - Listing of bills passed between given date ranges.
Withdrawn Bills - All Withdrawn bills per General Assembly.
Committees show/hide
Boards and Commissions - Historical - The boards and commissions listed are extracted from archived Roster of State Officials, Iowa Official Register, and Iowa Acts publications.
Committees - Committees listed per General Assembly.
Iowa Law and Rules show/hide
Iowa Code (Iowa Law)
Code & Acts Amended - A provisional listing of Iowa Code sections, followed at the end by Iowa Acts sections, affected by legislation passed during Regular Sessions.
Enrolled Bills - Bills passed during Regular Sessions of the Iowa General Assembly.
Iowa Code - Composite of all permanent laws enacted by the Iowa General Assembly.
Iowa Acts - This online, nonofficial publication of the Iowa Acts and Joint Resolutions includes the enrolled bills and joint resolutions in the order of their approval or veto in part by the Governor.
Iowa Constitution - Conventions - Historical data about Iowa's Constitutional Conventions.
Iowa Administrative Code (Iowa Administrative Rules)
Emergency Rule-Making Documents - Documents filed by an agency using statutory “emergency” procedures.
Iowa Administrative Code - The IAC (updated biweekly) is the composite of all rules adopted and administered by executive branch agencies to implement state law and policy (Official Version - PDF format).
Iowa Administrative Bulletin - The IAB (published biweekly) is the official notice of all proposed and adopted changes to the rules in the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC); documents that pertain to the business of the Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC); Executive Orders; and other documents as prescribed by statute.
Published Rule-Making Documents - All published rule-making documents by year.
Iowa Court Rules
Iowa Court Rules - Iowa Court Rules by year.
Publications show/hide
Administrative Rules Fiscal Impact - The Legislative Services Agency's analysis of the fiscal impact of all administrative rules.
Annual State Budget Analysis - Analysis of the annual state budget.
Appropriation Bill Analysis - (NOBA) Fiscal analysis of Appropriations and Ways and Means bills.
Appropriation/Fund Information - Information related to state appropriations and special purpose funds.
Appropriations Subcommittees Related Documents - Appropriation Subcommittee documents per Regular Session.
Conversations about Government in Iowa - Short, conversational interviews conducted by LSA staff regarding state and local government. Watch for new Conversations to be posted here periodically.
Dollars and Doughnuts - The nonpartisan, Legislative Services Agency's (LSA) Fiscal Services Division (FSD) is offering one-hour informational sessions on topics of interest to members of the General Assembly.
Historical Data - Historical fiscal analysis documents.
Issue Reviews - Detailed reviews of selected issues concerning state government.
End of Session Information - Provides financial information reflecting the final action of the legislative session. Includes balance sheets for various state funds, appropriation tracking reports, and other financial information.
Factbook & Map of the Week - Data and statistics on Iowa’s government, economy, and population presented on a local, state, regional, or national basis.
Fiscal Notes - Clear, concise, nonpartisan analysis of estimated costs and/or revenues produced by actions included in a proposed piece of legislation.
Fiscal Report - Fiscal Reports per Regular Session.
Fiscal Topics - Fiscal Topics per Regular Session.
Fiscal Update - Fiscal Updates per Regular Session.
Map of the Week - Data and statistics on Iowa’s government, economy, and population presented on a local, state, regional, or national basis.
Medicaid Forecast - Results of the most recent monthly Medicaid Forecast Group.
Monthly Revenue Memo - Monthly Revenue Memos per Regular Session.
Monthly Total Tax Memo - Monthly Total Tax Memo per Regular Session.
Quarterly Revenue Estimate - The Revenue Estimating Conference estimate of General Fund revenue.
Legal Background Briefings - Legal Background Briefings per Regular Session.
Legal Seminars - Scheduled legal seminars held by the Legislative Sevices Agency.
Legal Updates - Legal Updates per Regular Session.
Legislative Guides - Legislative Guides per Regular Session.
Audit Reports - Audit reports issued by the Auditor of State.
Briefings on Meetings - Briefings on Meetings per Regular Session.
Interim Calendar - Interim Calendar Documents per Regular Session.
Iowa Official Register - The Iowa Official Register, or Redbook as it is commonly known, is published biennially and contains historical and current biographical information about Iowa's governmental institutions and leaders.
Reports Required to be Filed - Reports and other documents required to be filed with the General Assembly are organized by the submitting department and the date published.
Roster of State Officials - The State Roster, as it is commonly known, is published annually and contains the names and offices of the statewide elected officials.
Lobbyist Information show/hide
Client Reports - Lobbyist Client Reports by year.
Function Reports - Lobbyist Function Reports by year.
Government Lobbyist Authorizations - Government Lobbyist Authorizations by Regular Session.
Search Lobbyist Declarations - Displays lobbyist contact information and links to additional lobbyist information.