Pre-filed Bills

Legislative bills and joint resolutions submitted for consideration by the General Assembly, before the convening of any session of the General Assembly.

Date Document Background Statement
02/19/2019 Judicial Salaries (1519XD) - Judicial Branch
02/12/2019 Juror Information, Confidentiality (1267XD) - Judicial Branch
02/11/2019 Massage Therapy, Penalties (1257XD) - Public Health, Department of
02/11/2019 Barbering Apprenticeship (1255XD) - Public Health, Department of
02/08/2019 Court Interpreters, Costs (1273XD) - Judicial Branch
02/04/2019 Hawk-I ELIAS (1230XD) - Human Services, Department of
02/01/2019 Human Trafficking (1339DP) - Public Safety, Department of
01/31/2019 Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department Updates (1209XD) - Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Department of
01/28/2019 Utilities Division, Omnibus Bill (1268XD) - Commerce, Department of /Utilities Division
01/24/2019 Insurance, Background Checks and Fraud Review (1215XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/24/2019 Post-Conviction DNA Testing to Exonerate the Innocent (1258XD) - Public Defender, State
01/23/2019 Federal Family First Prevention and Services Act (1265XD) - Human Services, Department of
01/23/2019 Elder Abuse, Criminal Penalties (1260DP) - Attorney General
01/23/2019 Honey Creek Resort Bond Authority, Elimination (1244DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
01/21/2019 Alcoholic Beverages Division, Technical (1189DP) - Commerce, Department of /Alcoholic Beverages Division
01/18/2019 Justice Advisory Board (1201DP) - Human Rights, Department of
01/18/2019 Dental Board, Dental Practice Updates (1194DP) - Dental Board
01/18/2019 Licensure Reciprocity for Military Spouses and the Injured Veterans Grant Program (1275DP) - Public Defense, Department of
01/16/2019 Education Loan Debt Management Companies (1274DP) - Attorney General
01/16/2019 Trepassing (1338DP) - Public Safety, Department of
01/14/2019 Witness Mileage Reimbursement (1277XD) - Judicial Branch
01/14/2019 Bioscience Development Corporation (1280XD) - Economic Development Authority
01/14/2019 Lottery Modernization Updates (1246DP) - Lottery Authority, Iowa
01/14/2019 Community Catalyst Emergency Projects (1282DP) - Economic Development Authority
01/13/2019 Sexually Violent Predators (1259DP) - Attorney General
01/10/2019 Controlled Substances Schedules and Prescription Monitoring Program (1186DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
01/09/2019 Unemployment Insurance Tax and Benefits (1241XD) - Workforce Development, Department of
01/08/2019 Secretary of State, Elections Technical Bill (1175XD) - Secretary of State
01/08/2019 Compensatory Mitigation for Stream and Wetland Impacts (1245DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
01/08/2019 Boat Registration (1249DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
01/08/2019 Workforce Housing Tax Incentives (1281DP) - Economic Development Authority
01/08/2019 Child Labor Laws, Exceptions (1313DP) - Economic Development Authority
01/04/2019 Pharmacy Practice Act (1187DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
01/03/2019 Clerks of Court, Service Requirements (1266XD) - Judicial Branch
01/03/2019 Judges, Residency Requirement (1269XD) - Judicial Branch
01/03/2019 Transfer of Patients (1228DP) - Corrections, Department of
01/02/2019 Out-of-State Attorney Admissions (1261XD) - Judicial Branch
01/02/2019 Credit Unions, Merger Communication to Members (1200DP) - Commerce, Department of /Credit Union Division
01/02/2019 Indigent Defense Fund, Privately Retained Attorneys (1191XD) - Public Defender, State
12/28/2018 Enhance Iowa Program (1285DP) - Economic Development Authority
12/27/2018 Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board (1196XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
12/27/2018 Landscape Architectural Examining Board (1199XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
12/27/2018 Municipal Elections (1480DP) - Secretary of State
12/26/2018 Environmental Services (1247DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
12/26/2018 State Employee Defense and Indemnification (1243DP) - Attorney General
12/26/2018 Aircraft Registration Certificates, Elimination of Paper Requirement (1242XD) - Transportation, Department of
12/26/2018 Personal Information Security Breach Protection (1256DP) - Attorney General
12/26/2018 Home Improvement Contracts, Bonding Requirements (1262DP) - Attorney General
12/26/2018 Commercial Driver's License, Federal Entry Level Training (1270XD) - Transportation, Department of
12/21/2018 Welcome Centers (1283DP) - Economic Development Authority
12/20/2018 Investor and Innovation Fund Investment Tax Credit Allocations (1250XD) - Economic Development Authority
12/20/2018 Credit Unions, Good-Faith Submission Requirement (1208DP) - Commerce, Department of /Credit Union Division
12/20/2018 Child Support, Fees (1211XD) - Human Services, Department of
12/20/2018 Community Spouse Resource Allowance, Minimum Amount (1213XD) - Human Services, Department of
12/18/2018 Dependent Adult Abuse (1205DP) - Inspections and Appeals, Department of
12/18/2018 Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant (1178DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/17/2018 Salvage Vehicles from Out-of-State Insurers (1279XD) - Transportation, Department of
12/17/2018 Education Telecommunications Council and Regional Councils, Elimination (1239DP) - Telecommunications and Technology Commission, Iowa
12/17/2018 Sexual Misconduct with Offenders (1224DP) - Corrections, Department of
12/17/2018 Targeted Small Business Procurement (1284DP) - Economic Development Authority
12/17/2018 All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (1179DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/14/2018 Open Records, Peace Officer Body Cameras (1069DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/14/2018 Monument Conservation Allocation (1203XD) - Administrative Services, Department of
12/14/2018 Superintendent of Credit Unions, Subpoena Power (1204DP) - Commerce, Department of /Credit Union Division
12/14/2018 Campaigns, Government Resources (1234DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/14/2018 Campaign Finance, Dependent Care Expenses (1235DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/14/2018 Campaigns, Attribution Statements (1237DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/14/2018 Marijuana and Prescribed Controlled Substances Penalties (1321HH) - Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House
12/14/2018 Operating While Intoxicated, Purchase or Registration of Vehicle (1064YH) - Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House
12/13/2018 Automobile Transporters, Length Requirements (1276XD) - Transportation, Department of
12/13/2018 Public Bids, Exceptions (1240DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/13/2018 Gifts and Bequests Reports, Electronic Filing (1236DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/13/2018 Travel Trailer Dealer's License, Bond Requirement (1225DP) - Attorney General
12/13/2018 Motorcycle Lemon Law (1210DP) - Attorney General
12/13/2018 Medicaid Member Appeals Analysis (1207XD) - Human Services, Department of
12/13/2018 Confidentiality of Arrest Warrants (1188XD) - Public Defender, State
12/13/2018 Open Records, Peace Officers' Investigative Reports (1071DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/13/2018 Open Meetings (1070DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa