Pre-filed Bills

Legislative bills and joint resolutions submitted for consideration by the General Assembly, before the convening of any session of the General Assembly.

Date Document Background Statement
02/23/2021 Banking Omnibus (1359XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
02/11/2021 Iowa Communications Network, Billing Services (1410DP) - Telecommunications and Technology Commission, Iowa
02/02/2021 Hemp Affirmative Defense (1347XD) - Public Safety, Department of
02/02/2021 Insurance Data Security (1335XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/29/2021 Real Estate Appraisers, Mandatory Certification for Federally-Related Transactions (1361XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
01/27/2021 Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program (1336DP) - Attorney General
01/26/2021 Public Funds, Innovation and Efficiencies (1389XD) - Auditor of State
01/26/2021 Department of Revenue, Omnibus (1405XD) - Revenue, Department of
01/25/2021 Private Flood Insurance (1337XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/21/2021 Utilities Division (1351XD) - Commerce, Department of /Utilities Division
01/21/2021 Supervised Loans, Calculation of Finance Charges (1436XD) - Attorney General
01/20/2021 Insurance Omnibus (1333XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/19/2021 Rent Reimbursement (1402XD) - Revenue, Department of
01/18/2021 Financial Exploitation of Eligible Adults (1331XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/18/2021 Controlled Substances (1328DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
01/14/2021 National Guard, Leasing of Armories (1357XD) - Public Defense, Department of
01/13/2021 Court Interpreters (1372XD) - Judicial Branch
01/13/2021 Juvenile Defendant in Adult Court, Detention (1277DP) - Human Rights, Department of /Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning Division
01/12/2021 Sex Offender Registry (1344XD) - Public Safety, Department of
01/11/2021 Department of Corrections, Iowa Courts Information System Access (1368XD) - Corrections, Department of
01/11/2021 School Safety Bureau (1349XD) - Public Safety, Department of
01/11/2021 Vaccines, Dentists (1294DP) - Dental Board
01/08/2021 Department of Agriculture, Omnibus (1366XD) - Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Department of
01/08/2021 Elections Technical Bill (1393XD) - Secretary of State
01/07/2021 At-Risk Children Programs (1425XD) - Education, Department of
01/06/2021 Area Education Agencies (AEA), Powers and Duties (1426XD) - Education, Department of
01/05/2021 Administrative Hearings, Licensed Professions and Occupations (1375DP) - Medicine, Board of
01/04/2021 Auditing Expenses (1304DP) - Auditor of State
12/31/2020 Beverage Container Control, Repeal (1519YH) - Paustian, Ross C., House
12/28/2020 Retirement Savings Iowa (1342DP) - Treasurer of State
12/23/2020 Lottery Security (1345DP) - Lottery Authority, Iowa
12/22/2020 Class C Liquor Control Licenses (1386XD) - Commerce, Department of /Alcoholic Beverages Division
12/22/2020 Juvenile Records, Sealing (1603HH) - Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House
12/22/2020 Travel Authorization (1458XD) - Administrative Services, Department of
12/22/2020 Multiresidential Property Tax (1406XD) - Revenue, Department of
12/21/2020 Elections Policy Bill (1394XD) - Secretary of State
12/21/2020 Court Reporters (1392XD) - Judicial Branch
12/21/2020 Open Meetings, Definition of Meeting (1024DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/17/2020 Nonprofit Corporation (1308DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/17/2020 Juror Information, Confidentiality (1371XD) - Judicial Branch
12/16/2020 Sales and Leases by Public Employees (1329DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/16/2020 Crime Victim Assistance (1208DP) - Attorney General
12/16/2020 Complaints, Iowa Public Information Board (1025DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/16/2020 Senior Year Plus Proficiency Requirements (1415XD) - Education, Department of
12/16/2020 Teach Iowa Scholar (1303DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/16/2020 Drug Policy Advisory Council (1317DP) - Drug Control Policy, Governor’s Office of
12/15/2020 Commercial Driver’s Licenses, Electronic Renewal (1280DP) - Transportation, Department of
12/15/2020 Domestic Relationships (1300HH) - Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House
12/15/2020 Open Enrollment (1417XD) - Education, Department of
12/15/2020 Open Enrollment Tuition (1416XD) - Education, Department of
12/14/2020 Criminal Charges, Electronic Notice (1373XD) - Judicial Branch
12/14/2020 Child Development Assistance (1424XD) - Education, Department of
12/14/2020 Motor Carrier Fleet Permits, Presidential Disaster Declarations (1278DP) - Transportation, Department of
12/11/2020 Department of Administrative Services, Required Reports (1414XD) - Administrative Services, Department of
12/11/2020 Pharmacy Practice (1318DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
12/11/2020 Motorcycle Lemon Law (1396DP) - Attorney General
12/11/2020 Iowa Underground Storage Tank Fund, Repeal (1070DP) - Underground Storage Tank Fund Board
12/11/2020 Nonprofit School Organization (1446XD) - Education, Department of
12/11/2020 Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board, Examinations (1360XD) - Commerce, Department of /Banking Division
12/11/2020 Education Special Programs, Funding (1447XD) - Education, Department of
12/10/2020 Open Records, Peace Officers' Investigative Reports (1026DP) - Public Information Board, Iowa
12/10/2020 All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (1299DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/10/2020 Periodic Examination Fees (1298DP) - Auditor of State
12/10/2020 Theft of Public Funds (1297DP) - Auditor of State
12/10/2020 Workforce Development Board (1356XD) - Workforce Development, Department of
12/10/2020 Public Safety Equipment Fund (1369XD) - Public Safety, Department of
12/10/2020 Judicial Salaries (1374XD) - Judicial Branch
12/10/2020 Motor Vehicle Driving, Hands-Free Devices (1350XD) - Public Safety, Department of
12/10/2020 Campaigns, Yard Signs (1324DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/10/2020 Public Funds, Suspected Fraud (1390XD) - Auditor of State
11/30/2020 Music Therapy (1087XS) - Rozenboom, Ken, Senate