Iowa Administrative Code

Administrative Rules Shown by Effective Date

Pursuant to Iowa Code section 17A.5(2), an adopted rule, with certain exceptions, may become effective at the earliest 35 days after publication in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB). A rule so adopted (or amended or rescinded) is codified and published in the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) concurrently with the IAB, which means that in most cases, an adopted rule is not in effect on the day it is published (e.g., a rule adopted through the regular rule-making process and published in the IAB and IAC on July 5, 2017, would not become effective until August 9, 2017).

To view an Executive Branch agency’s chapter or rule by reverse chronological order of effective date(s), select the agency from the drop-down menu below, then the chapter and, if applicable, the desired rule. A history of rule makings* that affect the selected chapter or rule will then be generated in chart form. The chart will include the effective date, as well as the ARC number, publication date and subject of the rule making, PDF (and RTF, when available) of the selected agency, chapter, or rule as published in the IAC.

*The rule-making data displayed below pertains only to rule makings published on and after July 2, 2008. To access data pertaining to rule makings published prior to July 2, 2008, or for assistance with interpreting the data or with other research of administrative rules, please contact the Publications Editing Office (Administrative Code) at

Pending or future rule makings that may affect the selected chapter or rule can be monitored by using the Rules Tracker tool, which is updated biweekly on the same day that the IAB is published.

Effective Date Publication Date Adopted Rule Making Subject of Rule Making 11
04/18/2018 IAC 03/14/2018 IAB 03/14/2018 Adopted and Filed ARC 3676C Procurement of standard modular office systems, 100.1, 100.6(6), 117.5(3) Analysis
10/04/2017 IAC 08/30/2017 IAB 08/30/2017 Adopted and Filed ARC 3287C Capitol complex operations, 100.1, 100.2 Analysis
09/20/2017 IAC 08/16/2017 IAB 08/16/2017 Adopted and Filed ARC 3262C Terrace Hill endowment for the musical arts, amendments to ch 116 Analysis
09/06/2017 IAC 08/02/2017 IAB 08/02/2017 Adopted and Filed ARC 3231C Military leave, 63.9 Analysis
07/01/2017 IAC 07/05/2017 IAB 07/05/2017 Adopted and Filed Emergency ARC 3179C Capitol complex operations, amendments to 100.1, 100.2 Analysis
07/01/2017 IAC 07/19/2017 IAB 07/19/2017 Filed Emergency After Notice ARC 3215C Human resources procedures, amendments to chs 4, 53, 54, 59 to 64, 70 Analysis
05/31/2017 IAC 04/26/2017 IAB 04/26/2017 Adopted and Filed ARC 3041C Out-of-state travel by state employees, 64.10(2) Analysis
05/17/2017 IAC 06/07/2017 IAB 06/07/2017 Adopted and Filed Emergency ARC 3115C Military leave, 63.9 Analysis
05/03/2017 IAC 03/29/2017 IAB 03/29/2017 Adopted and Filed ARC 3002C Claims—forms, approval, 41.1(1) Analysis
05/03/2017 IAC 03/29/2017 IAB 03/29/2017 Adopted and Filed ARC 3003C Internship appointments, 57.6(3) Analysis
12/30/2015 IAC 11/25/2015 IAB 11/25/2015 Adopted and Filed ARC 2267C Travel, employment examinations and applicant lists, education financial assistance, procurements—clarifications and updates, amendments to chs 41, 42, 54, 56, 64, 117, 119 Analysis
12/30/2015 IAC 11/25/2015 IAB 11/25/2015 Adopted and Filed ARC 2268C Contract compliance, ch 121 Analysis
11/18/2015 IAC 10/14/2015 IAB 10/14/2015 Adopted and Filed ARC 2199C Organization and operation of Terrace Hill, 114.1 to 114.8 Analysis
07/15/2015 IAC 06/10/2015 IAB 06/10/2015 Adopted and Filed ARC 2036C Central procurement and fleet services enterprise; procurement of goods and services; emergency procurements; duration of service contracts; waivers; limitation of vendor liability, amendments to chs 1, 117, 118, 120 Analysis
07/01/2015 IAC 05/27/2015 IAB 05/27/2015 Adopted and Filed ARC 2000C Human resources—promotional lists, grievances, appeal of disciplinary actions, educational leave, sick leave insurance program, application of Hatch Act, 54.2(4), 61.1, 61.2(6), 63.10(4), 64.16(3), 65.3 Analysis
02/25/2015 IAC 01/21/2015 IAB 01/21/2015 Adopted and Filed ARC 1842C Offset of debts owed state agencies, 40.1 to 40.16 Analysis
09/10/2014 IAC 08/06/2014 IAB 08/06/2014 Adopted and Filed ARC 1568C Personnel records; human resources—veteran preference, compliance with statute and collective bargaining agreements, clarification of practice, amendments to chs 4, 44, 52 to 54, 57, 60, 63, 64 Analysis
07/16/2014 IAC 06/11/2014 IAB 06/11/2014 Adopted and Filed ARC 1485C Procurement, 1.2(5), 117.3(3), 117.7(4), 117.15, 118.7(2) Analysis
09/25/2013 IAC 08/21/2013 IAB 08/21/2013 Adopted and Filed ARC 0952C Administration of department—general services and central procurement enterprises, amend 1.4; renumber chs 105 to 108 as chs 117 to 120 Analysis
04/10/2013 IAC 03/06/2013 IAB 03/06/2013 Adopted and Filed ARC 0636C Approval of membership in employee organizations, 41.7(8) Analysis
12/19/2012 IAC 11/14/2012 IAB 11/14/2012 Adopted and Filed ARC 0460C Definition of “confidential employee,” 50.1 Analysis
11/21/2012 IAC 10/17/2012 IAB 10/17/2012 Adopted and Filed ARC 0401C Human resources enterprise, amendments to chs 50 to 54, 56 to 61, 63 Analysis
09/15/2010 IAC 08/11/2010 IAB 08/11/2010 Adopted and Filed ARC 8979B Years of service incentive; exigency leave for covered servicemembers, 53.12, 63.4(1) Analysis
04/30/2010 IAC 05/19/2010 IAB 05/19/2010 Adopted and Filed Emergency ARC 8764B Bumping or replacement of junior employees by supervisory employees, 60.3(5) Analysis
04/16/2010 IAC 05/05/2010 IAB 05/05/2010 Adopted and Filed Emergency ARC 8727B State employee retirement incentive program, 60.1(7)“k” Analysis
03/29/2010 IAC 04/21/2010 IAB 04/21/2010 Adopted and Filed Emergency ARC 8692B State employee retirement incentive program—fiscal year 2010, 60.1(7) Analysis
12/09/2009 IAC 11/04/2009 IAB 11/04/2009 Adopted and Filed ARC 8265B Benefits, amendments to chs 50, 63, 64 Analysis
09/30/2009 IAC 08/26/2009 IAB 08/26/2009 Filed Without Notice ARC 8063B Rescinding appointments, 57.9 Analysis
04/15/2009 IAC 03/11/2009 IAB 03/11/2009 Adopted and Filed ARC 7637B Outside employment or activity, 66.3 Analysis
02/18/2009 IAC 01/14/2009 IAB 01/14/2009 Filed Without Notice ARC 7492B Review of operational standards by the public and period of public comment—address updates, 25.7 Analysis
02/18/2009 IAC 01/14/2009 IAB 01/14/2009 Adopted and Filed ARC 7509B Contractual limitation o f vendor liability provisions, ch 108 Analysis
02/18/2009 IAC 01/14/2009 IAB 01/14/2009 Filed Without Notice ARC 7515B Tax-sheltered annuities—eligibility modifications, 64.12 Analysis
12/10/2008 IAC 11/05/2008 IAB 11/05/2008 Adopted and Filed ARC 7289B Information technology—participating agencies, operational standards, 25.1, 25.5(5) Analysis
12/10/2008 IAC 11/05/2008 IAB 11/05/2008 Adopted and Filed ARC 7290B Information technology—board membership, audit of fees, 20.5, 20.8(6) Analysis
12/10/2008 IAC 11/05/2008 IAB 11/05/2008 Adopted and Filed ARC 7291B Eligibility of charitable agencies—criteria included in campaign, 71.6(1)“f” and “h” Analysis
12/10/2008 IAC 11/05/2008 IAB 11/05/2008 Adopted and Filed ARC 7292B Customer councils, rescind ch 10 Analysis