House Resolutions

Resolutions of the Legislature per General Assembly.
Bill Bill Title
HR 1A resolution for the selection and appointment of secretaries and pages.
HR 2A resolution to arrange for opening the sessions with prayer.
HR 3A resolution relating to permanent rules of the House of Representatives for the Ninetieth General Assembly.(Formerly HSB 31.)
HR 4A resolution designating a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy awareness day and promoting efforts to educate people about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
HR 5A resolution regarding foundational principles of the American form of government.
HR 6A resolution designating May 2023 as Jewish American Heritage Month.
HR 7A resolution relating to the code of ethics of the House of Representatives for the Ninetieth General Assembly.(Formerly HSB 77.)
HR 8A resolution designating February 28, 2023, as Community College Day.
HR 9A resolution designating the month of March as Disabilities Awareness Month in Iowa.
HR 10A resolution recognizing National Speech and Debate Education Day.
HR 11A resolution commemorating St. Patrick’s Day and the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement between most political parties in Northern Ireland and the British and Irish governments.
HR 12A resolution to recognize the Iowa Small Business Development Centers and honor 2023 award winners.
HR 13A resolution honoring and congratulating the Grand View University wrestling team on its outstanding National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Wrestling National Championship win.
HR 14A resolution recognizing the Hoover Uncommon Public Service Award winner for 2023, Representative Bobby Kaufmann.