Audio Video Presentations

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Streaming video of the Senate or House proceedings is available whenever the chamber is in session.

Legislative Agenciesshow/hide
  • About Legislative Information Office - This video features a description of the services offered by the Legislative Information Office, Capitol Tour Guides, and Capitol Gift Shop of the Legislative Services Agency.
  • Conversations About Government in Iowa - Short, conversational interviews conducted by LSA staff regarding state and local government. Watch for new Conversations to be posted here periodically.
  • Fiscal Update - Fiscal Services newsletter. Individual articles are published throughout each week. A summary of links to articles is published monthly.
  • Issue Reviews - Audio recording of detailed reviews of selected issues concerning state government.
  • Monthly Revenue Memo - Video presentation of the fiscal analysis of the prior month's General Fund receipts.
  • Legal Seminars - Materials and audio recordings of in-house legal seminars about particular legal topics of interest to the staff and members of the General Assembly.
  • Legal Updates - Summaries of recent court decisions, Attorney General opinions, and other legal interpretations.
  • Legislative Guides - Audio recordings of comprehensive surveys of particular areas of law.
Resources & Civic Educationshow/hide
Legislative Process
  • How a Bill becomes Law - Explains the process a bill goes through from introduction to enactment. This eight-minute video is intended for fourth through sixth grade school levels. The production follows the path of a bill as it becomes a law in Iowa in a manner that is both concise and appropriate. The key concepts include: bills, State Senators, State Representatives, committees, amendments, majority vote, the Governor’s role, law, and Iowa citizenship.
Tour the Capitol
  • Capitol Interior - A beyond the ropes tour of the Capitol.
  • Capitol Monuments Tour - Video presentation featuring 46 videos of monuments and memorials on the grounds of the Iowa State Capitol Complex.
  • Capitol Today Videos - Video presentation of the first and second floors of the Capitol.
  • Capitol Virtual Tour - An interactive virtual tour of the Iowa Capitol.
  • Glass Floor - Video presentation detailing the installation of the new circular glass floor structure on the first floor.
  • USS Iowa - This video encapsulates the battleship USS Iowa experiences from her launch to her last commissioning. Historical film footage and on-camera interviews from USS Iowa veterans who served during World War II, the Korean Conflict, and during the Cold War of the 1980s are featured.
  • Cell Phone Audio Tour: - A cell phone audio tour of the Capitol grounds and the Capitol's interior.