Emergency Rule-Making Documents Filed Prior to Publication in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB)

These documents are filed by an agency using statutory “emergency” procedures. These procedures bypass public notice and participation and allow an immediate or early effective date. The documents will be officially published in the indicated IAB.
ARC Agency Subject of Rule Making Agency Document Effective Date Publication Date in IAB
ARC 6807C Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department[21]

This rule making implements changes that were made to the Department's hemp program during the 2022 legislative session. Under the new law, producers can be licensed to grow up to 320 acres of hemp; they were previously limited to 40 acres. The proposed rule amendments updates administrative code to reflect the new 320 acre limit, updates the fee structure accordingly and to be more transparent, and updates the sampling methodology to ensure a 95% confidence interval for testing of THC.

01/03/2023 01/11/2023
ARC 6805C Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department[21]

The rule making adds an Iowa-specific standard for biodiesel blended fuel classified as higher than B-20 but less than B-99 using ASTM standards by reference. By establishing the standard, the Department of Revenue will be enabled to offer two new tax credits that were established by the Legislature in 2022 at the beginning of 2023.


Currently, the Department relies on standards from ASTM, however, none currently exist for biodiesel blends between B-20 and B-99. The rule making adopts existing ASTM standards by reference for both biodiesel and diesel. 

02/13/2023 01/11/2023