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House Resolutions

Resolutions of the Legislature per General Assembly.
Bill Bill Title
HR 1A resolution for the selection and appointment of secretaries and pages. Adopted by House.
HR 2A resolution to arrange for opening the sessions with prayer. Adopted by House.
HR 3A resolution urging Iowa’s congressional delegation to take all necessary measures to limit the authority of any President of the United States to order a preemptive launch of nuclear weapons.
HR 4A resolution congratulating the Morningside College Mustangs football team on winning the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics National Championship.
HR 5A resolution recognizing and supporting the federal government’s efforts to combat illegal robocalling and spoofing.
HR 6A resolution relating to the code of ethics of the House of Representatives for the Eighty-eighth General Assembly. (Formerly HSB 97.)
HR 7A resolution urging Iowa’s congressional delegation to prevent the military use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles in any armed conflicts throughout the world without a formal declaration of war by the United States Congress.
HR 8A resolution to recognize the Iowa Small Business Development Centers and honor 2019 award winners.
HR 9A resolution honoring and congratulating Andee Joos for her volunteer service and for receiving a 2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.