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House File 500
... the purchase, possession, or sale of alcohol to and by persons under the age of twenty-one and providing penalties.
House File 501
... providing health care coverage to qualifying unemployed individuals in this state and devoting and appropriating certain premium taxes to fund the health care coverage.
House File 502
... the inspection of boilers and unfired steam pressure vessels.
House File 503
... the state workers' compensation coverage for students participating in school-to-work programs and providing for related matters.
House File 504
... regulation of food establishments and providing for fees and penalties and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 138) ...
House File 505
... the testing of certain individuals for contagious or infectious disease, providing for notification of exposure to the contagious or infectious disease, and providing penalties.
House File 506
... community college operations including the duties of the board of directors of each community college. (Formerly HF 168) ...
House File 507
... the issuance or renewal of liquor control licenses and wine and beer permits by local authorities.
House File 508
... animal feeding operations, by providing authority to counties to regulate anaerobic lagoons, earthen manure storage basins, and the use of spray irrigation equipment, and providing penalties.
House File 509
...providing for county building code requirements for confinement swine feeding operations.
House File 510
...the issuance of permits and licenses by state agencies.
House File 511
... investigating certain motor vehicle law violations and the penalty for overweight vehicle loads.
House File 512
... maximum amounts allowed to be garnisheed from an employee's earnings.
House File 513
...allowing a judge to order a defendant convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated to participate in a reality education substance abuse prevention program. (Formerly HF 245) ...
House File 514
... financial liability coverage and registration requirements for motor vehicles in this state, providing for the seizure of motor vehicle registration plates, and providing penalties and effective date ...
House File 515
... the determination of annual salaries for deputy sheriffs. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 516
... the legal settlement duties of county auditors.
House File 517
...providing for township trustees, by providing for their representation by county attorneys. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2534) ...
House File 518
... the denial of federal benefits to persons convicted of drug-related offenses. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 665) ...
House File 519
... the recording of interviews of witnesses and suspects in criminal cases.
House File 520
... the value of door prizes at game or raffle events.
House File 521
... safety belts in school buses and providing a contingent effective date.
House File 522
... the establishment of tax-free renaissance zones in urban and rural areas for economic development and providing an applicability date.
House File 523
... the Iowa occupational safety and health law concerning the imposition of certain civil penalties on certain governmental employers for emergencies.
House File 524
... the regulation of employment agencies.
House File 525
... the required attachment of an evaluation of a proposed ward to a petition to appoint a guardian or conservator.
House File 526
...providing coverage for certain dental-related expenses under a policy or contract providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health or medical expenses.
House File 527
...making truancy by a child who has reached the age of twelve and is under the age of sixteen a delinquent act, and providing for contingent effectiveness of the Act.
House File 528
... liens placed against certain property for unpaid property taxes and providing an effective date.
House File 529
...providing penalties for violations of domestic abuse protection orders, and making related and other technical changes.
House File 530
...assistive devices by requiring a warranty, and providing for replacement of assistive devices and consumer remedies. Effective 7-1-98.
House File 531
... the transportation of public and nonpublic school students and other properly related matters. (Formerly HSB 176) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 716) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2537) ...
House File 532
... motor vehicle pollution and providing a penalty.
House File 533
...directing the state board of regents to establish criteria by which an institution under its control may discontinue annual evaluations of the oral communication competence of a specific person provid ...
House File 534
... partition fences on land used to keep in livestock.
House File 535
... use of safety belts in truck beds by minors sixteen years of age and younger, making existing penalties applicable, and providing an effective date.
House File 536
... the operating location of excursion gambling boats.
House File 537
... and making an appropriation to the department for the blind and the department of education to establish statewide access to newsline for the blind.
House File 538
... cooperative corporations, by providing for the transfer of stock, the allocation of patronage dividends upon termination of membership, and dissolution. (Formerly HSB 181) ...
House File 539
... granting easements on certain property by the department of natural resources. (Formerly HSB 65) ...
House File 540
... personnel procedures and investment policy requirements for state government employees. (Formerly HSB 106) Effective 7-1-97.
House File 541
...establishing neighborhood development initiative pilot projects for neighborhood development, and providing an appropriation.
House File 542 prohibit acts by inmates of jails or correctional institutions which result in contact with certain bodily fluids or secretions or the casting or expelling of certain bodily fluids or secretions on ...
House File 543
... possible payment by the state for police and fire protection provided by the city of Des Moines for state= owned property located within the city.
House File 544
... placements for adoption and foster care by providing for a family rights and responsibilities plan and agreement. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 545
... the criteria for placement of delinquent children, for whom guardianship has been transferred to the director of human services, in certain facilities. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 546
... work programs for inmates and criminal defendants. (Formerly HSB 76) ...
House File 547
...establishing requirements for church and Christian schools.
House File 548
...allowing a deduction under the individual income tax of interest paid on student loans and including an applicability date provision.
House File 549
... the fee charged by the county auditor for transfers of property made in the transfer records. (Formerly HSB 109) ...
House File 550
... the exemption of certain multiple employer welfare arrangements from regulation by the insurance division and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 71) Effective 4-22-97.
House File 551
... workers' compensation coverage for injuries occurring outside of the state. (Formerly HSB 205) ...
House File 552
...eliminating notice requirements relating to the location of certain electric transmission lines, wires, or cables. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 553
...amending the uniform securities Act relating to the registration of securities and the registration of broker- dealers and agents, establishing fees, and providing an effective date. Effective 5-2-97.
House File 554
...establishing a community college vocational-technical technology improvement program for community college technology funding and making an appropriation. (Formerly HSB 166) ...
House File 555
... and making property tax relief fund appropriations and providing an effective date.
House File 556
...increasing the minimum value of property damage required for the filing of a motor vehicle accident report. (Formerly HF 147) ...
House File 557
... the operation and regulation of certain insurance companies and mutual associations, and the regulatory authority of the insurance division of the department of commerce. (Formerly HSB 178) Effectiv ...
House File 558
... the Iowa higher education loan authority by eliminating the limit on the amount of its obligations that may be outstanding for purposes of funding capital projects and allowing the authority to issue ...
House File 559
...prohibiting cable or satellite television in jails and corrections institutions.
House File 560
... the reimbursement of certain providers of services under the medical assistance program. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2523) ...
House File 561
...allowing certain elections to be conducted by mail ballots and providing penalties.
House File 562
...providing distance requirements for animal feeding operation structures and making penalties applicable.
House File 563
... cooperative associations by providing for operations and procedures of the associations and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 156) ...
House File 564
... the review of the reorganization of a public utility and providing an effective date. (Formerly HSB 186) ...
House File 565
... the board of directors of a school district to include in rules adopted by the board provisions relating to a complaint process and providing technical provisions.
House File 566
... certain bonds issued by a school district and authorizing school districts to make transfers from the general fund or to impose an income surtax to partially fund the bonds, and providing for the Act ...
House File 567
... optometrist licensure requirement exemptions for out-of-state volunteers.
House File 568
...providing for special regulations for animal feeding operations and related practices within certain watershed areas and making penalties applicable.
House File 569
... hunting of deer in parties of hunters.
House File 570
... child day care by providing for a fee for abuse registry checks of child day care providers and requiring registration of certain family day care homes and making a penalty applicable.
House File 571
... the formation of a bipartisan commission to recommend reforms in the laws relating to the financing of political campaigns.
House File 572
... the assignment of unemployment compensation for payment of child support.
House File 573
...exempting surfactants used in agricultural production from the sales tax.
House File 574
... referendum by petition to approve or reject certain county zoning ordinances.
House File 575
... financing E911-related expenses through the Iowa finance authority.
House File 576
...exempting from the state sales, services, and use taxes the sales of tangible property and services furnished to privately owned or operated hospitals.
House File 577
... continuing education requirements of real estate appraisers. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 578
...providing for the continued operation of the department of human rights and including an effective date. Effective 4-18-97.
House File 579
... the membership of the medical assistance advisory council. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 580
... pari-mutuel racing and excursion boat gambling, by striking limits on administrative fines and outdated loan provisions, by providing for the administration of lasix to race horses, by specifying the ...
House File 581
...rural water districts to enter into agreements with other governmental entities to provide for the acquisition, construction, and equipping of sewer systems, and authorizing the issuance of revenue ob ...
House File 582 provide a tax rate range for fire protection and related services for benefited fire districts and townships.
House File 583
...providing for the inspection of earthen storage structures associated with animal feeding operations.
House File 584
...eliminating the inclusion in a support obligation of payment for postsecondary educational expenses and providing for modification of certain support orders.
House File 585
...the manufacture of beer for family or personal use.
House File 586
... the definition of "income" for purposes of the homestead property tax credit and providing for the Act's applicability.
House File 587
...providing authority to soil and water conservation district commissioners to allocate moneys for the emergency restoration of permanent soil and water conservation practices. (Formerly HSB 154) ...
House File 588
... the establishment of an E911 commission and establishing a surcharge.
House File 589
... professional boxing and wrestling matches, providing for properly related matters, and providing for a tax and for penalties. Effective 7-1-97.
House File 590
... the establishment of a gambling treatment program, creating an advisory committee, and applying a penalty.
House File 591
... dissolution actions involving domestic abuse assault and providing for a jury trial on the issue of damages as part of the dissolution proceeding.
House File 592
... loan reimbursement payments to a person who is employed as a guidance counselor at an accredited public or nonpublic school in this state or at the Iowa braille and sight saving school or Iowa school ...
House File 593
... the establishment of a school attendance task force pilot project program and making an appropriation.
House File 594
... the property tax exemption for certain hospitals owned by a city or county or other political subdivision and including an applicability provision.
House File 595
...compliance with the terms of an employee pension plan and providing a penalty. (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 664) (See Cmte. Bill H.F. 2477) ...
House File 596
...the utilities board to issue certificates of public convenience and necessity to municipal telecommunications utilities, regulating certain municipal utilities as competitive local exchange service pr ...
House File 597
... school attendance by applying school attendance requirements under the family investment program, and providing a civil penalty for truancy, applicability provisions, and an effective date. Effective ...
House File 598
...establishing the enrich Iowa program for eligible public libraries and making an appropriation. (Formerly HSB 184) ...
House File 599
... dispositional orders pertaining to certain delinquent children by expanding the criteria for state training school placements and providing for extension of dispositional orders to allow completion o ...

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