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House File 2300
...the reemployment of persons retired under the Iowa public employees' retirement system.
House File 2301
... conflicts of interest in the use of county property and providing a penalty.
House File 2302
...providing for a civil cause of action for damages arising from domestic abuse.
House File 2303
... the creation of a new program to provide technicians for businesses in certain targeted industries by offering to pay student loans incurred by the technicians to attend private and public Iowa colle ...
House File 2304
...providing an exemption from liability for possessors or owners of residential real property.
House File 2305
... orders for confinement of criminal defendants in jails in counties other than the county in which the person was arrested or convicted.
House File 2306
...creating the battleship U.S.S. Iowa fund and providing an income tax checkoff for contributions to the fund on the state income tax return and providing an applicability date.
House File 2307
... tort and workers' compensation liability for labor performed by inmates of jails and county detention facilities.
House File 2308
... the study of manufactured housing.
House File 2309
... sexual misconduct of a juvenile placed in foster care or in a juvenile facility and providing a penalty.
House File 2310
... adoption by the board of regents of a policy and rules regarding student athletes.
House File 2311
... student achievement and performance goals and plans adopted by the boards of directors of school districts.
House File 2312
...establishing a sustainable business program.
House File 2313
... the definition of burglary and attempted burglary.
House File 2314
...providing for the designation of a state poet laureate.
House File 2315
... the conditions for the release of persons alleged to have unlawfully possessed, manufactured, or distributed a controlled substance.
House File 2316
... implementation of a Medicare rural hospital flexibility program and making an appropriation.
House File 2317
... drainage districts, by providing for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of improvements within drainage districts. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2318
... that the clerk of the district court, prior to the filing of a nonstatutory lien, confirm that notice has been given to required parties.
House File 2319
... the state long-term care ombudsperson, establishing local area long-term care ombudspersons, requiring training of representatives of the ombudsperson, making an appropriation, and providing an effec ...
House File 2320
...making an appropriation to the state board of regents to support the initiative for the health and independence of elderly Iowans at the state university of Iowa.
House File 2321
... the deduction of net capital gains from the sale of farm property to a beginning farmer and providing effective and applicability date provisions.
House File 2322
... the healthy opportunities for parents to experience success-healthy families Iowa program, and making an appropriation.
House File 2323
... the sales, services, and use taxes exemption for the sales of meals by certain agricultural production associations and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions.
House File 2324
... the statutory elements of certain forms of assault. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2325
... foods prepared at a residence for sale on a retail basis for off-premises consumption.
House File 2326
... contracts for the medical and surgical treatment and care of indigent persons.
House File 2327
...the release of information by the department of transportation to governmental employees. (Formerly HSB 522) ...
House File 2328
... procedures applicable to civil commitment, and including an implementation provision.
House File 2329
...providing for a cause of action for a wrongful mechanic's lien.
House File 2330
... the budget certification deadline for school districts and providing an applicability date. (Formerly HSB 597) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2552) ...
House File 2331
... utility cost reviews associated with a rate- regulated public utility's procurement of natural gas or fuel for use in generating electricity. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2332
...establishing a competitive grant program for public health nursing and making an appropriation.
House File 2333
...providing for an alternative actual enrollment determination date for school districts.
House File 2334
... certain crimes against persons, by permitting the retention as criminal history data of acquittals, dismissals, or adjudications based on mental condition if the charge involved injury to another, by ...
House File 2335
... persons holding interests in agricultural land and providing penalties and an effective date. Effective 4-16-98.
House File 2336
... the assumption of risk by and liability of forcible felons and persons aiding and abetting in the commission of forcible felonies for damages resulting from the offenders' criminal conduct. Effective ...
House File 2337
...the method for imposition of the drug abuse resistance education surcharge. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2338
...judicial administration. (Formerly HSB 627) ...
House File 2339
... limits on coverage of the remedial account of the Iowa comprehensive petroleum underground storage tank fund, the minimum copayment provisions in regard to the remedial account, and creating a no fur ...
House File 2340
... the inclusion of dentists and certain other medical specialists in the volunteer health care provider program. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2341
... state park user permits and providing a penalty and an effective date.
House File 2342
...providing for the establishment of an appeal reimbursement fund by the school budget review committee, and making an appropriation.
House File 2343
... coaching endorsement and authorization requirements.
House File 2344
... an individual income tax credit for textbook fees charged in attending a public school in the state, prohibiting increases in the charging of textbook fees, and providing effective and retroactive ap ...
House File 2345
... the performance of community service work by criminal offenders, by providing for penalties for the falsification of records relating to community service work performed by certain offenders, and pro ...
House File 2346
...creating an indemnity fund for county mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities service costs, making appropriations, and providing an effective date. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 251 ...
House File 2347
...providing for the equalization of the regular physical plant and equipment levy, and making an appropriation.
House File 2348
... institutions and facilities administered by the department of human services and to similar and related services. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2349
... creating a main street investments loan program for the preservation of historical buildings within central business districts and making an appropriation.
House File 2350
... the voluntary admission and release of persons suffering from dementia or a dementia-related illness to inpatient psychiatric treatment.
House File 2351
...supporting forestry, by establishing programs and providing an appropriation.
House File 2352
... the prohibition of sex acts between juveniles and employees and agents at juvenile placement facilities and providing a penalty. (Formerly H.F. 2248) ...
House File 2353
... exemptions from distinguishing registration plates for motor vehicles. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2354
... eligibility for United States armed forces retired special motor vehicle license plates.
House File 2355
... deposits on white goods and tires and providing penalties.
House File 2356
...permitting adjunct instructors of a community college or regents university to elect coverage under the Iowa public employees' retirement system.
House File 2357
...establishing a state children's health insurance program.
House File 2358
... the use of certain property owned by the department of transportation for green space purposes.
House File 2359
... closed sessions of governmental bodies considering an individual's professional competency.
House File 2360
... the issuance of additional deer hunting licenses for hunters with muzzleloaders.
House File 2361
... funding of new jobs training programs. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2559) ...
House File 2362
... operating privileges under special minor driver's licenses and imposing a penalty for violations.
House File 2363
... motor vehicle operator proof of financial responsibility and providing an effective date and for retroactive applicability. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2454) ...
House File 2364
...defining the acquisition of ambulances and fire protection and emergency medical services equipment and building facilities as an essential county purpose for bonding purposes.
House File 2365
... the licensing of certified professional midwives, establishing the board of professional midwife examiners, prohibiting the use of the title certified professional midwife without a license, and maki ...
House File 2366
... the establishment of an Iowa freedom trail program.
House File 2367
... mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse service provisions involving medical assistance reimbursement and legal settlement for age-related requirements of county management plans ...
House File 2368
...establishing a healthy and well kids in Iowa (HAWK-I) program to provide health insurance to eligible children. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2517) ...
House File 2369
... the human immunodeficiency virus including the testing of an alleged offender for the human immunodeficiency virus, the intentional transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus, making penalties ...
House File 2370
... regulatory duties under the purview of the Iowa department of public health concerning brain and spinal cord injuries and the advisory committee on brain injuries, the technical advisory committee fo ...
House File 2371
... lobbying on behalf of a state agency or a political subdivision of the state, and making penalties applicable.
House File 2372
... coverage by a third-party payor of health care costs for certain costs associated with telemedicine services.
House File 2373
... exempting operators of motor vehicles from wearing seat belts while delivering newspapers.
House File 2374
...exempting sales made to and services performed for organ procurement organizations from the state sales, services, and use taxes. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2375
...A bill for An Act creating an offense for operating while intoxicated for persons driving a motor vehicle after taking certain controlled substances, making penalties applicable, and making related ch ...
House File 2376
...providing for continuing education requirements for certified nurse aides and certified medication aides.
House File 2377
... the requirements to qualify for a wheelchair parking cone.
House File 2378
... injunctions restraining the provision of child day care.
House File 2379
... the appropriations of moneys from the rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund for payments related to bonds issued for vertical infrastructure projects by school districts, designating certain amounts of ga ...
House File 2380
...moneys recovered from persons who fraudulently obtained family investment program assistance to be used for expanded fraud and recoupment activities.
House File 2381
... the hours of employment of a person sixteen or seventeen years of age.
House File 2382
... the identification of animals and providing penalties. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 2383
...providing school districts with additional taxing authority to fully fund the instructional support program.
House File 2384
...establishing payment options associated with delinquent utility bills.
House File 2385
... that persons under the age of eighteen must be attending a high school or have completed a high school education or the equivalent of a high school education in order to be eligible for a license or ...
House File 2386
... urban revitalization property tax exemptions and exemption schedules for certain real property and providing for the Act's applicability.
House File 2387
...allowing for a delayed filing time limit for purposes of applying for the homestead property tax credit or the military service property tax exemption, and amending the procedure for claiming a milita ...
House File 2388
... the creation of a uniform inmate grievance system for tort claims, including civil rights violations.
House File 2389
...providing for a school finance payment of an open enrollment state aid amount per pupil to an open enrollment receiving district, and providing an applicability provision.
House File 2390
... a job training pilot project and making an appropriation.
House File 2391
...the family investment program diversion subaccount to be used for loans to meet expenses relating to obtaining or maintaining employment.
House File 2392
... permitting the display of new motor trucks by nonresident motor vehicle dealers at qualified events in this state, establishing a fee, and providing an effective date. Effective 4-6-98.
House File 2393
... the expansion of the jurisdiction of magistrates to include taking guilty pleas from persons charged with driving without a valid driver's license.
House File 2394
...providing for service of one hundred percent of the maximum sentence by and the suspension of a driver's license of a person charged with homicide by vehicle.
House File 2395
... public expenditure and regulatory matters and making supplemental and other appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1997, and subsequent fiscal years, and providing effective dates. Vari ...
House File 2396
... the Iowa egg council and to an assessment on the sale of eggs for support of the council. (Formerly HSB 641) ...
House File 2397
... the conduct of elections in the state. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2495) ...
House File 2398
... certain agricultural land located in an urban renewal area designated as an economic development area.
House File 2399
... the regulation of auctions and the licensing of auctioneers and other auction personnel and providing fees, penalties, and an appropriation.

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