Emergency Rule-Making Documents Filed Prior to Publication in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB)

These documents are filed by an agency using statutory “emergency” procedures. These procedures bypass public notice and participation and allow an immediate or early effective date. The documents will be officially published in the indicated IAB.
ARC Agency Subject of Rule Making Agency Document Effective Date Publication Date in IAB
ARC 5523C Public Safety Department[661]

The purpose of this rule making is to update the Standards for Electrical Work to the National Electrical Code, 2020 edition. Consistent with recent rule making in this chapter, the entire National Electrical Code (NEC) is adopted, with the time-limited amendments included in this chapter. It is the intention of the Department and the Board not to make further amendments, regardless of new additions to the NEC, until it is necessary for the state of Iowa. A significant effect of the adoption of the 2020 edition of the NEC would have been the requirement for 250-volt receptacles, but the Board, in addition to adopting the 2020 edition of the NEC by reference, is amending the 2020 edition to postpone that requirement until January 1, 2022.


Two typographical errors in the amendments are corrected as well, and language has been added to better describe the receptacles that would require GFCI protection.

04/01/2021 03/24/2021