Pre-filed Bills

Legislative bills and joint resolutions submitted for consideration by the General Assembly, before the convening of any session of the General Assembly.

Date Document Background Statement
02/17/2023 Medicaid, Liens and Third-Party Recovery (1182XD) - Health and Human Services, Department of
02/17/2023 Health and Human Services Omnibus (1183XD) - Health and Human Services, Department of
02/02/2023 Economic Development Authority, Major Economic Growth Attraction Program (1228XD) - Economic Development Authority
01/31/2023 Department of Revenue Omnibus (1239XD) - Revenue, Department of
01/31/2023 Judicial Branch Omnibus (1212XD) - Judicial Branch
01/31/2023 Juvenile Court Services and Administration (1225XD) - Judicial Branch
01/27/2023 Money Transmission Modernization Act (1213XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
01/25/2023 Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Omnibus (1218XD) - Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Department of
01/20/2023 Explosive or Destructive Devices (1234XD) - Public Safety, Department of
01/19/2023 Life Insurance Companies, Permissible Investments (1188XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/17/2023 Commercial Driver's Licenses, National Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (1217XD) - Transportation, Department of
01/10/2023 Overweight Vehicle Permits, Special Circumstances (1220XD) - Transportation, Department of
01/09/2023 Commercial Driver's License, Third-Party Testing (1214XD) - Transportation, Department of
01/09/2023 Controlled Substances (1196DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
01/06/2023 Election Recounts (1232XD) - Secretary of State
01/06/2023 Elections Technical Bill (1223XD) - Secretary of State
01/06/2023 Preclearance Filing Services, Banks (1165XD) - Secretary of State
01/06/2023 Absentee Ballot Marking Pilot Program (1222XD) - Secretary of State
01/06/2023 Economic Development Authority, Technical (1164XD) - Economic Development Authority
01/05/2023 Private Well Testing Requirements (1291HH) - Isenhart, Charles, House
01/05/2023 Drug-Induced Homicide (1236XD) - Attorney General
01/03/2023 Commercial Driver's License Exemptions, Farm-Related Service Industries (1215XD) - Transportation, Department of
12/27/2022 Public Record Requests (1155DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/27/2022 Banks, Permissible Investments and Notice Requirements (1189XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
12/21/2022 Cocktails Mixed on Premises, Off-Premise Consumption (1194XD) - Commerce, Department of /Alcoholic Beverages Division
12/21/2022 Driver Education, Final Field Tests (1216XD) - Transportation, Department of
12/19/2022 Health Care Employment Agencies (1197XD) - Inspections and Appeals, Department of
12/19/2022 Transfer of Real Estate Owned by the State and State Agencies (1238XD) - Administrative Services, Department of
12/19/2022 Seat of Government, Terrace Hill, and State Laboratory Utilities Appropriation (1211XD) - Administrative Services, Department of
12/19/2022 Ombudsman, Whistleblower Complaints (1162DP) - Ombudsman, Office of
12/19/2022 Mental Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (1166DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/19/2022 Campaign Finance, Recurring Contributions (1224DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/19/2022 Distracted Driving (1231XD) - Public Safety, Department of
12/16/2022 Car Seats, Age Requirements (1233XD) - Public Safety, Department of
12/16/2022 Complaints, Iowa Public Information Board (1156DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/16/2022 Auditing Expenses (1151DP) - Auditor of State
12/13/2022 Video Conferencing (1186XD) - Public Defender, State
12/12/2022 Assault, Pointing Lasers at Aircraft (1221XD) - Public Defense, Department of
12/12/2022 Periodic Examination Fees (1153DP) - Auditor of State
12/12/2022 Public Funds, Suspected Fraud (1154DP) - Auditor of State
12/12/2022 Theft of Public Funds (1148DP) - Auditor of State
12/12/2022 Public Funds, Innovation and Efficiencies (1152DP) - Auditor of State
12/09/2022 Rural Iowa Primary Care Loan Repayment Program (1172DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/09/2022 State Public Defender Child Welfare Pilot Project (1185XD) - Public Defender, State