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House File 626

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 357B.5, Code 1997, is amended to read
  1  2 as follows:
  1  4    1.  Upon petition of a number of registered voters residing
  1  5 in a district at least equal to thirty-five percent of the
  1  6 property taxpayers in the district, the board of supervisors
  1  7 may dissolve a benefited fire district and dispose of any
  1  8 remaining property, the proceeds of which shall first be
  1  9 applied against any outstanding obligation of the district.
  1 10 Any remaining balance shall be applied as a tax credit for the
  1 11 property owners of the district.  However, except as provided
  1 12 in subsection 2, if all or a part of a district is annexed,
  1 13 the board of supervisors may transfer the remaining property
  1 14 and balance to the city which annexed the territory.  The
  1 15 board of supervisors shall continue to levy an annual tax
  1 16 after the dissolution of a district, not to exceed forty and
  1 17 one-half sixty and three-fourths cents per thousand dollars of
  1 18 assessed value of the taxable property of the district, until
  1 19 all outstanding obligations of the district are paid.
  1 20    2.  If a benefited fire district is dissolved that has been
  1 21 providing fire protection by contract, direct levy, or
  1 22 combination of both, to a city within the district for at
  1 23 least twenty years and the city's annual payments by contract
  1 24 or levy for the fire protection comprise seventy-five percent
  1 25 or more of the district's annual budget, the board of
  1 26 supervisors, in lieu of the disposal of property as provided
  1 27 in subsection 1, shall transfer to the city all of the
  1 28 district's real and personal property.  The city shall assume
  1 29 all of the outstanding obligations of the district.  If the
  1 30 district provides fire protection outside of the city's
  1 31 boundaries, the city shall continue to provide fire protection
  1 32 to this area until it is assigned to another fire protection
  1 33 district by the board of supervisors.  If the city continues
  1 34 the fire protection outside its boundaries, the city shall
  1 35 certify to the board of supervisors the cost of providing this
  2  1 service, which shall be at the same rate as contained in the
  2  2 budget for property within the city, but not exceeding forty
  2  3 and one-half sixty and three-fourths cents per thousand
  2  4 dollars of assessed value of all taxable property in the area.
  2  5 The board of supervisors shall levy the amount of tax
  2  6 certified as provided in section 357B.3.  The tax shall be
  2  7 collected and allocated in the same manner as other property
  2  8 taxes and paid to the city.
  2  9    Sec. 2.  Section 357B.8, subsection 2, Code 1997, is
  2 10 amended to read as follows:
  2 11    2.  In lieu of subsection 1, a benefited fire district that
  2 12 includes a city within the boundaries of the fire district may
  2 13 certify an annual tax levy not exceeding forty and one-half
  2 14 sixty and three-fourths cents per thousand dollars of assessed
  2 15 valuation of the taxable property within the city for the
  2 16 purpose of fire protection.  The benefited fire district shall
  2 17 certify the tax levy as provided in this subsection only after
  2 18 agreement granted by resolution of the city council.  The
  2 19 amount of the tax rate levied under this subsection shall
  2 20 reduce by an equal amount the maximum tax levy authorized for
  2 21 the general fund of that city under section 384.1.  If the
  2 22 district levies directly against property within a city to
  2 23 provide fire protection for that city, the city shall not be
  2 24 responsible for providing fire protection as provided in
  2 25 section 364.16, and shall have no liability for the method,
  2 26 manner, or means in which the district provides the fire
  2 27 protection.  
  2 28                           EXPLANATION
  2 29    This bill changes from 40 1/2 cents per $1,000 of valuation
  2 30 to 60 3/4 cents per $1,000 the amount a city located in a
  2 31 benefited fire district may levy for fire protection, or the
  2 32 amount a city which was located in a dissolved fire district
  2 33 may levy if it takes over fire protection services from the
  2 34 dissolved district.  Current law allows a benefited fire
  2 35 district to levy a maximum combined levy of 60 3/4 cents per
  3  1 $1,000.  
  3  2 LSB 2670HV 77
  3  3 sc/cf/24

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