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House File 2001
... the state ceiling on the issuance of private activity bonds to administer programs by the Iowa agricultural development authority.
House File 2002 provide that persons convicted of attempted murder serve at least eighty-five percent of the sentence imposed and providing an edate. Effective 2-27-98 ...
House File 2003
... limitations on recoverable noneconomic damages in legal actions arising out of motor vehicle accidents.
House File 2004
...providing a procedure for entry of a memorandum of satisfaction of judgment by a clerk of court when a judgment creditor cannot be located.
House File 2005
... the voter approval of annexation and severance of territory to or from a city and providing effective date and applicability provisions.
House File 2006
...allowing certain parents to provide driver's education instruction.
House File 2007
...eliminating the requirement that a county board of supervisors provide group insurance coverage to full-time county extension office assistants employed in the county.
House File 2008
... limitations on state government activities with China.
House File 2009
... the expenditure of school improvement technology program funds by school districts.
House File 2010
...restricting the awarding of child visitation rights to a parent convicted of murder in the first degree of the other parent.
House File 2011
... the criteria used by state agencies in determining financial assistance for economic development.
House File 2012
... criteria for establishing an economic development enterprise zone.
House File 2013
... the maximum number of nonresident deer hunting licenses and nonresident wild turkey hunting licenses which may be issued annually.
House File 2014
... the development of a state water plan by the department of natural resources.
House File 2015
... the age of personal watercraft operators, subjecting violators to a penalty, and providing an effective date.
House File 2016
... the increase in the amount reimbursed by the state for loss of property taxes due to the allowance of the military service tax exemption and providing effective and applicability date provisions.
House File 2017
...exempting sales to certain rural hospitals from the state sales, services, and use taxes.
House File 2018
... criminal defendant community service and inmate work programs.
House File 2019
... reductions in the ownership of automobiles, vans, light trucks, and other similar motor vehicles in the department of transportation's motor vehicle fleet.
House File 2020
... administrative licenses issued by the state board of educational examiners.
House File 2021
... financial assurance requirements for waste tire collection or processing sites.
House File 2022
... the issuance of emergency medical services motor vehicle registration plates and establishing fees.
House File 2023
...providing special ballots for voters who are blind.
House File 2024
... school district use of school improvement technology program funds to employ a computer systems analyst.
House File 2025
... confidentiality in the mediation process. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2478) ...
House File 2026
... criteria for practitioner preparation programs.
House File 2027
... construction permits for animal feeding operation structures issued to persons later classified as habitual violators and providing applicability and effective dates.
House File 2028 remove cottonwood trees and cotton-bearing poplar trees in cities from a list of items deemed to be nuisances.
House File 2029
... forestry and rural development by establishing a revolving loan fund.
House File 2030
... the assumption of risk by and liability of forcible felons and persons aiding and abetting in the commission of forcible felonies for damages resulting from the offenders' criminal conduct. (See Cmte ...
House File 2031
... the disbursement and documentation of expenditure of child support payments, and providing penalties and effective dates.
House File 2032
...exempting the sale of bottled drinking water from the state sales, services, and use taxes.
House File 2033
... the operation of motorboats on artificial lakes and providing an effective date.
House File 2034
... distinguishing numbers assigned to driver's licenses and persons with disabilities parking permits, and providing for the Act's applicability.
House File 2035
... suspension of payment of property taxes for certain persons receiving government assistance and providing an applicability date.
House File 2036
... the general assembly by providing for public access to meetings.
House File 2037
...regulating implements of husbandry.
House File 2038
... the Iowa state fair convention by providing for its membership and the election of members to the Iowa state fair board.
House File 2039
... cooperation between municipalities and nonprofit housing corporations under the state municipal housing law.
House File 2040
... the annual registration fees for motor homes not in use the entire year and making a penalty applicable.
House File 2041
... certain political telephone communications and providing a civil penalty.
House File 2042
... the consideration of a history of the performance of criminal offenses against a minor in the awarding of child visitation rights to a parent.
House File 2043
... early retirement incentives for school employees and providing an appropriation.
House File 2044
...providing an individual income tax credit for volunteer fire fighters and emergency medical service personnel and providing effective and retroactive applicability dates.
House File 2045
... policies on extracurricular activities adopted by school districts and accredited nonpublic schools.
House File 2046
... the disbursement of child support payments made to the clerk of the district court or to the collection services center by providing for direct deposit of the payments in an account and documentation ...
House File 2047
...establishing the offense of criminal voyeurism and providing a penalty.
House File 2048
...providing for a modified full-year school calendar grant program, and making an appropriation.
House File 2049
... redemption by a county of certain parcels sold at property tax sale. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2050
... the elements which comprise certain forms of the crime of assault.
House File 2051
... the sale of beer by special class "A" beer permittees.
House File 2052
... the voting membership of joint 911 service boards.
House File 2053
... child support for children through twenty-two years of age who are completing high school graduation or equivalency requirements.
House File 2054
... permits for aquifer storage and recovery and making penalties applicable. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2292) ...
House File 2055
... the deadline for registering to vote in an election.
House File 2056
... school foundation weighting for pupils participating in school-to-work or career pathways programs, making an appropriation, and providing an effective date.
House File 2057
... the statutory duties of the office of secretary of state, the director of revenue and finance, the director of the department of general services, and the ethics and campaign disclosure board, and pr ...
House File 2058
...providing for election and membership procedures involving the Iowa state fair convention, including the election of members to the Iowa state fair board.
House File 2059
... the criteria used in determining payment of costs and expenses of a person admitted or committed to a state hospital.
House File 2060
... the criminal penalties applicable to certain offenses, by increasing and adding penalties for certain drug offenses and increasing the penalty applicable to the crime of voluntary absence from custod ...
House File 2061 establish the offense of public indecency and providing penalties.
House File 2062 change the maximum age limit for eligibility of certain sex offenders for consideration as youthful offenders by the district and juvenile courts.
House File 2063
... mediations affecting agricultural producers.
House File 2064
... the reimbursement paid by beverage distributors.
House File 2065
... the transportation of pupils participating in open enrollment.
House File 2066
... certain state departments to request moneys from the general fund of the state to pay for services by the departments relating to the state department of transportation and providing an effective dat ...
House File 2067
... tobacco products and cigarettes, providing penalties, providing for an increased tax on cigarettes, and providing for appropriations.
House File 2068
... the timely filing of a request for open enrollment to attend school in another school district.
House File 2069
... open enrollment deadlines.
House File 2070 add sexual abuse in the third degree to the crimes for which offenders must serve at least eighty-five percent of the sentence imposed.
House File 2071
...exempting internet and other on-line services from the state sales, services, and use taxes.
House File 2072
...regarding best practices for managing swine suffering from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, by appropriating moneys for demonstration projects.
House File 2073
... public intoxication by inhaling chemical substances and providing a penalty.
House File 2074
... adjustments of reimbursement rates for medical assistance services for which all or part of the nonfederal share is paid by counties.
House File 2075
... certification of the need for minor's school licenses.
House File 2076
...the imposition of a local option sales and services tax for school infrastructure projects and the issuance of bonds, and providing an effective date. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2282) ...
House File 2077
...including social studies in the list of standards the department of education uses for accrediting area education programs.
House File 2078
... the awarding of child visitation rights when a parent is convicted of murder in the first degree of the other parent.
House File 2079 permit out-of-state peace officers to act within this state pursuant to agreements between state or local authorities. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2262) ...
House File 2080
...limiting the exemption from property taxation for improvements to property located in an urban revitalization area, and including an applicability date provision.
House File 2081
...allowing a single payment from a garnishee subject to multiple garnishments to the entity receiving the garnished earnings, and providing conditions.
House File 2082
... public bidding procedures for certain contracts for services for counties and cities.
House File 2083
...providing for court-referred mediation, and related standards and procedures.
House File 2084
... the income eligibility requirements for the homestead property tax credit, mobile home tax credit, or reimbursement for rent constituting property taxes paid and providing an applicability date.
House File 2085 delay the reduction of sentences of certain sex offenders for good behavior until completion of required sex offender treatment.
House File 2086
... the time for accrual of an action for wrongful death based on personal injury.
House File 2087
... the hunting of mourning doves and subjecting violators to a penalty.
House File 2088
... approval of urban renewal plans by referendum and providing an applicability date.
House File 2089
... preferences concerning the disposition of private property condemned or purchased as highway right-of-way property.
House File 2090
...the juvenile court, when specified conditions are met, to enter an ex parte order to perform a medically relevant test to determine whether an illegal drug is present in a child's body.
House File 2091
... billings to counties for services provided by institutions administered by the department of human services.
House File 2092
...a provider of medical assistance for mental health and mental retardation services for which the nonfederal share is a county liability to bill the liability amount directly to the county.
House File 2093
... the payment of costs and expenses of a juvenile admitted or committed to a state hospital.
House File 2094
...establishing a medical expense fund for Persian Gulf Conflict veterans and their families, and making an appropriation.
House File 2095
...applying the death penalty or life imprisonment, by establishing the offense of capital murder, by providing a minimum age for imposition of a death sentence, by providing for review of death sentence ...
House File 2096
...regulating anhydrous ammonia by prohibiting tampering with related equipment and the unauthorized possession and transportation of containers and receptacles used to store anhydrous ammonia, and provi ...
House File 2097
...supporting drainage districts, by extending the period when certain contracts must be let, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 500) ...
House File 2098
...prohibiting the performance of partial-birth abortions, establishing a cause of action for violation of the prohibition, and providing penalties.
House File 2099
... the payment of interpreters in a civil proceeding.

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