Audit Reports

Audit reports issued by the Auditor of State.

Report Name Department Date
Report of Recommendations to the Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System for the period ended 06-30-2019 Public Employees’ Retirement System, Iowa 03/06/2020
Special Investigation of the University of Iowa Department of Psychiatry for the period 01-01-2011 through 08-31-2019 Regents, Board of 03/04/2020
Special Investigation of the Hardin County Auditor's Office for the period 07-01-2013 through 12-31-2018 02/25/2020
Report of Recommendations to the six divisions of the Iowa Department of Commerce for the year ended 06-30-2018 Commerce, Department of 02/25/2020
Special Investigation of the City of Roland for the period 9-12-2016 through 6-6-2018 02/18/2020
Independent Auditor's Report on Internal Control over Financial Reporting on the University of Northern Iowa for the year ended 06-30-2019 Regents, Board of 02/13/2020
Special Investigation of the Waukee Community School District for the period 08-01-2018 through 06-30-2019 02/11/2020
Independent Accountant's Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures for the Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services under the Iowa Department of Education for the period 10-01-2018 through 08-31-2019 Education, Department of 01/20/2020
Report of Recommendations to the Iowa Department of Administrative Services for the year ended 06-30-2017 Administrative Services, Department of 01/17/2020
Report of Recommendations to the Iowa Office of the Chief Information Officer for the year ended 06-30-2017 Chief Information Officer, Office of the 01/17/2020