Senate Resolutions

Resolutions of the Legislature per General Assembly.
Bill Bill Title
SR 1A resolution relating to the Senate Code of Ethics governing the conduct of members of the Senate in relation to their senatorial duties during the Eighty-ninth General Assembly.(Formerly SSB 1092.)
SR 2A resolution urging the United States Congress to reject the invitation to ignore Iowa election law and Iowa’s judicial process in deciding election disputes.
SR 3A resolution urging the Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union to sanction girls wrestling as a high school sport.
SR 4A resolution honoring the achievements and contributions of Steve Ovel.
SR 5A resolution honoring the work of Dr. Steven Meyer of Sioux City, Iowa.
SR 6A resolution deferring action on the confirmation of certain appointments.
SR 7A resolution deferring action on the confirmation of certain appointments submitted by the Governor.
SR 8A resolution honoring and congratulating Lois Brownell for her dedicated service to the State of Iowa.
SR 9A resolution advising the legislative services agency of the reasons for the Senate’s rejection of Senate File 620.(Formerly SSB 1278.)