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House File 2398

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 403.17, subsection 9, Code 1997, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    9.  "Economic development area" means an area of a
  1  4 municipality designated by the local governing body as
  1  5 appropriate for commercial and industrial enterprises, public
  1  6 improvements related to housing and residential development,
  1  7 or construction of housing and residential development for low
  1  8 and moderate income families, including single or multifamily
  1  9 housing.  If an urban renewal plan for an urban renewal area
  1 10 is based upon a finding that the area is an economic
  1 11 development area and that no part contains slum or blighted
  1 12 conditions, then the division of revenue provided in section
  1 13 403.19 and stated in the plan shall be limited to twenty years
  1 14 from the calendar year following the calendar year in which
  1 15 the city first certifies to the county auditor the amount of
  1 16 any loans, advances, indebtedness, or bonds which qualify for
  1 17 payment from the division of revenue provided in section
  1 18 403.19.  Such designated area shall not include land which is
  1 19 part of a century farm, unless the owner of the century farm
  1 20 agrees to include the century farm in the urban renewal area.
  1 21 For the purposes of this subsection, "century farm" means a
  1 22 farm in which at least forty acres of such farm have been held
  1 23 in continuous ownership by the same family for one hundred
  1 24 years or more.  "Economic development area" does not include
  1 25 real property assessed as agricultural property for purposes
  1 26 of property taxation if the agricultural property is located
  1 27 within an agricultural area created pursuant to section 352.6.
  1 28 If all or a portion of an agricultural area is located within
  1 29 an urban renewal area, the governing body of the urban renewal
  1 30 area shall amend the urban renewal plan to sever that portion
  1 31 of the urban renewal area which contains the agricultural
  1 32 area.  The plan shall be amended to sever the area without
  1 33 regard to when the agricultural area or the urban renewal area
  1 34 was established.  
  1 35                           EXPLANATION
  2  1    This bill provides that agricultural property located in an
  2  2 agricultural area shall not be included in an urban renewal
  2  3 area established as an economic development area.  The bill
  2  4 requires that an urban renewal plan shall be amended to sever
  2  5 from an urban renewal area any land located in an agricultural
  2  6 area.  
  2  7 LSB 4134YH 77
  2  8 sc/sc/14

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