Iowa Economic Trends

Access data and analysis for common statewide indicators of the condition of the Iowa economy.
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Iowa Population

Iowa population since 1900 and population change components since 2010

03/23/2023 March 2024

Employment-Population Ratio

Working Iowans as a % of population age 16 and older.

01/23/2024 03/11/2024

Iowa Nonfarm Employment

Monthly employment numbers through the nonfarm series.

01/23/2024 03/11/2024

Unemployment Claims

Number of Iowa unemployment claims in a month

01/23/2024 03/11/2024

Iowa Housing Permits

Number of housing building permits issued in Iowa

02/26/2024 03/25/2024

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia State Coincident Index

State coincident economic indicator produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

01/26/2024 03/27/2024

Department of Revenue — Iowa Leading Indicators Index

Indicator of the Iowa economy immediate future

12/04/2023 January 2024

Iowa Employment — Household Survey

Number of Iowans working or looking for work.

01/23/2024 03/11/2024

Iowa House Price Index

Index of Iowa housing values - All transaction price index

02/27/2024 05/28/2024

Iowa Gross Domestic Product (State GDP)

Iowa GDP - The value of all goods and services produced in the state

03/31/2023 03/31/2024

Iowa Personal Income and Wage/Salary Income

State personal income and wage and salary income quarterly estimates

12/22/2023 03/29/2024