Fiscal Topics

One-page to two-page summaries reviewing a selected state government issue or topic.
Title Archive Date
Iowa Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund Show 09/26/2023
Technology Reinvestment Fund Show 09/26/2023
Career and Technical Education Show 09/21/2023
Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System (IPERS) Show 09/21/2023
Iowa's Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS) Commission 09/21/2023
Judicial Retirement System Show 09/21/2023
Peace Officers' Retirement, Accident, and Disability System Show 09/21/2023
Dramshop Insurance 09/20/2023
Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) Rates 09/20/2023
History of Community-Based Corrections Show 09/20/2023
Liquor Control Trust Fund Show 09/20/2023
Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System (411) Show 09/20/2023
Medicaid HCBS Waivers Show 09/11/2023
Medicare Part D Clawback 09/11/2023
Corrections Capital Reinvestment Fund 09/05/2023
Tax Increment Financing Show 02/02/2023
Tax Credit: Research Activities Tax Credit Show 01/24/2023
Tax Credit: Innovation Fund Tax Credit Show 01/20/2023
Dramshop Insurance 01/18/2023
Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Fund 01/18/2023
Iowa's Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund Show 01/18/2023
Summary of Sales Tax Diversions 01/18/2023
Environment First Fund Show 01/12/2023
Grain Indemnity Fund Show 01/12/2023
Secondary Road Fund 12/29/2022
Tax Credit: Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit Show 12/29/2022
Tax Credit: Solar Energy System Tax Credit 12/29/2022
Performance of Duty Expenditures — FY 2021 Show 12/28/2022
Statutory Off-the-Top Allocations from the Road Use Tax Fund — FY 2022 Show 12/28/2022
Tax Credit: Administrative Tax Credits 12/28/2022
Tax Credit: Early Childhood Development Tax Credit Show 12/28/2022
Tax Credit: Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit 12/28/2022
Tax Credit: High Quality Jobs Program Show 12/28/2022
Tax Credit: Renewable Energy Tax Credit 12/28/2022
Tax Credit: Wind Energy Production Tax Credit 12/28/2022
Driver's Licenses and Endorsements 12/27/2022
Iowa Lottery Fund 12/27/2022
State Gaming Revenues — FY 2022 Show 12/27/2022
Title IV-E Juvenile Justice Improvement Fund 12/27/2022
Court Debt Collection System 12/22/2022
Iowa’s Open Records Law 12/22/2022
Jury Trials Show 12/22/2022
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 12/22/2022
Public Defenders and Contract Attorneys 12/22/2022
School Aid — Additional Levy Components — FY 2023 Show 12/22/2022
School Aid — District Cost Per Pupil Differences Between School Districts — FY 2023 Show 12/22/2022
Tax Credit: Earned Income Tax Credit Show 12/22/2022
Tax Credit: Historic Preservation Tax Credit Show 12/22/2022
Tax Credit: Redevelopment Tax Credit Show 12/22/2022
Tax Credit: School Tuition Organization Show 12/22/2022
Tax Credit: Workforce Housing Tax Incentive Program Show 12/22/2022
Teacher Licensure and Alternative Pathways Show 12/22/2022
Transportation Equity Program — FY 2023 Show 12/22/2022
Vertical Infrastructure Requirement Exemptions Show 12/22/2022
Enhanced FMAP Rates 12/21/2022
Tax Credit: Targeted Jobs Tax Credit from Withholding Show 12/20/2022
Tax Credit: Tuition and Textbook Show 12/20/2022
Housing Trust Fund Real Estate Transfer Tax Show 12/16/2022
Law Enforcement Officer Training 12/16/2022
Reinvestment Districts Sales Tax Funding 12/16/2022
Shelter Assistance Fund Show 12/16/2022
Tax Credit: Charitable Conservation Contribution Tax Credit 12/16/2022
Tax Credit: E-15 Plus Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit 12/16/2022
Tax Credit: E-85 Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit 12/16/2022
Tax Credit: Ethanol Promotion Tax Credit 12/16/2022
Tax Credit: Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit 12/16/2022
Glenwood Resource Center Overview 12/14/2022
Public Safety Equipment Fund Show 12/14/2022
School Aid — Area Education Agency Funding — FY 2023 Show 12/14/2022
School Aid — Instructional Support Program Show 12/14/2022
School Aid — School District Reorganization Incentives Show 12/14/2022
Sports Wagering Receipts Fund Show 12/12/2022
Department of Corrections Pharmaceuticals 12/07/2022
Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) Rates Show 12/07/2022
Major Maintenance List — July 2022 Show 12/07/2022
Sex Offender Registry Show 12/07/2022
State and Local Disaster Funding 12/07/2022
Tax Credit: Angel Investor Tax Credit Show 12/07/2022
Tax Credit: Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax Credit Show 12/07/2022
Tax Credit: Endow Iowa Tax Credit Show 12/07/2022
Tax Credit: Iowa New Jobs Training Program Show 12/07/2022
Iowa Board of Educational Examiners Show 12/02/2022
Tax Credit: Biodiesel Production Credit Show 12/02/2022
Tax Credit: Hoover Presidential Library Tax Credit 12/02/2022
Flood Mitigation Sales Tax 11/18/2022
Road Use Tax Fund and TIME-21 Fund Show 11/18/2022
Corrections Pathway Navigators 11/16/2022
Federal Disaster Funding 11/16/2022
Tax Credit: Accelerated Career Education Program Show 11/16/2022
Tax Credit: Farm to Food Donation Tax Credit Show 11/16/2022
Tax Credit: Geothermal Tax Credit Show 11/16/2022
Tax Credit: Volunteer Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Services Personnel and Reserve Peace Officer Tax Credit Show 11/16/2022
Public Safety Answering Point Funding 11/15/2022
Judgeships Show 07/08/2022
Tax Increment Financing 02/01/2022
Tax Credit: Charitable Conservation Contribution Tax Credit Show 01/21/2022
Reinvestment Districts and Sales Tax Funding 11/30/2021
Summary of Sales Tax Diversions 11/30/2021
Tax Credit: E-85 Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit Show 11/30/2021
Resource Enhancement and Protection Fund Show 11/19/2021
Flood Mitigation Program and Sales Tax Funding Show 11/15/2021
State Accounting Enterprise (DAS) Show 11/15/2021
Tax Credit: E-15 Plus Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit Show 11/15/2021
Tax Credit: Ethanol Promotion Tax Credit Show 11/15/2021
Tax Credit: Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credit Show 11/09/2021
Tax Credit: Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit Show 11/09/2021
Tax Credit: Renewable Energy Tax Credit Show 11/09/2021
Tax Credit: Wind Energy Production Tax Credit Show 11/09/2021
Tax Credit: Solar Energy System Tax Credit Show 11/08/2021
Customer Council — Department of Administrative Services Show 11/02/2021
Central Procurement and Fleet Services Enterprise (DAS) Show 10/29/2021
General Services Enterprise (DAS) Show 10/29/2021
Human Resources Enterprise (DAS) Show 10/29/2021
State Appeal Board Show 10/22/2021
Tax Credit: Adoption Tax Credit Show 10/22/2021
Tax Credit: Assistive Device Tax Credit 10/22/2021
Groundwater Protection Fund Show 10/15/2021
Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication Fund Show 10/14/2021
Marine Fuels Tax Fund Show 10/14/2021
Soil Conservation Revolving Loan Fund Show 10/14/2021
Blufflands Protection Fund Show 10/13/2021
Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Fund Show 10/04/2021
Livestock Remediation Fund Show 10/01/2021
Special Employment Security Contingency Fund Show 10/01/2021
Forestry Management and Enhancement Fund Show 09/23/2021
Iowa's Labor Force Participation Rate Show 09/23/2021
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Program Show 09/23/2021
Boiler Safety Fund Show 09/16/2021
Community Action Agencies Show 09/16/2021
OCIO Internal Service Fund 09/16/2021
Disaster Recovery Housing Assistance Program 09/15/2021
Innovation and Commercialization Development Fund Show 09/15/2021
Iowa Juvenile Home at Toledo 09/15/2021
Demonstration Fund Show 09/10/2021
Emergency Solutions Grant Program 09/03/2021
County Endowment Fund Show 09/01/2021
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Programs 08/31/2021
Housing Trust Fund Real Estate Trust Accounts Interest Show 08/31/2021
IOWAccess Revolving Fund 08/31/2021
State Procurement Policy Overview Show 08/30/2021
Iowa Rental and Mortgage Emergency Assistance Programs 08/23/2021
Department of Corrections Survivor Benefits Fund 08/10/2021
Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) — Rent Subsidy Program 08/10/2021
School Aid — Income Surtaxes Show 07/27/2021
Iowa's Open Records Law Show 07/15/2021
Elevator Safety Fund Show 07/12/2021
Iowa's Gross State Product Show 07/06/2021
Senior Living Trust Fund Show 07/06/2021
Contingent Individual Income Tax System Show 01/19/2021
Transportation Investment Moves the Economy in the Twenty-First Century (TIME-21) Fund Show 01/07/2021
Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Show 12/30/2020
State Workers’ Compensation Program Show 12/23/2020
Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy Program 11/10/2020
Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning Division — Single Grant Program 10/27/2020
Iowa State Parks 2020 10/08/2020
Public Safety Survivor Benefits Fund Show 10/08/2020
Community College Property Tax Revenue Show 08/19/2020
Community Colleges — State Funding Show 08/19/2020
Board of Regents — State Funding Show 08/18/2020
Community College Revenue by Source Show 08/18/2020
Criminal Fine Revenue and Surcharge Distribution Show 08/18/2020
Des Moines Public Schools Virtual Campus Offers Online Learning 08/18/2020
Judicial and Magistrate Commissions 08/18/2020
Bureau of Professional Licensure Budget 01/02/2020
Office of State Medical Examiner Budget 01/02/2020
Tax Credit: Administrative Tax Credits 12/20/2019
Tax Credit: Taxpayers Trust Fund Tax Credit Show 11/26/2019
Board of Medicine Budget 10/25/2019
Board of Nursing Budget 10/25/2019
Board of Pharmacy Budget 10/25/2019
Dental Board Budget 10/25/2019
Income Tax Credits — Fiscal Impact Background Show 10/22/2019
Unemployment Compensation Reserve Fund 10/21/2019
HIPIOWA — State High-Risk Health Insurance Pool Show 09/27/2019
Individualized Education Programs 08/02/2019
State Aviation Fund 07/09/2019
Instructional Support Program Show 07/05/2019
Special License Plates Show 07/02/2019
Educational Services for Deaf and Blind Students 01/04/2018
24-7 Sobriety Programs 10/11/2017
Senate File 257 — Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Update 09/25/2017
Tax Credit: Farm to Food Donation 02/03/2017
Tax Credit: Historic Preservation and Cultural and Entertainment District 02/02/2017
Watershed Improvement Review Program 11/21/2016
Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund 11/20/2016
Commercial Establishment Fund 11/20/2016
Toledo Juvenile Home 11/20/2016
Tuition Refund Fund 11/20/2016
Waste Volume Reduction and Recycling Fund 11/20/2016
Human Trafficking Enforcement Fund 11/03/2016
Human Trafficking Victim Fund 11/03/2016
Department of Corrections Prison Canteen Funds 10/21/2016
Road Use Tax Fund Distribution Show 09/22/2016
Veterans Trust Fund 09/20/2016
Department of Corrections Prison Recycling Funds 09/07/2016
Department of Corrections Telephone Rebate Funds 09/06/2016
Improving State Government Website 10/22/2015
Department of Corrections Electronic Law Libraries 10/06/2015
Early Literacy Initiative 09/22/2015
Community-Based Corrections Residential Facilities 09/14/2015
Department of Corrections Training 08/27/2015
Crime Victim Compensation Program 08/26/2015
Iowa's Victim Information and Notification Everyday System 08/25/2015
Crime Victim Assistance Division 08/24/2015
Iowa Prison System Funding, Staffing, and Population 07/23/2015
Iowa Prison Industries - Private Sector Employment Program 06/17/2015
Offender Management in the Iowa Prison System 06/17/2015
Offender Deaths in Custody 06/01/2015
Costs and Uses of Electronic Monitoring 04/01/2015
National and State Corrections System Populations 03/05/2015
Community-Based Corrections Field Services 07/23/2014
Air Contaminant Source Fund 01/11/2014
Iowa Income Tax 01/10/2014
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Revenue 11/05/2013
Railroad Revolving Loan and Grant Program 11/05/2013
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) 11/04/2013
Glossary of Actuarial Terms 10/23/2013
Department of Public Safety Academy 09/13/2013
Alcoholic Beverage Control 09/10/2013
Postsecondary School Registration in Iowa Show 09/09/2013
IPERS Retirement Dividend Payments 09/05/2013
Department of Public Safety - Temporary Incapacity for Peace Officers 08/27/2013
School District Cash Reserve Levy 08/14/2013
411 System Deferred Retirement Option Plan 07/26/2013
Department of Public Safety - Peace Officer Sick Leave Benefits 07/25/2013
Weight Enforcement Scale Replacement 12/14/2012
HIPIOWA-FED Health Insurance Plan 10/29/2012
College Student Aid Commission - Administrative Costs of State-Funded Programs 10/05/2012
State Recreational Trails Program 09/25/2012
Iowa Code Section 8.39 Appropriation Transfer Process 08/14/2012
School Finance - Allowable Growth Rates 08/14/2012
Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress 01/17/2012
Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund 01/11/2012
School Aid Formula Funding - Returning Dropout/Dropout Prevention Programs 12/09/2011
Budget Guarantee Phase-Out Show 10/07/2011
Income Surtax 10/07/2011
Board of Educational Examiners 09/08/2011
Iowa Veterans Home 12/30/2010
Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) 12/17/2010
Shelter Care 11/10/2010
Workforce Development Training Programs 10/05/2010
Funding of the I-JOBS Initiative 09/30/2010
Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership 02/10/2010
Regents Universities Total Revenues and Expenditures 12/31/2009
Social Services Emergency Disaster Relief Grant 10/29/2009
Across-the-Board Reductions 10/20/2009
Balancing the FY 2009 General Fund Budget 01/20/2009
School Finance - Property Tax Relief 01/20/2009
Statewide System for Vision Services 01/09/2009
School Finance Formula - State Categorical Roll-In 01/05/2009
National Board Certification of Iowa Teachers 09/23/2008
Methamphetamine 08/13/2008
Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Program 08/13/2008