Daily Legislation (Bill Packet)

Displays the House and Senate bills and amendments introduced on a particular day.


Bills Filed

Bill Bill Title Sponsor(s)
SF 2071
A bill for an act relating to bingo games, including the price to play and the value of merchandise prizes. Effective date: 07/01/2024 SINCLAIR
SF 2391
A bill for an act prohibiting the misbranding of certain food products, and providing penalties. (Formerly SSB 3162.) Effective date: 07/01/2024 COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE
HR 120
A resolution recognizing and congratulating Iowa State University SIEGRIST

Study Bills Filed

Bill Bill Title Sponsor(s)
*** No Study Bills Filed Filed on this date ***

Amendments Filed

Amendment Sponsor
S-5158 to HF 255 LYNN EVANS
S-5157 to SF 2427 DAN DAWSON
S-5156 to SF 2376 DAWN DRISCOLL
H-8318 to SF 2385 NIELSEN of Johnson

Fiscal Notes

Bill LSB Number Title Date Correctional Impact Minority Impact
HF 255 LSB1706HV.1 Teacher Licensure, Intern Licenses and Alternative Certification 04/15/2024
SF 2385 LSB5023SV.1 State Government Boards and Commissions 04/15/2024


Title LSB Number Bill Amendment Version Distributed
*** No NOBA Filed on this date ***