Issue Reviews

Detailed reviews of selected issues concerning state government.

Title Date PDF Audio
Alcoholic Beverages Division License and Permit Fees 01/22/2021
Federal Disaster Funding in Response to 2019 Flooding 01/22/2021
Changes in Staffing and Salaries at State Universities 01/15/2021
School Aid — Supplementary Weightings 01/15/2021
School Food Service Breakfast Programs 01/15/2021
Board of Regents Facilities 01/08/2021
Business Property Tax Credit 01/08/2021
Costs of Voting by Mail 01/08/2021
Iowa Health and Wellness Plan 01/08/2021
Medicaid Work Requirements 01/08/2021
Uses of Iowa’s General Fund Surplus and Reserve Funds 01/08/2021
Overview of Iowa Veterans Programs — 2019 Update 12/05/2019
Iowa Department of Commerce Revolving Fund 11/26/2019
Office of the Chief Information Officer Broadband Grants 11/26/2019
An Update on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry 11/20/2019
Iowa Property Tax and Local Government Finance Trends 11/19/2019
Iowa Transportation Commission 11/08/2019
Projected Major Maintenance Costs for Certain State Facilities 11/07/2019
Indigent Defense — Overview and Funding History 11/06/2019
Electric Vehicle and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Registration Fees 11/05/2019
Livestock Inventory Historical Trends 11/04/2019
Nonpublic School Funding History 10/29/2019
General Fund Appropriations Trends (FY 1990 to FY 2019) 10/08/2019
Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation 10/08/2019
State of Iowa Expenditure Limitation Process 10/08/2019
Iowa Labor Force Nonparticipation 07/01/2019
State Authorities 07/01/2019
State of Iowa General Fund Budget Projection (FY 2021 - FY 2026) 07/01/2019
Iowa Individual Income Tax Revenue Growth 06/28/2019
Revenue Growth at Regents Universities 06/28/2019
State Collective Bargaining 06/28/2019
2016 Federal Income Tax Statistics — Iowa Taxpayers 02/01/2019
Adult Mental Health and Disability Services System Funding History 02/01/2019
Federal Medical Assistance Percentage Match Rates 02/01/2019
Industrial Hemp Update 02/01/2019
Delivery and Coordination of Public Safety and Emergency Services in Iowa 06/29/2018
State School Aid — Historical Context and Trends 03/09/2018
Distance Learning in Postsecondary Education 02/23/2018
Update on Iowa’s Gaming Industry and Associated Revenues 01/22/2018
Building Maintenance on State Facilities 01/04/2018
Human Trafficking 01/04/2018
Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 01/04/2018
Iowa's Craft Beer Industry 01/04/2018
Juvenile Detention Home Fund 01/04/2018
Court Debt Collection 01/03/2018
Electric Vehicle and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Registration Fees 01/03/2018
FY 2017 FTE Positions and Personnel Costs 01/03/2018
State of Iowa Expenditure Limitation Process 03/09/2017
Grade Retention 01/11/2017
Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Fund Update 01/11/2017
Centralized Payroll Costs 01/06/2017
Department of Transportation Operations 01/06/2017
Judicial Compensation 01/06/2017
Overview of State And Federal Water Quality Programs 01/06/2017
State Health Insurance Costs 01/06/2017
Department of Administrative Services Offset Programs 01/05/2017
Funding for the Adult Mental Health and Disability Services System 01/05/2017
General Fund Appropriations Trends 01/05/2017
Iowa Fund of Funds 01/05/2017
Iowa Road Funding 01/05/2017
Office of the Chief Information Officer 01/05/2017
Property Tax System Modifications – Senate File 295 01/05/2017
Statewide Cost Allocation Plans and Indirect Cost Recovery 01/05/2017
Township Governance in Iowa 01/05/2017
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund 05/13/2016
State Funding for Preschool 03/10/2016
Department of Administrative Services Utility Service Rates 02/25/2016
Court Debt Collection 02/16/2016
Law Enforcement Body Cameras 02/01/2016
Iowa's Modified Biennial Budget Process 01/06/2016
State and Local Tax Revenue FY 2005 to FY 2015 01/06/2016
Taxpayer Migration 01/06/2016
Federal Income Tax Statistics - Iowa Taxpayers 11/16/2015
Allocation of State Funding to Regents Universities 10/06/2015
Iowa Health and Wellness Plan 01/20/2015
State of Iowa FY 2014 FTE Positions and Personnel Costs 01/07/2015
State Employee Sick Leave Benefits at Retirement 12/30/2014
Minimum Wage and Other Income Supplements 12/19/2014
Overview of Iowa Veterans Programs 12/18/2014
County Finances 12/04/2014
Department of Administrative Services Construction Management Services 12/03/2014
Iowa Alternative Energy Tax Incentives 12/02/2014
Recent Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Proposals 11/21/2014
Environmental Protection Charge - Future Repeal 11/10/2014
State Collective Bargaining in Iowa 11/10/2014
Underground Storage Tank Program Financial Outlook 11/10/2014
Federal Medical Assistance Percentage Match Rates 10/29/2014
Expenditures by the Department of Administrative Services: 2009 - 2013 07/03/2014
Court Debt Collection Programs and Outstanding Court Debt 03/17/2014
Funding for the Adult Disability Services System 01/24/2014
Contracting for Services by State Agencies 12/20/2013
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Adult Drug Courts 12/20/2013
Financial Analysis of Farmland Owned by the Departments of Corrections and Human Services 12/13/2013
School Finance Formula-Aid and Levy Worksheet 12/12/2013
State School Aid Funding for Special Education 12/12/2013
Emergency Medical Services 12/11/2013
Iowa Property Tax and Local Government Finance Trends 12/11/2013
Overview of Iowa Public Pension Systems 12/06/2013
State of Iowa General Fund Budget Projection 12/06/2013
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture 11/14/2013
Federal Funds Reduction for Criminal Intelligence Information 10/17/2013
Peace Officers' Retirement, Accident, and Disability System and Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System 09/30/2013
Iowa Battle Flag Collection 09/05/2013
Executive Branch Employees: January 2011 and August 2012 01/11/2013
Department of Administrative Services Cost Savings 01/10/2013
Multimodal Transportation Funding 01/09/2013
Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Funding - FY 2011 Report 12/21/2012
Impact of Federal Income Tax Changes on Iowa General Fund Revenue 12/13/2012
Construction Status and Operating Costs of New Corrections Beds 11/16/2012
Iowa's Expenditure Limitation Process 11/16/2012
University Revenue Growth Adjusted for Inflation and Enrollment Change 11/14/2012
Flood Recovery at the University of Iowa 11/02/2012
Community-Based Corrections Funding Levels 10/25/2012
Salary Growth of Iowa Teachers and School Administrators 09/26/2012
Tourism Advertising and Travel 09/26/2012
Iowa State Patrol and the Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement Potential Integration 08/28/2012
Trends in General Fund Appropriations 08/24/2012
Iowa Soil and Water Conservation Cost Share Program 08/20/2012
State of Iowa Full-Time Equivalent Positions and Personnel Costs 12/28/2011
IPERS Retirement Dividend Payments 11/07/2011
Instructional Support Program Funding Inequities 11/03/2011
Nonresident Deer Hunting 10/04/2011
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) 10/04/2011
Intercollegiate Athletics Funding at Iowa Regents Universities 04/04/2011
Department of Corrections Centralized Pharmacy 02/04/2011
State of Iowa's Full-Time Equivalent Positions and Personnel Costs 12/23/2010
General Fund Revenue Transfers and Appropriation Shifts 12/13/2010
State and Local Tax Revenue FY 2001 to FY 2010 12/09/2010
School District - Cash Reserve Levy 12/03/2010
Proposed Sale of State Farm Ground 12/02/2010
State Funding for Libraries 12/02/2010
State Funding for Preschool 12/02/2010
Cedar Rock State Park 12/01/2010
Projected Impact of Elimination of the Federal Family Education Loan Program 11/18/2010
Emerald Ash Borer Overview 11/10/2010
State Prison System Budget 11/10/2010
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 11/05/2010
FY 2011 Judicial Branch Budget Impact 10/20/2010
Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement 10/20/2010
University Faculty Work Activities 10/20/2010
Narrowband Mandate and State Agency Communications Systems 10/19/2010
Tuition at Iowa Regents Universities 10/15/2010
Corrections Construction and Capacity 10/11/2010
School Aid Formula Funding - Supplementary Weightings 09/10/2010
Electrical Examining Board 07/26/2010
Narrowband Mandate and Statewide Interoperability 01/27/2010
Court Debt Collection 01/21/2010
Regents Employees FY 2001-FY 2010 01/21/2010
FY 2011 General Fund Budget Projection 11/25/2009
School Aid Funding for FY 2010 and FY 2011 10/29/2009
Community Empowerment 09/21/2009
Area Education Agency Review 02/19/2009
Regents Universities and the 2008 Summer Floods 01/28/2009
Future General Fund Revenue Impact of Enacted Legislation 01/21/2009
Impact on the Insurance Premium Tax rate Reduction 01/21/2009
City Property Tax - FY 2009 01/06/2009
Income Surtaxes 12/31/2008
Sex Offender Registry Restrictions 12/18/2008
County Jails and Probation Sentencing 09/24/2008
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 09/24/2008
Iowa State Patrol Airplane and Vehicle Fleet 09/24/2008
School Aid Law Changes 09/12/2008
Vehicle Registration and Miscellaneous Vehicle Fees in Iowa 03/06/2008
School Infrastructure Local Option Sales Tax (SILO) 12/19/2007
Help Us Stop Hunger Program 12/04/2007
State Fire Marshal's Office 12/04/2007
Teacher Retention - Impact of Student Achievement/Teacher Quality Legislation 11/27/2007
Future General Fund Revenue Impact of Enacted Legislation 11/26/2007
Revitalize Iowa's Sound Economy (RISE) Program 11/08/2007
Farmer's Market Overview 11/01/2007
Outstanding Obligations - State Debt 11/01/2007
Iowa College Student Debt 10/30/2007
Local Option Sales Tax 10/23/2007
Outstanding Court Debt 10/23/2007
Education Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans 10/11/2007
Adult Drug Court 10/09/2007
Report on Commercialization of Research Appropriations to the Board of Regents 09/28/2007
School Budget Components Impact on Foundation Property Tax Rates 09/24/2007
Average Teacher Salaries - Impact of Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Legislation 09/21/2007
Property Tax Adjustment Aid 09/13/2007
Special Education Funding 04/17/2007
Capitol Security 03/07/2007
Undocumented Immigrants' Cost to the State 02/22/2007
Iowa Student Loan 02/09/2007
I/3 System Review 02/05/2007
Special License Plates 02/02/2007
Individual Development Accounts 01/30/2007
Shelter Care 01/30/2007
Child Care Assistance Program 01/17/2007
State Fleet 01/17/2007
Sexual Predator Commitment Program 12/18/2006
Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board 12/11/2006
Road Use Tax Fund Revenue Update 11/20/2006
Expenditure Limitation 11/06/2006
LiDAR Interactive Mapping Technology 11/06/2006
IowaCare 10/27/2006
Transportation Costs Impact on School Budgets 10/27/2006
Iowa Great Places Program 10/10/2006
Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS) 10/06/2006
The Institute for Tomorrow's Workforce 10/06/2006
Watershed Improvement Review Board 10/03/2006
Courthouse Security 09/29/2006
E911 Program 06/21/2006
Tax Increment Financing Outstanding Obligations Report - 2005 03/20/2006
Community College Programming for High School Students 02/01/2006
Electronic Monitoring of Sex Offenders 12/15/2005
School Property Taxes 12/14/2005
Wallace State Office Building 12/07/2005
College Savings Plans 12/05/2005
Board of Educational Examiners Fee Revenue 11/08/2005
Enhanced 911 System 11/08/2005
Aquatic Invasive Species 10/25/2005
Judicial Salaries 10/25/2005
Iowa Tax Revenue Reported to the U.S. Census Bureau 09/27/2005
Iowa Finance Authority 03/22/2005
Taxpayer Migration - Iowa to Texas and Arizona 02/10/2005
Battelle Institute Report on Iowa's Bioeconomy 12/16/2004
Board of Regents Student Financial Aid for FY 2003 12/03/2004
College Work Study 12/03/2004
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program 12/03/2004
Special License Plates 12/03/2004
Workers' Compensation For State Employees Funding 12/03/2004
High School Drop Outs 11/29/2004
Projected Infrastructure Funding 11/29/2004
Medicaid - FY 2005 and FY 2006 11/17/2004
Road Use Tax Fund Revenue Update 11/16/2004
Adoption Subsidy Program 10/27/2004
Overview of the State Corrections System 10/27/2004
Allocation of State Aid to Community Colleges 10/26/2004
Auditor of State 10/26/2004
Medical Costs of the State Prison System 10/26/2004
Enhanced 911 System 10/05/2004
Methamphetamine Laboratories 10/05/2004
Medicaid Intergovernmental Transfers 02/20/2004
State of Iowa FY 2002 through FY 2005 General Fund Budget 01/22/2004
Iowa Corporate Income Tax 01/16/2004
Iowa Innovations Fund 01/08/2004
Traffic Safety Program Funding 12/29/2003
Medicaid Update 12/19/2003
Community College Division Management Information System 12/02/2003
Road Use Tax Fund Revenue Update 12/02/2003
Review of Iowa's 85.0% Sentencing Law 11/13/2003
Banner Wildlife Area 11/12/2003
Board of Regents Tuition Growth 11/12/2003
Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning 11/12/2003
Capitol Security 10/17/2003
Update on the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) 08/15/2003
City Tax Increment Financing 04/14/2003
County Tax Increment Financing 04/09/2003
Public Health Professional Licensure Boards 02/25/2003
Endowment for Iowa's Health Account 01/28/2003
General Fund Budget Transfers for FY 2002 through FY 2004 01/16/2003
Road Use Tax Fund Revenue Update 01/09/2003
Farm Security Act Conservation Programs 12/09/2002
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 12/04/2002
Impact of Changing Iowa's Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Statute 12/04/2002
Judicial Branch Retirement Fund 12/04/2002
State of Iowa Aviation Assistance Programs Update 11/21/2002
Board of Regents Unit Cost of Instruction 10/28/2002
Iowa's Tobacco Settlement Revenues and Expenditures 10/17/2002
Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy 10/15/2002
Judicial Branch Revenue 10/15/2002
Restricted Capital Fund of the Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund 10/11/2002
School Aid Funding FY 2002 - FY 2004 10/04/2002
Linked Investments 10/02/2002
Alcoholic Beverages Division State Liquor Wholesaling 09/27/2002
Iowa Priority 09/20/2002
State Vehicle Fleet 09/05/2002
Iowa's Economic Growth 09/03/2002
Overview of the State Nursery 08/30/2002
Prison Farms 08/30/2002
State Medical Library 08/30/2002
Assisted Living in Iowa 08/28/2002
Community College Governance 08/28/2002
Effects of Raising the Speed Limit 01/22/2002
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 01/14/2002
School Foundation Aid - Budget Alternatives for FY 2003 12/16/2001
Integrated Farm and Livestock Management Demonstration Program 12/11/2001
Section 8.39 Appropriation Transfers 12/10/2001
Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) Update 12/07/2001
Road Use Tax Fund Overview - Revised 12/07/2001
Crime Bills from the 2001 Legislative Session 11/19/2001
Overview: Iowa Judicial Branch 11/19/2001
Parking Structure Construction Proposal 11/19/2001
Update on Excursion Gambling Boats, Pari-Mutuel Racing, And Slot Machines at Rac 11/19/2001
Cattle Feedlots 10/25/2001
Dependent Adult and Elder Abuse 10/09/2001
Iowa Veterans' Home 10/09/2001
Iowa's Tobacco Settlement 10/08/2001
Community College Funding 09/25/2001
Budget Guarantee Provision Changes 09/20/2001
Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School 09/20/2001
Iowa Department for the Blind 09/20/2001
Iowa's Nursing Shortage 09/20/2001
Senior Living Trust Fund 08/21/2001
Child Care Facility Inspections 07/09/2001
Child Protection Centralized Intake Unit 07/09/2001
Child Support Guidelines 07/09/2001
Child Support Recovery 07/09/2001
Iowa's Energy Conservation Financing Programs 07/09/2001
Visitation and Custody Mediation 07/09/2001
Iowa's System of Libraries 03/07/2001
Judicial Branch: A Brief Description (Updated January 2001) 01/31/2001
Linked Investment for Tomorrow Program Update (Updated November 2000) 01/31/2001
Update on Excursion Gambling Boats, Pari-Mutuel, and Slot Machines at Racetracks 01/31/2001
Childhood Lead Poisoning and Prevention 01/30/2001
Department of Corrections: Telephone Rebate Fund 01/30/2001
Interdepartmental Billing 01/30/2001
Iowa Finance Authority Housing Loan Programs 01/30/2001
Declining Enrollments and Budget Guarantee 11/29/2000
Update on Agricultural Drainage Wells (Updated November 2000) 11/29/2000
Indigent Care Program at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 11/08/2000
Housekeeping and Dietary Services Staffing at the Iowa Veterans Home 11/07/2000
Indigent Defense Update (Updated October 2000) 11/07/2000
Iowa's Teacher Salaries - Comparative Studies 11/07/2000
Judicial Salaries 11/07/2000
Senior Living Program 11/07/2000
Sex Offender Registry 11/07/2000
Waste Tire Management Program 11/07/2000
Board of Regents Deferred Maintenance 09/19/2000
Board of Regents Fire and Environmental Safety 09/19/2000
Iowa's Teacher's Salaries 09/19/2000
Department of General Services Project Management Services 09/11/2000
Vertical Infrastructure Definition 09/11/2000
Update on Iowa's Children's Health Insurance Program 08/28/2000
School-Based Liaison Program 08/22/2000
Vision Iowa Program 07/26/2000
School Infrastructure Program 07/25/2000
Update on Excursion Gambling Boats, Pari-Mutuel, and Slot Machines at Racetracks 02/08/2000
Water Quality and Total Maximum Daily Loads 02/08/2000
Economic Impact of Travel on the Iowa Economy 01/26/2000
Tourism Advertising 01/20/2000
Department of Corrections Program Backlogs and Waiting Lists 01/18/2000
Sex Offender Correctional Programming 01/09/2000
Iowa Recreational Trails Program 01/08/2000
Calculation of Residential Property Taxes and the Property Tax Rollback Amounts 01/06/2000
Earthen Waste Storage Structures in Iowa 01/06/2000
Professional Licensing 12/27/1999
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 12/07/1999
Mental Health Expenditures 12/07/1999
Sexually Violent Predator Commitment Program 12/07/1999
An Update of the Case Management Program 12/06/1999
Community College Management Information System 12/06/1999
Overview of the Beverage Container Control Act 12/06/1999
Review of Regents Infrastructure Projects 12/06/1999
Student Loan Default Prevention Activities by the College Student Aid Commission 12/06/1999
Indigent Defense Update 12/03/1999
Dietary Staffing at the Iowa Veterans Home 12/02/1999
Linked Investment for Tomorrow Program Update 12/02/1999
Reading Recovery Program Update 12/02/1999
Iowa Finance Authority Low-Income Housing Tax Credits 12/01/1999
Nursing Facility Direct Care Staff Turnover 12/01/1999
Section 8.39 Appropriations Transfers 12/01/1999
Underground Storage Tank Insurance Program 11/24/1999
Financing Changes to the 260E Job Training Program 11/02/1999
Social Services Block Grant Update 10/25/1999
Gypsy Moth Program 09/30/1999
Johne's Disease 09/30/1999
Recreation Infrastructure Grant Program 09/30/1999
Refugee and Immigrant Growth in the State of Iowa 09/30/1999
Community College Funding Overview 09/27/1999
Federal Education Assistance 09/22/1999
Plant Science Initiative at Iowa State University 09/21/1999
State of Iowa Aviation Assistance Programs 09/17/1999
Agricultural Drainage Wells 01/15/1999
Loess Hills and the National Park System 01/15/1999
Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund 01/15/1999
Income Tax Simplification 12/20/1998
Financing Changes to the 260E Job Training Program 12/02/1998
Pseudorabies Eradication 12/02/1998
Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Programs in Iowa 12/02/1998
The Iowa Tuition Grant Program 12/02/1998
University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences Primary Care Program 12/02/1998
Board of Educational Examiners 12/01/1998
Linked Investments for Tomorrow Program 12/01/1998
Local Option Taxes 12/01/1998
Net Budgeting at Department of Human Services' Institutions 12/01/1998
Reading Recovery 12/01/1998
Community Mental Health Centers 11/16/1998
State Medical Examiner 11/11/1998
Implementation of the State Children's Health Insurance Program 11/06/1998
Highway Funding of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century 11/05/1998
Interstate Compact on Nurse Licensure 11/05/1998
Loess Hills Development and Conservation Authority 11/05/1998
Maternal and Child Health Clinics 11/05/1998
Prison Industries Private Sector Employment of Inmates 11/05/1998
Renovation of Facilites on the Capitol Complex 11/05/1998
Community-Based Corrections 09/23/1998
Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Program 09/23/1998
Judicial Salaries 09/23/1998
Regents Graduate Study Centers 09/23/1998
Review of the Restore the Outdoors Program 09/23/1998
Update on Excursion Gambling Boats, Pari-Mutuel, and Slot Machines at Racetracks 09/23/1998
Prison Farms 08/19/1998
The Iowa Plan for Behavioral Health 07/08/1998
Capitol Complex Parking Lot Improvements 07/07/1998
History of Child Welfare Services Paid by the Medical Assistance Program 06/09/1998
Children's Health Insurance Program 01/09/1998
Death Penalty - Procedures in Other States 01/09/1998
Industrial Hemp 01/09/1998
Underground Storage Tank Program Funding 01/09/1998
Financing Mental Health Services in Iowa 12/30/1997
An Update of the Case Management Program 1999 12/09/1997
Public Health Nursing 12/09/1997
Update on Riverboat, Pari-Mutuel & Slot Machines at Racetracks (Updated November 19, 1997) 11/19/1997
Renewable Fuels and Co-Products Program 11/13/1997
Value Added Agricultural Products and Processes Program 11/13/1997
The Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES) Program 11/12/1997
Blufflands Protection Program 10/30/1997
Crime Bills from the 1997 Legislative Session 10/30/1997
Judicial Branch: A Brief Description 10/30/1997
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund 10/30/1997
State Child Care Assistance 10/30/1997
Educational Excellence 09/23/1997
Area Education Agencies Review 09/15/1997
Commission on Educational Excellence 09/12/1997
Fiscal Impact of Education Provisions in Federal Tax Bill 09/12/1997
New Iowa Schools Development Corporation (NISDC) 09/12/1997
Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 08/28/1997
University of Iowa Biology Building and Renovation Update 08/28/1997
University of Iowa Health Sciences Complex 08/28/1997
Tax Increment Financing 07/16/1997
Iowa Housing Corporation 02/18/1997
Iowa Finance Authority Title Guaranty Program 02/02/1997
Department of Transportation - Review of FTE Positions 01/21/1997
Dental Hygiene Programs 01/16/1997
Permanent School Fund 01/16/1997
The Iowa Inheritance Tax and Elderly Migration 01/16/1997
Multi-State Lottery 01/15/1997
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund 01/15/1997
School Improvement Technology Act 01/15/1997
Update on Riverboat, Pari-Mutuel, and Slot Machine Operations (Updated January 1 01/15/1997
Review of Tax Study Results 12/20/1996
Computer Costs For The Year 2000 11/26/1996
Housing Assistance 11/20/1996
Iowa Finance Authority 11/20/1996
Prison Privatization 09/27/1996
An Update of the Case Management Program 09/13/1996
County Issuance of Motor Vehicle Licenses 09/13/1996
Crime Bills from the 1996 Legislative Session 09/13/1996
Federal Welfare Reform Legislation 09/13/1996
Iowa Lottery Administrative Expenses 09/13/1996
Iowa State University 3*5 Program 09/13/1996
Iowa State University Healthy Livestock Program 09/13/1996
Student Financial Aid at the Board of Regents Institutions - Update 09/13/1996
Annual Versus Biennial Budgets in the 50 States 08/08/1996
Central Information Technology Entity 08/08/1996
Indigent Defense Update 08/08/1996
Medically Needy Program 08/08/1996
Privatization in Iowa Government 08/08/1996
Privatization of the Dietary and Housekeeping Services at the Iowa Veterans Home 08/08/1996
State Employee Wages 08/08/1996
Statewide Indirect Cost Allocation 08/06/1996
Linked Investments for Tomorrow Program 07/17/1996
An Update of the Case Management Program 04/19/1996
Prison Visitation Facilities 02/02/1996
Update on Sesquicentennial Activities 02/02/1996
An Update of the Case Management Program 01/31/1996
State Fair Capitals 01/17/1996
Student Financial Aid at the Board of Regents Institutions 01/17/1996
County Budgeting Under the Property Tax Limitation 01/11/1996
Outcome-Based Performance Budgeting 01/11/1996
Summary of Regent Bonding 01/11/1996
Benefits for Iowa Veterans 12/01/1995
Status of the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund 11/28/1995
Departmental Plans for Use of FY 1995 Reversions 11/15/1995
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund 11/15/1995
Update on Managed Mental Health Care 10/18/1995
Welfare Reform Update 10/17/1995
Crime Bills From The 1995 Legislative Session 10/13/1995
Iowa Communications Network Part III Implementation 10/13/1995
Statewide Indirect Cost Allocation Plan 10/13/1995
Substance Abuse Managed Care Contract Status Update 10/13/1995
The Iowa Inheritance Tax and Elderly Migration 10/13/1995
Update On Riverboat, Pari-Mutuel & Slot Machine Operations (Updated October 1995 10/13/1995
Use of Vacation and Sick Leave by State Employees 10/13/1995
Board of Regents Real Property Ownership 09/18/1995
Community Colleges - An Overview of Funding 09/13/1995
Update on the Status of the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) Program 09/12/1995
Road Use Tax Fund Update 08/30/1995
Community Health Management Information System (CHMIS) Update 08/29/1995
Board of Regents Real Property Leases 08/17/1995
Update on Trust Fund Transfer Status 08/14/1995
Update On Unpaid Fines, Fees & Court Costs 08/14/1995
Payment Processes For Interagency Services 07/28/1995
Prison and Community-Based Corrections Construction 07/17/1995
An Update of the Revenue Enhancement Program at the Iowa Veterans Home 06/29/1995
Background Information On Possible Incentives To Encourage Registration Of Child 06/29/1995
Prison Education Programs 06/29/1995
The FY 1996 Mandates of the Commission of Veterans Affairs 06/29/1995
Update On Motorcycle Helmet Transfer Funds And Motorcycle Education 06/29/1995
Update on the Value-Added Agricultural Products and Processes Financial Assistant 06/29/1995
Motor Vehicle License Pilot Project 01/31/1995
Industrial New Jobs Training Program 01/30/1995
State Funded Drug Grant Moneys - Update 01/20/1995
Evaluation of the State Fire Marshal's Office 12/21/1994
Community College Alternative Retirement System 11/30/1994
Healthy Iowans 2000 11/30/1994
Iowa Correctional System 11/30/1994
Medical Assistance Prior Authorization Program 11/30/1994
Programs for Delinquents: Status Report 11/30/1994
Update on the Wallace Technology Transfer Foundation And The Iowa Seed Capital C 11/30/1994
Franchise Tax 10/28/1994
Indirect Cost Reimbursements Received By Board of Regents 10/28/1994
Judicial Department's Data Sharing Initiatives 10/28/1994
Organizational Structure Of The Department Of Human Rights 10/28/1994
Review of Changes in Federal Student Aid Programs 10/28/1994
Review Of Chapter I Funding 10/28/1994
Child Welfare Services: Status Report 10/27/1994
GOALS 2000: Educate America Act 10/27/1994
Indigent Defense Update 10/27/1994
Update On The Iowa Film Office 10/27/1994
Motorcycle Helmet Transfer Funds 09/27/1994
Property Tax Treatment Of The Long Distance Telecommunications Industry 09/26/1994
Update On The Regents Progress On Transferring Accounting Data To The Iowa Finan 09/26/1994
Office of State-Federal Relations 09/09/1994
Total Quality Management Update 09/09/1994
Rural Health Care Initiatives in Iowa 08/15/1994
Flood Update 08/12/1994
Layers of Management - Update 08/12/1994
Regent Treasurers' Temporary Investments 08/12/1994
The Potential Impact of Health Care Reform on Elders 08/12/1994
The Transition From the Health Data Commission To The Community Health Managemen 08/12/1994
Update on the Status of the Community Economic Betterment Account (CEBA) Program 08/12/1994
Machinery and Equipment Property Tax 07/12/1994
Organic Nutrient Management Program 07/12/1994
Prison Safety 07/12/1994
Reorganization in Executive Branch Agencies - Department of General Services and 07/12/1994
Welfare Reform Update 07/12/1994
State Fair Bonding for the Renovation of the State Fair Grounds and Buildings 06/17/1994
Expanded Gambling 06/15/1994
State Deduction for Federal Income Tax 06/15/1994
Growth In The Prison Population 12/30/1993
State Funded Drug Grant Money 12/21/1993
Regents Indirect Cost Reimbursements 12/20/1993
State of Iowa Obligations 12/20/1993
Boot Camps As An Alternative Prison 12/16/1993
Centralized Collections - Update 12/16/1993
Medicaid Children Services Initiative: Update on Implementation 12/16/1993
Regent Fund Balances - FY 1993 12/16/1993
Regent Salary Report Followup 12/16/1993
Regents Accounting System Data Transfer To The Iowa Financial Accounting System 12/16/1993
Road Use Tax Fund 11/16/1993
Treatment Alternatives To Street Crime - (TASC) 11/15/1993
Auditor Reimbursements 11/08/1993
Layers Of Management - Update 10/25/1993
Motorcycle Helmet Legislation Impact to Iowa 10/22/1993
Federal Income Tax Deductibility 10/20/1993
Foster Care Caseloads Continue To Decrease 10/20/1993
Iowa's Prison System Compared To Surrounding States 10/20/1993
Regent Treasurer's Temporary Investments 10/20/1993
Tax Increment Finance Options 10/20/1993
Osteopathic Primary Care 10/19/1993
Regents' 4th Quarter Report 09/29/1993
State Operated Retirement Systems 09/23/1993
Effect Of OBRA On State Revenues 09/21/1993
Office Space Needs for State Agencies in the Des Moines Area 09/21/1993
State Health Insurance Costs - 50 State Comparison 09/21/1993
Update On Trust Fund Transfer Status 09/21/1993
Update On Unpaid Fines, Fees & Court Cost 09/21/1993
Capitol Restoration - Update 09/20/1993
Home And Community Based Waiver For Persons With Mental Retardation 09/20/1993
Revenue Enhancement Program At The Iowa Veterans Home 09/20/1993
Indigent Defense Update 08/24/1993
Iowa Groundwater Protection Fund 08/24/1993
Self Insurance of State Facilities 08/24/1993
State Vehicle Fleet - Vehicle Dispatcher Division 08/24/1993
Update on Court's Automation Initiatives 08/24/1993
Incentive Regulation 08/23/1993
State Assistance And Tax Credits Related to Education 08/23/1993
Deferred Maintenance of State Facilities 08/20/1993
Health Data Commission 08/20/1993
Juvenile Justice Update 08/20/1993
School Budget Review Committee 08/20/1993
TRANS Note Issuance 08/20/1993
Permanent School Fund 07/01/1993
Update On Implementation Of DHS Medicaid Initiatives 07/01/1993
Case Management Program 06/30/1993
Disproportionate Share Program And Indirect Medical Education 06/30/1993
Early Retirement Program Update 06/30/1993
Guaranteed Loan Reserve Fund 06/30/1993
Iowa Lottery 06/30/1993
Privatization Of Rest Area Maintenance 06/30/1993
Sharing And Reorganization Incentives For Local School Districts 06/30/1993
Status Of Legislative Computer Models 06/30/1993
Bills With New Or Expanded Penalties Passed During the 1993 Session 06/09/1993
Insurance Costs And Existing Reserves 06/09/1993
Iowa Lottery 06/09/1993
Taxing Nonresident Retirement Pensions 06/09/1993
The Funding Responsibility For Monitoring Indian - Operated Casinos 06/09/1993
Update On Implementation Of DHS Major Initiatives 06/09/1993
Update On the Sale Of Advertising In State Publications 06/09/1993
Department Of Public Defense - Cash Flow 06/08/1993
Parking On The Capitol Complex 06/08/1993
School Aid Review 12/16/1992
Clerk Of Court Offices 12/09/1992
Backlog Maintenance Of Armories 12/08/1992
Chronic Renal Disease Program 12/08/1992
Collective Bargaining for FY 1994 AND FY 1995 12/08/1992
Early Retirement Program 12/08/1992
Input/Output Economic Model 12/08/1992
Prison Health Care Costs 12/08/1992
Regent Affiliated Organizations Part II 12/08/1992
Unemployment Compensation Reserve Fund 12/08/1992
Update On Iowa Indigent Defense Program 12/08/1992
Auditor Reimbursements 11/05/1992
Motor Vehicle Use Tax Assessment Option 11/05/1992
Regent Affiliated Organizations 11/05/1992
Road Use Tax Fund Overview 11/05/1992
Transferred Trust Fund Status 11/05/1992
Trends And Issues In Federal Funding 11/05/1992
Update On The Iowa Communications Network 11/05/1992
Effects On Departmental Budgets For Last Three Years 09/21/1992
Insurance Division Accreditation 09/16/1992
Iowa's International Trade Offices 09/16/1992
Revenue Estimating Conference Accuracy 09/16/1992
Status Of Additional Correctional Beds In FY 1993 09/16/1992
"FUTURE GAAP" Provision Delay Proposed 09/15/1992
Alzheimer's Disease And Related Disorders 09/15/1992
Centralized Collections 09/15/1992
Child Support Fees And Rebates 09/15/1992
Update On Iowa Court Information System (ICIS) 09/15/1992
DALS Emergency Hay Hotline 07/15/1992
Secretary Of State's Optical Disk Scanner Office Automation Project 07/15/1992
State Insurance Contract And Related Issues 07/15/1992
Tax And Revenue Anticipation Notes 07/15/1992
Unpaid Fines, Fees & Court Costs 07/15/1992
Woodward State Hospital-School Surveyed 07/15/1992
Department of Cultural Affairs Reorganization 07/14/1992
Riverboat Gambling 07/14/1992
State Funded International Programs 07/14/1992
Real Estate Broker Trust Accounts 06/30/1992