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House File 600
... notification of school officials of citations of juveniles for certain criminal offenses. (Formerly H.F. 385) ...
House File 601
... the development and use of certain public lands for multipurpose trails. (Formerly H.F. 359) ...
House File 602
... the profession of naturopathy and making penalties applicable.
House File 603
... the state sales tax exemption for the purchase of horses.
House File 604
... the renewal and suspension or revocation of liquor control licenses and wine and beer permits by local authorities.
House File 605
...providing for mandatory licensure for marital and family therapists and mental health counselors.
House File 606
...defining domestic abuse to include acts of harassment, and permitting the issuance of no-contact orders for acts of harassment in domestic abuse circumstances.
House File 607
... the process for creation of aviation authorities.
House File 608
... the appraisal of land and real estate being negotiated for purchase by the department of natural resources.
House File 609
... joint tenancy for real property owned by spouses.
House File 610
... the liability for unpaid rates or charges of a city utility or enterprise service for water, sewage, and solid waste services.
House File 611
... permissible charges which may be contracted for and received with respect to open-end credit. (Formerly H.F. 256) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 612
... child support recovery, providing penalties, and providing effective dates. (Formerly HSB 183) Various effective dates, see bill.
House File 613
... linked deposit investment programs. (Formerly HSB 210) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 614
... the issuance of marriage licenses by county registrars and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 214) ...
House File 615
... abandoned coal mines expenditures, including reclamation of land and drainage abatement. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 616
... instruments filed or recorded with the county recorder. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 617
... the possession of curio or relic firearms by members of certain organizations. (Formerly H.F. 211) ...
House File 618
... state reimbursement for expenses of attorneys provided to indigent persons in juvenile court. (Formerly HSB 208) ...
House File 619
...providing for the exemption of barber and beauty services from the tax imposed on gross taxable services.
House File 620
... establishing a prepaid tuition program that provides for individual savings accounts to be used for higher education tuition expenses, providing income tax exemptions for earnings of the account, and ...
House File 621
... an exemption from the sales, services, and use taxes for nonprofit hospitals licensed in the state.
House File 622
...prohibiting the scheduling of extracurricular activities after a certain hour on Wednesday evenings and providing an applicability date.
House File 623
...providing for the levy of assessments and related tax deductibility, and the creation and administration of a fund to support the financing of improvements within drainage districts.
House File 624
...appropriating funds to the judicial department to establish a pilot court information project. (Formerly H.F. 347) ...
House File 625
... the activities of the department of education, vocational education, community colleges, special educational programs provided by area education agencies, payment of claims for nonpublic school pupil ...
House File 626
... the property tax levy allowed certain fire districts. (Formerly HSB 216) ...
House File 627
... loan reimbursement payments to a person who teaches in a designated teacher shortage area.
House File 628
... corporations by providing for the call of special meetings of shareholders, for the combination of a corporation and certain shareholders, and for certain merger and share acquisitions. Effective 7-1 ...
House File 629
... drug testing of certain employees and applicants for employment, providing for employer reporting of testing, and making remedies applicable.
House File 630
... compensation of landowners or tenants for agricultural crop damage caused by deer, wild turkey, and other wildlife.
House File 631
... the allocation of tax revenue from gambling games authorized on excursion gambling boats and at pari- mutuel racetrack enclosures for educational infrastructure purposes.
House File 632
... the state's reimbursement of local governments for the value of the homestead tax credits allowed and providing an applicability date provision.
House File 633
... the definition of veteran, veterans' benefits, veterans preference, and veterans' claims.
House File 634
... child and dependent adult abuse records checks by requiring checks for employment in health care facilities and the department of inspections and appeals. (Formerly H.F. 420) ...
House File 635
... weapons and munitions by considering the use of less lethal munitions by peace officers not a use of deadly force and relating to the possession of curio or relic firearms by members of certain organ ...
House File 636
... the office of secretary of state and the conduct of elections and voter registration in the state and relating to corrective and technical changes to Iowa's election laws, and providing an effective ...
House File 637
... the general operation of corporations, partnerships, and associations, including provisions relating to certain filings made by corporations and associations, the filing of biennial reports by certai ...
House File 638
... acts which constitute dealing in real estate. (Formerly H.F. 419) ...
House File 639
...of claims against the fund, including the imposition of an employer surcharge, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 202) ...
House File 640
... the definition and location of a land-leased community. (Formerly HSB 215) ...
House File 641
... motor vehicle damage disclosure statements. (Formerly HSB 223) ...
House File 642
... the organization and operation of certain legal entities, including limited partnerships and the rights and duties of limited partners, partnership agreements, duties of the secretary of state with r ...
House File 643
...providing for grandparent and great-grandparent visitation rights. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 644
... the relationship between a real estate broker or salesperson and parties to certain real estate transactions and providing an effective date. Effective 4-23-97.
House File 645
... the financial and regulatory procedures of counties, cities, and drainage districts, by amending the powers and duties of county treasurers and including an effective date provision. Effective 7-1-97 ...
House File 646
... a study on responses to hazardous conditions by the director of transportation. (Formerly HSB 173) ...
House File 647
...defining the crime of theft to include the utterance of a financial instrument for the use of property which knowingly will not be paid when presented to a financial institution and making a penalty a ...
House File 648
... housing development. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 723) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 732) ...
House File 649
... funding for emergency medical services equipment.
House File 650
... the possession and use of slot machines for personal or noncommercial purposes.
House File 651 establish separate recycling funds for each prison institution within the state treasury and making related changes. (Formerly HSB 46) ...
House File 652
... establishing a capital investment board, tax credits, termination of the Iowa seed capital corporation, establishing a capital transition board, and providing an effective date. (Formerly H.F. 375) ( ...
House File 653
... financial assurance requirements for waste tire collection and processing sites. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 654
... the partial financing of campaigns for state office from income tax revenues, providing limitations on the amounts that candidates for state office may expend on campaigns, providing for public match ...
House File 655
...appropriating funds to the department of economic development, certain board of regents institutions, the department of workforce development, the public employment relations board, making statutory c ...
House File 656
... the date before which the existence of a physical or medical condition cannot be used to disqualify a commercial vehicle operator.
House File 657
... investments in counties and cities by providing for the establishment of enterprise zones in areas of counties and cities for which tax incentives and assistance are available for eligible businesses ...
House File 658
... city ordinances and other official actions of a city council and mayor. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 659
... the regulation of the practice of respiratory care. (Formerly HSB 206) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 660
...providing a waiver of capital investment requirements under the new jobs and income program. (Formerly HSB 157) ...
House File 661
... the adjudication and sentencing of certain criminal offenders, by providing for notice and hearings on reconsiderations of sentence, permitting the presentation of oral victim impact statements at re ...
House File 662
... the defense of criminal charges, by making changes in the penalties applicable to certain offenses for which appointment of counsel is required, providing county attorneys or their designees with acc ...
House File 663
... the disposition of property forfeited to the state. (Formerly HSB 226) ...
House File 664
...compliance with the terms of an employee pension plan and providing a penalty. (Formerly H.F. 595) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2477) ...
House File 665
... the denial of federal benefits to persons convicted of drug-related offenses. (Formerly H.F. 518) ...
House File 666 increase the penalties for the manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver amphetamine or any substance containing amphetamine. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 667
... the Iowa administrative procedure Act and providing an effective and applicability date. Effective 7-1-99.
House File 668
... health care facility requirements involving licensees, employees, nursing home administrators, suspension of a nursing home administrator license, and public access to information.
House File 669
... juvenile justice, by expanding the criteria for placement of juveniles in the state training school or other facility, declaring a child in need of assistance to be a truant by requesting a study of ...
House File 670
... transfers of real property by providing that certain disclosures regarding psychologically impacted property are not required and by amending the definition of transfer. (Formerly H.F. 381) ...
House File 671
... snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles by requiring certificates of title, providing for point of sale registration, increasing snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle registration fees, and providing an ef ...
House File 672
...changing election and appointment provisions relating to the secretary of agriculture. (Formerly H.F. 411) ...
House File 673
... the collection and recycling of motor oil filters. (Formerly H.F. 417) ...
House File 674
...providing a cause of action against the state for wrongful imprisonment. (Formerly H.F. 272) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 675
... and making property tax relief fund appropriations and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 224) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 713) ...
House File 676
... special minors' licenses and transportation to and from school and providing an effective date. (Formerly H.F. 102) ...
House File 677
... child custody and visitation including the consideration of parent's criminal history in the awarding of visitation rights and including an exception from mandatory participation in a course by parti ...
House File 678
... the recording of trials before a magistrate. (Formerly H.F. 339) ...
House File 679
... tip-up fishing in the waters of the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers and subjecting violators to an existing penalty. (Formerly H.F. 312) ...
House File 680
... election of mayors in certain cities and providing an immediate effective date. Effective 5-1-97.
House File 681
...creating an environmental audit privilege and immunity, and an environmental auditor training program, and providing penalties. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 682
... refunds for and remittances of tonnage fees paid by operators of sanitary landfills and solid waste management techniques. (Formerly HSB 189) ...
House File 683
...creating a caregiver recruitment and retention pilot program, and making an appropriation. (Formerly HSB 194) ...
House File 684
... county regulation of road rights-of-way. (Formerly HSB 170) ...
House File 685
... the required business hours of a motorcycle dealer. (Formerly HSB 200) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 686
...providing for the sale of unused highway right-of-way and other real property by the state department of transportation to past or present owners of affected property. (Formerly HSB 152) ...
House File 687
... statutory references to the Iowa beef industry council and increasing an excise tax on beef cattle upon a referendum. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 688
... handicapped parking permits by changing the term handicapped to the term person with a disability and by providing for nonexpiring removable windshield placards for persons with a lifelong disability ...
House File 689
... the joint financing of public works and facilities. (Formerly HSB 79) ...
House File 690
... economic development block grants and establishing a revolving loan fund.
House File 691
... abstinence education programs including the establishment of an abstinence education pilot program. (Formerly H.F. 423) ...
House File 692
... the criteria for issuance of handicapped special plates and making a civil penalty applicable. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 693
... civil actions and statutes of limitations in civil actions, the rate of interest on judgments and decrees, procedures for furnishing patient records of plaintiffs, comparative fault in consortium cla ...
House File 694
...extending the provisions relating to the eradication of brucellosis to apply to animals other than bovine animals, making penalties applicable, and providing an effective date. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 695
... household hazardous materials and retail labeling requirements. (Formerly HSB 108) ...
House File 696
... an alternative price regulation plan for certain local exchange carriers, providing for related matters, and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 197) ...
House File 697
... certain procedures of the ethics and campaign disclosure board and filing requirements and certain requirements for use of campaign funds. (Formerly HSB 225) ...
House File 698
... child abuse information and the central registry for child abuse information maintained by the department of human services and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 233) Various effective date ...
House File 699
...providing a partial exemption for retirement income for purposes of state individual income tax and providing a retroactive applicability date.

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