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Fiscal Notes

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Title LSB Number Bill Amendment Version Distributed
Judicial Branch Appropriations Act 5033HV HF 2495 Graybook 06/01/2018
Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Act 5028HV HF 2491 Graybook 06/01/2018
Education Appropriations Act 5030SV SF 2415 Graybook 06/01/2018
Health and Human Services Appropriations Act 5031SV SF 2418 Graybook 06/01/2018
Infrastructure Appropriations Act 5035SV SF 2414 Graybook 06/01/2018
Justice System Appropriations Act 5032HV HF 2492 Graybook 06/01/2018
Transportation Appropriations Act 5034HV HF 2494 Graybook 06/01/2018
Economic Development Appropriations Act 5029HV HF 2493 Graybook 06/01/2018
Standing Appropriations Act 6199HV HF 2502 Graybook 06/01/2018
Administration and Regulation Appropriations Bill 5027SV SF 2416 Graybook 06/01/2018