Listing of Iowa Legislators for the current General Assembly with the option to select previous General Assemblies (1838-present).
Chamber Name District Party County Email
House Ako Abdul-Samad 34 Democrat Polk ako.abdul-samad@legis.iowa.gov
House Jerome Amos Jr. 62 Democrat Black Hawk jerome.amosjr@legis.iowa.gov
House Eddie Andrews 43 Republican Polk eddie.andrews@legis.iowa.gov
House Austin Baeth 36 Democrat Polk austin.baeth@legis.iowa.gov
House Sean Bagniewski 35 Democrat Polk sean.bagniewski@legis.iowa.gov
House Michael R. Bergan 63 Republican Winneshiek michael.bergan@legis.iowa.gov
House Brian Best 11 Republican Carroll brian.best@legis.iowa.gov
House Jane Bloomingdale 60 Republican Worth jane.bloomingdale@legis.iowa.gov
House Brooke Boden 21 Republican Warren brooke.boden@legis.iowa.gov
House Jacob Bossman 14 Republican Woodbury jacob.bossman@legis.iowa.gov
House Dr. Steven P. Bradley 66 Republican Jones steven.bradley@legis.iowa.gov
House Timi M. Brown-Powers 61 Democrat Black Hawk timi.brown-powers@legis.iowa.gov
House Molly Buck 41 Democrat Polk molly.buck@legis.iowa.gov
House Sue Cahill 52 Democrat Marshall sue.cahill@legis.iowa.gov
House Ken Carlson 13 Republican Monona ken.carlson@legis.iowa.gov
House Mark Cisneros 96 Republican Muscatine mark.cisneros@legis.iowa.gov
House Taylor R. Collins 95 Republican Des Moines taylor.collins@legis.iowa.gov
House Jeff Cooling 77 Democrat Linn jeff.cooling@legis.iowa.gov
House Ken Croken 97 Democrat Scott ken.croken@legis.iowa.gov
House Tom Determann 69 Republican Clinton tom.determann@legis.iowa.gov
House Dave Deyoe 51 Republican Story dave.deyoe@legis.iowa.gov
House Zach Dieken 5 Republican O’Brien zachary.dieken@legis.iowa.gov
House Jon Dunwell 38 Republican Jasper jon.dunwell@legis.iowa.gov
House Tracy Ehlert 79 Democrat Linn tracy.ehlert@legis.iowa.gov
House Dean C. Fisher 53 Republican Tama dean.fisher@legis.iowa.gov
House John Forbes 44 Democrat Polk john.forbes@legis.iowa.gov
House Joel Fry 24 Republican Clarke joel.fry@legis.iowa.gov
House Ruth Ann Gaines 33 Democrat Polk ruthann.gaines@legis.iowa.gov
House Dan Gehlbach 46 Republican Dallas dan.gehlbach@legis.iowa.gov
House Thomas D. Gerhold 84 Republican Benton thomas.gerhold@legis.iowa.gov
House Eric J. Gjerde 74 Democrat Linn eric.gjerde@legis.iowa.gov
House Cindy Golding 83 Republican Linn cindy.golding@legis.iowa.gov
House Martin L. Graber 100 Republican Lee martin.graber@legis.iowa.gov
House Pat Grassley 57 Republican Butler pat.grassley@legis.iowa.gov
House Stanley R. Gustafson 22 Republican Warren stan.gustafson@legis.iowa.gov
House Bill Gustoff 40 Republican Polk bill.gustoff@legis.iowa.gov
House Austin Harris 26 Republican Appanoose austin.harris@legis.iowa.gov
House Helena Hayes 88 Republican Mahaska helena.hayes@legis.iowa.gov
House Robert Henderson 2 Republican Woodbury robert.henderson@legis.iowa.gov
House Steven Holt 12 Republican Crawford steven.holt@legis.iowa.gov
House Heather Hora 92 Republican Washington heather.hora@legis.iowa.gov
House Chad Ingels 68 Republican Fayette chad.ingels@legis.iowa.gov
House Charles Isenhart 72 Democrat Dubuque charles.isenhart@legis.iowa.gov
House David Jacoby 86 Democrat Johnson david.jacoby@legis.iowa.gov
House Lindsay James 71 Democrat Dubuque lindsay.james@legis.iowa.gov
House Thomas Jeneary 3 Republican Plymouth tom.jeneary@legis.iowa.gov
House Craig P. Johnson 67 Republican Buchanan craig.johnson@legis.iowa.gov
House Megan Jones 6 Republican Clay megan.jones@legis.iowa.gov
House Kenan Judge 27 Democrat Dallas kenan.judge@legis.iowa.gov
House Bobby Kaufmann 82 Republican Cedar bobby.kaufmann@legis.iowa.gov
House Barb Kniff McCulla 37 Republican Marion barb.kniffmcculla@legis.iowa.gov
House Jennifer Konfrst 32 Democrat Polk jennifer.konfrst@legis.iowa.gov
House Bob Kressig 75 Democrat Black Hawk bob.kressig@legis.iowa.gov
House Monica Kurth 98 Democrat Scott monica.kurth@legis.iowa.gov
House Shannon Latham 55 Republican Franklin shannon.latham@legis.iowa.gov
House Elinor A. Levin 89 Democrat Johnson elinor.levin@legis.iowa.gov
House Brian K. Lohse 45 Republican Polk brian.lohse@legis.iowa.gov
House Shannon Lundgren 65 Republican Dubuque shannon.lundgren@legis.iowa.gov
House Mary L. Madison 31 Democrat Polk mary.madison@legis.iowa.gov
House Heather Matson 42 Democrat Polk heather.matson@legis.iowa.gov
House Joshua Meggers 54 Republican Grundy joshua.meggers@legis.iowa.gov
House Ann Meyer 8 Republican Webster ann.meyer@legis.iowa.gov
House Brian Meyer 29 Democrat Polk brian.meyer@legis.iowa.gov
House Gary M. Mohr 93 Republican Scott gary.mohr@legis.iowa.gov
House Norlin Mommsen 70 Republican Clinton norlin.mommsen@legis.iowa.gov
House Thomas Jay Moore 18 Republican Cass tom.moore@legis.iowa.gov
House Amy Nielsen 85 Democrat Johnson amy.nielsen@legis.iowa.gov
House Carter F. Nordman 47 Republican Dallas carter.nordman@legis.iowa.gov
House Rick L. Olson 39 Democrat Polk rick.olson@legis.iowa.gov
House Anne Osmundson 64 Republican Clayton anne.osmundson@legis.iowa.gov
House Matthew B. Rinker 99 Republican Des Moines matthew.rinker@legis.iowa.gov
House Sami Scheetz 78 Democrat Linn sami.scheetz@legis.iowa.gov
House J.D. Scholten 1 Democrat Woodbury j.d.scholten@legis.iowa.gov
House Michael V. Sexton 7 Republican Calhoun mike.sexton@legis.iowa.gov
House Brad Sherman 91 Republican Iowa brad.sherman@legis.iowa.gov
House Jeff Shipley 87 Republican Van Buren jeff.shipley@legis.iowa.gov
House David Sieck 16 Republican Mills david.sieck@legis.iowa.gov
House Brent Siegrist 19 Republican Pottawattamie brent.siegrist@legis.iowa.gov
House Ray Sorensen 23 Republican Adair ray.sorensen@legis.iowa.gov
House Megan L. Srinivas 30 Democrat Polk megan.srinivas@legis.iowa.gov
House Art Staed 80 Democrat Linn art.staed@legis.iowa.gov
House Sharon Sue Steckman 59 Democrat Cerro Gordo sharon.steckman@legis.iowa.gov
House Luana Stoltenberg 81 Republican Scott luana.stoltenberg@legis.iowa.gov
House Henry Stone 9 Republican Winnebago henry.stone@legis.iowa.gov
House Mark I. Thompson 56 Republican Wright mark.thompson@legis.iowa.gov
House Phil Thompson 48 Republican Boone phil.thompson@legis.iowa.gov
House Charley Thomson 58 Republican Floyd charley.thomson@legis.iowa.gov
House Josh Turek 20 Democrat Pottawattamie josh.turek@legis.iowa.gov
House Mike Vondran 94 Republican Scott mike.vondran@legis.iowa.gov
House Beth Wessel-Kroeschell 49 Democrat Story beth.wessel-kroeschell@legis.iowa.gov
House Skyler Wheeler 4 Republican Sioux skyler.wheeler@legis.iowa.gov
House Ross Wilburn 50 Democrat Story ross.wilburn@legis.iowa.gov
House John H. Wills 10 Republican Dickinson john.wills@legis.iowa.gov
House Elizabeth Wilson 73 Democrat Linn elizabeth.wilson@legis.iowa.gov
House Hans C. Wilz 25 Republican Wapello hans.wilz@legis.iowa.gov
House Matt W. Windschitl 15 Republican Harrison matt.windschitl@legis.iowa.gov
House Devon Wood 17 Republican Taylor devon.wood@legis.iowa.gov
House Derek Wulf 76 Republican Black Hawk derek.wulf@legis.iowa.gov
House David E. Young 28 Republican Dallas david.young@legis.iowa.gov
House Adam Zabner 90 Democrat Johnson adam.zabner@legis.iowa.gov
Chamber Party Current Former
House Democrat 36 0
House Republican 64 0