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All Amendments in Numerical Order

Amendments displayed in numerical order by bill. Columns may be sorted. Final Action is the last recorded action on the amendment. For a complete record of action, click the amendment number to open in BillBook and refer to bill history.

Bill Amendment Date Filed Sponsor Final Action
SR 2 S-3003 02/12/2019 JACK WHITVER Amendment S-3003 adopted. S.J. 295.
SR 3 S-3001 02/07/2019 COMMITTEE ON RULES AND ADMINISTRATION Amendment S-3001 adopted. S.J. 296.
SR 3 S-3005 02/13/2019 JANET PETERSEN Amendment S-3005 filed, lost. S.J. 295.
SF 86 S-3007 02/19/2019 WAYLON BROWN Amendment S-3007 adopted. S.J. 349.
SF 93 S-3010 02/20/2019 COMMITTEE ON LOCAL GOVERNMENT Amendment S-3010 filed. S.J. 366.
SF 171 S-3002 02/11/2019 TIM KRAAYENBRINK Amendment S-3002 adopted. S.J. 291.
SF 203 S-3008 02/20/2019 NATE BOULTON Amendment S-3008 filed, lost. S.J. 353.
SF 265 S-3006 02/19/2019 DAN ZUMBACH Amendment S-3006 out of order. S.J. 355.
SF 265 S-3009 02/20/2019 DAN ZUMBACH Amendment S-3009 filed, adopted. S.J. 355.
HF 267 H-1003 02/11/2019 McKEAN of Jones Amendment H-1003 filed. H.J. 255.
HF 306 H-1001 02/07/2019 R. SMITH of Black Hawk Amendment H-1001 lost. H.J. 247.
HF 306 H-1002 02/08/2019 R. SMITH of Black Hawk Amendment H-1002 withdrawn. H.J. 247.
HF 306 S-3004 02/13/2019 CLAIRE CELSI Amendment S-3004 filed, lost. S.J. 293.