House Resolutions

Resolutions of the Legislature per General Assembly.
Bill Bill Title
HR 1A resolution for the selection and appointment of secretaries and pages.
HR 2A resolution to arrange for opening the sessions with prayer.
HR 3A resolution relating to permanent rules of the House of Representatives for the Eighty-ninth General Assembly.(Formerly HSB 48.)
HR 4A resolution honoring Crampton Linley for his heroic efforts in containing the Iowa State Capitol fire of 1904.
HR 5A resolution designating the first Saturday of October, annually, as Ostomy Awareness Day.
HR 6A resolution designating the month of March, annually, as Precision Medicine and Biomarker Testing Awareness Month.
HR 7A resolution urging the Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union to sanction girls wrestling as a high school sport.
HR 8A resolution urging the Congress of the United States to grant additional authority to the Federal Communications Commission to restrict unwanted robocalls and call spoofing, and urging the Federal Communications Commission to educate the public on how to report unlawful telephone calls.
HR 9A resolution recognizing Joseph R. Biden as the legitimately elected President of the United States.
HR 10A resolution honoring the achievements and contributions of Steve Ovel.
HR 11A resolution designating October 13, annually, as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.