Lobbyist Function Pre-Registrations and Function Reports

Reporting is required for functions that Iowa Code 68B.22(4)(s) exempts from the $3.00 limitation on gifts of food, beverage and entertainment when (1) the function takes place during a regular session of the general assembly, and (2) all 150 members of the general assembly are invited to attend. A Function Pre-Registration is required to be filed at least five days before the date a function is to be held. A Function Report is required to be filed no later than 28 days after the date a function was held.

Click on the image in the last column to view the Function Report information.Roll your cursor over the Filing Date to view the due date for filing a Function Report. A red date indicates a registration or report filed late. The word "Due" preceding a red date indicates a report has not been filed.

Function Date Function Sponsor(s) Location Pre-Function Registration Date Filing Date View
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