Listing of Iowa Legislators for the current General Assembly with the option to select previous General Assemblies (1838-present).
Chamber Name District Party County Email
House Ako Abdul-Samad 35 Democrat Polk ako.abdul-samad@legis.iowa.gov
House Marti Anderson 36 Democrat Polk marti.anderson@legis.iowa.gov
House Rob Bacon 48 Republican Story rob.bacon@legis.iowa.gov
House Chip Baltimore 47 Republican Boone chip.baltimore@legis.iowa.gov
House Clel Baudler 20 Republican Adair clel.baudler@legis.iowa.gov
House Terry C. Baxter 8 Republican Hancock Terry.Baxter@legis.iowa.gov
House Bruce Bearinger 64 Democrat Fayette bruce.bearinger@legis.iowa.gov
House Liz Bennett 65 Democrat Linn Liz.Bennett@legis.iowa.gov
House Michael Bergan 55 Republican Winneshiek Michael.Bergan@legis.iowa.gov
House Brian Best 12 Republican Carroll Brian.Best@legis.iowa.gov
House Jane Bloomingdale 51 Republican Worth Jane.Bloomingdale@legis.iowa.gov
House Jacob Bossman 6 Republican Woodbury Jacob.Bossman@legis.iowa.gov
House Wes Breckenridge 29 Democrat Jasper Wes.Breckenridge@legis.iowa.gov
House Timi Brown-Powers 61 Democrat Black Hawk Timi.Brown-Powers@legis.iowa.gov
House Gary Carlson 91 Republican Muscatine Gary.Carlson@legis.iowa.gov
House Dennis M. Cohoon 87 Democrat Des Moines dennis.cohoon@legis.iowa.gov
House Peter Cownie 42 Republican Polk peter.cownie@legis.iowa.gov
House Dave Deyoe 49 Republican Story dave.deyoe@legis.iowa.gov
House Cecil Dolecheck 24 Republican Ringgold cecil.dolecheck@legis.iowa.gov
House Abby Finkenauer 99 Democrat Dubuque Abby.Finkenauer@legis.iowa.gov
House Dean Fisher 72 Republican Tama dean.fisher@legis.iowa.gov
House John Forbes 40 Democrat Polk john.forbes@legis.iowa.gov
House Joel Fry 27 Republican Clarke joel.fry@legis.iowa.gov
House Ruth Ann Gaines 32 Democrat Polk ruthann.gaines@legis.iowa.gov
House Mary Gaskill 81 Democrat Wapello mary.gaskill@legis.iowa.gov
House Tedd Gassman 7 Republican Winnebago tedd.gassman@legis.iowa.gov
House Pat Grassley 50 Republican Butler pat.grassley@legis.iowa.gov
House Stan Gustafson 25 Republican Madison stan.gustafson@legis.iowa.gov
House Chris Hagenow 43 Republican Polk chris.hagenow@legis.iowa.gov
House Kristi Hager 56 Republican Allamakee Kristi.Hager@legis.iowa.gov
House Chris Hall 13 Democrat Woodbury chris.hall@legis.iowa.gov
House Mary Ann Hanusa 16 Republican Pottawattamie mary.ann.hanusa@legis.iowa.gov
House Greg Heartsill 28 Republican Marion greg.heartsill@legis.iowa.gov
House David E. Heaton 84 Republican Henry dave.heaton@legis.iowa.gov
House Lisa Heddens 46 Democrat Story lisa.heddens@legis.iowa.gov
House Lee Hein 96 Republican Jones lee.hein@legis.iowa.gov
House Jake Highfill 39 Republican Polk jake.highfill@legis.iowa.gov
House Ashley Hinson 67 Republican Linn Ashley.Hinson@legis.iowa.gov
House Steven Holt 18 Republican Crawford Steven.Holt@legis.iowa.gov
House Chuck Holz 5 Republican Plymouth Chuck.Holz@legis.iowa.gov
House Bruce L. Hunter 34 Democrat Polk bruce.hunter@legis.iowa.gov
House Daniel A. Huseman 3 Republican Cherokee dan.huseman@legis.iowa.gov
House Charles Isenhart 100 Democrat Dubuque charles.isenhart@legis.iowa.gov
House Jon A. Jacobsen 22 Republican Pottawattamie Jon.Jacobsen@legis.iowa.gov
House Dave Jacoby 74 Democrat Johnson david.jacoby@legis.iowa.gov
House Megan Jones 2 Republican Clay megan.jones@legis.iowa.gov
House Timothy Kacena 14 Democrat Woodbury Timothy.Kacena@legis.iowa.gov
House Bobby Kaufmann 73 Republican Cedar bobby.kaufmann@legis.iowa.gov
House Jerry A. Kearns 83 Democrat Lee jerry.kearns@legis.iowa.gov
House David Kerr 88 Republican Louisa David.Kerr@legis.iowa.gov
House Jarad J. Klein 78 Republican Washington jarad.klein@legis.iowa.gov
House Kevin Koester 38 Republican Polk kevin.koester@legis.iowa.gov
House Bob Kressig 59 Democrat Black Hawk bob.kressig@legis.iowa.gov
House Monica Kurth 89 Democrat Scott Monica.Kurth@legis.iowa.gov
House John Landon 37 Republican Polk john.landon@legis.iowa.gov
House Vicki S. Lensing 85 Democrat Johnson vicki.lensing@legis.iowa.gov
House Shannon Lundgren 57 Republican Dubuque Shannon.Lundgren@legis.iowa.gov
House Mary Mascher 86 Democrat Johnson mary.mascher@legis.iowa.gov
House Dave Maxwell 76 Republican Poweshiek dave.maxwell@legis.iowa.gov
House Charlie McConkey 15 Democrat Pottawattamie Charlie.McConkey@legis.iowa.gov
House Andy McKean 58 Republican Jones Andy.McKean@legis.iowa.gov
House Brian Meyer 33 Democrat Polk brian.meyer@legis.iowa.gov
House Helen Miller 9 Democrat Webster helen.miller@legis.iowa.gov
House Phil Miller 82 Democrat Jefferson Phil.Miller@legis.iowa.gov
House Gary Mohr 94 Republican Scott Gary.Mohr@legis.iowa.gov
House Norlin Mommsen 97 Republican Clinton Norlin.Mommsen@legis.iowa.gov
House Tom Moore 21 Republican Cass Tom.Moore@legis.iowa.gov
House Amy Nielsen 77 Democrat Johnson Amy.Nielsen@legis.iowa.gov
House Zach Nunn 30 Republican Polk zach.nunn@legis.iowa.gov
House Jo Oldson 41 Democrat Polk jo.oldson@legis.iowa.gov
House Rick Olson 31 Democrat Polk rick.olson@legis.iowa.gov
House Scott Ourth 26 Democrat Warren scott.ourth@legis.iowa.gov
House Ross Paustian 92 Republican Scott Ross.Paustian@legis.iowa.gov
House Dawn E. Pettengill 75 Republican Benton dawn.pettengill@legis.iowa.gov
House Todd Prichard 52 Democrat Floyd todd.prichard@legis.iowa.gov
House Walt Rogers 60 Republican Black Hawk walt.rogers@legis.iowa.gov
House Kirsten Running-Marquardt 69 Democrat Linn kirsten.running-marquardt@legis.iowa.gov
House Sandy Salmon 63 Republican Black Hawk sandy.salmon@legis.iowa.gov
House Mike Sexton 10 Republican Calhoun Mike.Sexton@legis.iowa.gov
House Larry Sheets 80 Republican Appanoose Larry.Sheets@legis.iowa.gov
House David Sieck 23 Republican Mills David.Sieck@legis.iowa.gov
House Mark Smith 71 Democrat Marshall mark.smith@legis.iowa.gov
House Ras Smith 62 Democrat Black Hawk Ras.Smith@legis.iowa.gov
House Art Staed 66 Democrat Linn art.staed@legis.iowa.gov
House Sharon S. Steckman 53 Democrat Cerro Gordo sharon.steckman@legis.iowa.gov
House Rob Taylor 44 Republican Dallas rob.taylor@legis.iowa.gov
House Todd E. Taylor 70 Democrat Linn todd.taylor@legis.iowa.gov
House Phyllis Thede 93 Democrat Scott phyllis.thede@legis.iowa.gov
House Linda L. Upmeyer 54 Republican Cerro Gordo linda.upmeyer@legis.iowa.gov
House Guy Vander Linden 79 Republican Mahaska guy.vander.linden@legis.iowa.gov
House Ralph C. Watts 19 Republican Dallas ralph.watts@legis.iowa.gov
House Beth Wessel-Kroeschell 45 Democrat Story beth.wessel-kroeschell@legis.iowa.gov
House Skyler Wheeler 4 Republican Sioux Skyler.Wheeler@legis.iowa.gov
House John H. Wills 1 Republican Dickinson John.Wills@legis.iowa.gov
House Cindy Winckler 90 Democrat Scott cindy.winckler@legis.iowa.gov
House Matt W. Windschitl 17 Republican Harrison matt.windschitl@legis.iowa.gov
House Mary Lynn Wolfe 98 Democrat Clinton mary.wolfe@legis.iowa.gov
House Gary Worthan 11 Republican Buena Vista gary.worthan@legis.iowa.gov
House Louie Zumbach 95 Republican Linn Louie.zumbach@legis.iowa.gov
Chamber Party Current Former
House Democrat 41 1
House Republican 58 3

Former Members

Chamber Name District Party County
House Jim Carlin (01/09/2017 - 12/21/2017) 6 Republican Woodbury
House Greg Forristall (01/09/2017 - 05/10/2017) 22 Republican Pottawattamie
House Curt Hanson (01/09/2017 - 06/16/2017) 82 Democrat Jefferson
House Ken Rizer (01/09/2017 - 05/25/2018) 68 Republican Linn