Legal Seminars

During the fall, the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency (LSA) conducts a legal seminar series. A legal seminar is scheduled each week for approximately five weeks. As part of a series, the staff of LSA, or an outside speaker invited by LSA, makes a presentation usually for two hours or less to an audience comprised exclusively of persons connected with the General Assembly. The purpose of a legal seminar is to inform legislative staff and members of the General Assembly about a particular legal area which may be of interest to the audience. Legal seminar topics may relate to state or federal constitutional law, legislation or statutes, administrative rules or decisions, trial or appellate court decisions, attorney general opinions or actions, and other sources or aspects of a legal nature.
No Recorded Audio Presentation is Accredited by the Iowa Supreme Court's Commission on Continuing Legal Education
Following a legal seminar, an audio record of a presentation is usually made available to the public free of charge via the General Assembly's Internet site. The record is not published for an exclusive audience, does not have an interactive component, does not include a live moderator, and may have been edited. It does not qualify as an accredited program or activity (either unmoderated or moderated) under Chapter 42 of the Iowa Court Rules. For more information see the Supreme Court's "Guidelines for Unmoderated Activities."
No Position or Recommended Course of Action is Being Recommended
During a seminar, a speaker making a presentation or addressing questions, or a member of the audience, may identify an issue for discussion or possible future consideration by members of the General Assembly. However, under no circumstances should the scheduling of a speaker, the issues addressed during a presentation, or questions or comments made during a presentation be construed as inviting, advocating, or recommending a position, interpretation, or course of action by LSA or its staff.
Contact Information
For questions or comments regarding a legal seminar or legal seminar series, contact Mr. Doug Adkisson at 515.281.3884 or
Presentation Date Title Presenter Materials Audio
11/30/2023 Wellness
Ms. Samantha Wagner, Assistant Attorney General, Agency Counsel Division, and Chair, Iowa State Bar Association Well-Being Committee
Wellness (PDF)
11/16/2023 Municipal Law
Ms. Emily Duffy, Attorney, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.
Ms. Kristine Stone, Attorney, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C.
Municipal Law (PowerPoint)
11/09/2023 Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages
Mr. Tyler Ackerson, Executive Officer, Alcohol and Tax Operations Division, Iowa Department of Revenue
Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages (PowerPoint)
11/02/2023 Redistricting
Mr. Ed Cook, Senior Legal Counsel, Legislative Services Agency
Redistricting in Iowa (PowerPoint)
10/19/2023 Child Care
Mr. Dan Gough, Legal Counsel, Legal Services Division, Legislative Services Agency
Ms. Ryan Page, Director of Child Care, Iowa Department of Health and Human Services
Child Care (PowerPoint)
10/02/2023 Notice and Schedule of Seminars
Mr. Doug Adkisson, Senior Legal Counsel, Legal Services Division, Legislative Services Agency
2023 Fall Legal Seminars (email)