Enrolled Bills

The following bills were passed by the 2021 Session of the 89th Iowa General Assembly. The list indicates the date each bill was signed, or if the bill was vetoed or line item vetoed by the Governor. The list includes the effective date for the entire bill or if not yet signed by the Governor an E may be included indicating the bill is effective upon enactment (the date of the Governor's signature). The following letters may be added to indicate the following:
M -- Multiple effective dates
C -- Conditional effective date
A -- Applicability provisions
Please note that some of the most recently passed bills listed below may not yet be prepared in final form. Signature lines appear at the bottom of the final "enrolled" form of a bill.
The Governor may not have acted upon all bills listed below. Check the bill history to make certain of the final action by the Governor on the bill. Once the Governor has acted, the Governor's veto or item veto letters are linked to the entries in the table as soon as the letters are made available.
Bill Bill Title Date Passed Governor Signature Effective Date