Iowa Acts Chapters - 89 (2021 Regular GA) (Official Edition)


Nonofficial publication of individual Acts chapters. This online, nonofficial publication of the Iowa Acts and Joint Resolutions includes the enrolled bills and joint resolutions in the order of their approval or veto in part by the Governor. Item vetoed language is italicized and enclosed by asterisks. Code numbers assigned to new sections and subunits in the Acts are provisional only.

Effective and enactment dates. The Acts of the Regular Session generally take effect on July 1 following enactment, unless otherwise provided. Some Acts take effect upon enactment. The date of enactment generally is the date an Act is approved by the Governor, which is shown at the end of each Act.

Contents excluded from nonofficial publication. The listing of state officials, the statement of the condition of the state treasury, and notations of estimates of state mandates are not included in this online publication.

Official publication. The final, official version of the Iowa Acts, to be published by the fall, will include all of the contents specified in Iowa Code section 2B.10.

Bill Bill Title
SJR 7A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa relating to the right of the people to keep and bear arms. (Formerly SJR 1.)
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1 SF 160 PDF Icon Instructional time requirements — in-person and remote learning
Chapter 2 SF 269 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — regular program state cost per pupil — property tax replacement payments — school transportation funding
Chapter 3 SF 284 PDF Icon Supplemental appropriations — state central personnel, accounting, and budget system
Chapter 4 SF 130 PDF Icon Compensation for employment of directors of school corporation boards — temporary exception
Chapter 5 SF 173 PDF Icon Trusts — certification — order of abatement
Chapter 6 SF 231 PDF Icon Special minor’s driver’s licenses
Chapter 7 SF 239 PDF Icon Causes of action and interests of deceased parties
Chapter 8 SF 240 PDF Icon Custodial trusts
Chapter 9 SF 285 PDF Icon All Iowa opportunity scholarship program — suspension of student participation
Chapter 10 SF 314 PDF Icon Executive branch employee travel claims
Chapter 11 SF 343 PDF Icon Confidential records — access by department of corrections, judicial district department of corrections, and board of parole employees
Chapter 12 SF 413 PDF Icon Elections — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 13 HF 200 PDF Icon Active military duty — branches of service — coast guard and space force
Chapter 14 HF 231 PDF Icon Sexual abuse committed during a burglary — special sentence
Chapter 15 HF 232 PDF Icon Disorderly conduct — intentional or reckless noise
Chapter 16 HF 235 PDF Icon Consumer credit transactions and service charges
Chapter 17 HF 283 PDF Icon Drug or alcohol testing — prohibited activities
Chapter 18 HF 308 PDF Icon Senior year plus program — eligibility requirements
Chapter 19 HF 386 PDF Icon Nonprofit school organizations — reports
Chapter 20 HF 418 PDF Icon Assessment, classification, and taxation of property — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 21 SF 129 PDF Icon Rural Iowa primary care loan repayment program — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 22 SF 232 PDF Icon Abandoned vehicles taken into custody — notice and reclamation requirements
Chapter 23 SF 235 PDF Icon Denial and contest of probate claims
Chapter 24 SF 261 PDF Icon Nonprofit corporation for educational financial assistance, services, and research
Chapter 25 SF 289 PDF Icon Powers, duties, and organization of school corporations — Iowa association of school boards dues reporting
Chapter 26 SF 307 PDF Icon Examination and transportation of dead bodies
Chapter 27 SF 353 PDF Icon Drainage and levee districts — notices — reports on repairs
Chapter 28 SF 482 PDF Icon Application of pesticides — restrictions — private applicator peer review
Chapter 29 HF 560 PDF Icon Waste tire collection, processing, and transport — financial assurance and surety bond requirements
Chapter 30 SF 230 PDF Icon Wrecked or salvage vehicles
Chapter 31 HF 280 PDF Icon Renewal of commercial driver’s licenses without examination
Chapter 32 HF 382 PDF Icon Special permits for transport of relief supplies exceeding weight limits during national emergencies
Chapter 33 HF 389 PDF Icon Chauffeurs — licensing — exemptions
Chapter 34 HF 621 PDF Icon Actions against firearm, firearm accessory, and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, importers, trade associations, sellers, or dealers
Chapter 35 HF 756 PDF Icon Acquisition and possession of weapons
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2021 Iowa Acts, chapters 1-32.