Iowa Acts Chapters - 88 (2019 Regular GA)


Nonofficial publication of individual Acts chapters. This online, nonofficial publication of the Iowa Acts and Joint Resolutions includes the enrolled bills and joint resolutions in the order of their approval or veto in part by the Governor. Item vetoed language is italicized and enclosed by asterisks. Code numbers assigned to new sections and subunits in the Acts are provisional only.

Effective and enactment dates. The Acts of the Regular Session generally take effect on July 1 following enactment, unless otherwise provided. Some Acts take effect upon enactment. The date of enactment generally is the date an Act is approved by the Governor, which is shown at the end of each Act.

Contents excluded from nonofficial publication. The listing of state officials, the statement of the condition of the state treasury, and notations of estimates of state mandates are not included in this online publication.

Official publication. The final, official version of the Iowa Acts, to be published by the fall, will include all of the contents specified in Iowa Code section 2B.10.

Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1 HF 306 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — property tax replacement payments
Chapter 2 HF 307 PDF Icon School finance — regular state cost per pupil — school transportation funding
Chapter 3 SF 519 PDF Icon Agricultural production facility trespass
Chapter 4 SF 220 PDF Icon Taxation of corporations and financial institutions — increased expensing allowance deduction