Iowa Acts Chapters - 89 (2022 Regular GA)

Unofficial Version (PDF format)

Preliminary, unofficial publication of individual Acts chapters. This preliminary online, nonofficial publication of the Iowa Acts and Joint Resolutions includes only the enrolled bills and joint resolutions in the order of their approval or veto in part by the Governor. Item vetoed language is italicized and enclosed by asterisks. Code numbers assigned to new sections and subunits in the Acts are provisional only.

Effective and enactment dates. The Acts of the Regular Session generally take effect on July 1 following enactment, unless otherwise provided. Some Acts take effect upon enactment. The date of enactment generally is the date an Act is approved by the Governor, which is shown at the end of each Act.

Contents excluded from unofficial publication. The listing of state officials, the statement of the condition of the state treasury, and notations of estimates of state mandates are not included in this preliminary online publication.

Official publication. The final, official version of the Iowa Acts, to be published by the fall, will include all of the contents specified in Iowa Code section 2B.10.

Bill Bill Title
HJR 2005A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa relating to the gubernatorial line of succession. (Formerly HSB 582.)
SJR 9A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa relating to the qualifications of electors. (Formerly SSB 1083.)
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1001 HF 2316 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — regular program state cost per pupil — property tax replacement payments — school transportation funding
Chapter 1002 HF 2317 PDF Icon State taxation and revenue — tax rates, credits, and exemptions
Chapter 1003 HF 2416 PDF Icon Collegiate and interscholastic athletics — student eligibility requirements — educational institution liability
Chapter 1004 HF 2466 PDF Icon County supervisor candidate nominations — signature requirements
Chapter 1005 SF 2119 PDF Icon Cosmetology — practice of threading
Chapter 1006 SF 2266 PDF Icon Compensation and benefit limits — retirees under the Iowa public employees’ retirement system and school board members
Chapter 1007 SF 2325 PDF Icon Economic development authority entities and programs — Iowa energy center and high quality jobs and workforce housing tax incentive programs
Chapter 1008 HF 2220 PDF Icon Antisemitism — definition, rules of construction, discriminatory acts, and state personnel training
Chapter 1009 HF 2373 PDF Icon Restrictions on companies boycotting Israel — parent companies, subsidiaries, or affiliates
Chapter 1010 SF 384 PDF Icon County assessors and staff — joint county agreements for sharing services
Chapter 1011 SF 2128 PDF Icon Education — English language learners and community college faculty standards
Chapter 1012 SF 2130 PDF Icon Schools required to register with the college student aid commission
Chapter 1013 SF 2176 PDF Icon Natural resources and waste management
Chapter 1014 SF 2197 PDF Icon Special education support for students at nonpublic schools — task force
Chapter 1015 SF 2232 PDF Icon Water treatment systems — sale, lease, or rental — certification requirements for contaminant removal claims
Chapter 1016 SF 2245 PDF Icon Meat or poultry inspection — establishment licensing — personal use exemption
Chapter 1017 SF 2267 PDF Icon Emergency response districts
Chapter 1018 SF 2279 PDF Icon Public improvement contracts — electronic submission of bids
Chapter 1019 SF 2285 PDF Icon County and city zoning — sale of consumer fireworks — effect of extension of city zoning jurisdiction beyond city limits
Chapter 1020 SF 2288 PDF Icon Foreign investments by life insurance companies or associations
Chapter 1021 SF 2295 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 1022 SF 2296 PDF Icon Garbage placed in public areas for waste collection — local regulation and privacy expectations — search and seizure
Chapter 1023 SF 2345 PDF Icon Congenital and inherited disorders — screening of newborns
Chapter 1024 HF 728 PDF Icon County rules requiring periodic septic tank pumping — penalties prohibited
Chapter 1025 HF 2124 PDF Icon Airport registration and site approval
Chapter 1026 HF 2167 PDF Icon Health care insurance coverage — autism spectrum disorder
Chapter 1027 HF 2341 PDF Icon Foreign vehicles — transfer of ownership — insurance carriers
Chapter 1028 HF 2343 PDF Icon Conveyance of real property — groundwater hazard statement requirements
Chapter 1029 HF 2367 PDF Icon Iowa drug policy coordinator and advisory council
Chapter 1030 HF 2380 PDF Icon Acreage limitations for hemp production
Chapter 1031 HF 2436 PDF Icon County joint 911 service boards public safety answering point cost and expense data
Chapter 1032 HF 2463 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 1033 HF 2481 PDF Icon Judges — residency requirements, nomination and appointment process, and resignations
Chapter 1034 HF 2501 PDF Icon Veterans trust fund — investment and use of funds
Chapter 1035 HF 2540 PDF Icon Sale of travel insurance
Chapter 1036 SF 2080 PDF Icon Student physical examinations and health screenings — school districts, charter schools, and innovation zone schools
Chapter 1037 SF 2233 PDF Icon Land surveying — terms used to describe distances and locations
Chapter 1038 SF 2310 PDF Icon Organization of multiple housing cooperatives
Chapter 1039 SF 2322 PDF Icon Public records — fees for examination and copying
Chapter 1040 SF 2324 PDF Icon Real estate brokerage services — real estate teams — display of licensee, brokerage, and team names
Chapter 1041 HF 364 PDF Icon Athlete agents — prohibited conduct
Chapter 1042 HF 825 PDF Icon Domestic abuse and sexual abuse protective orders — consent agreements
Chapter 1043 HF 2079 PDF Icon Sexual abuse — conditions for post-arrest release — initial appearance required
Chapter 1044 HF 2097 PDF Icon Forfeiture of bail — notice
Chapter 1045 HF 2126 PDF Icon State annual comprehensive financial report
Chapter 1046 HF 2154 PDF Icon Statewide fire and police retirement system — nonpublic records
Chapter 1047 HF 2155 PDF Icon Preneed sellers and purchase agreements for cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, and funeral services
Chapter 1048 HF 2172 PDF Icon Health care facility violations — penalties
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2022 Iowa Acts, chapters 1001 to 1048.