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House File 506

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1. Section 260C.14, Code 1997, is amended by adding
  1  2 the following new subsection:
  1  3    NEW SUBSECTION.  22.  Annually submit to the department of
  1  4 education by October 1, on forms designed by the department of
  1  5 education in consultation with the community colleges,
  1  6 information relating to the fiscal year ending the previous
  1  7 June 30, which shall include, but is not limited to, the
  1  8 following:
  1  9    a.  The number of full-time and part-time students enrolled
  1 10 in each program offered by the community college, listed by
  1 11 program.
  1 12    b.  The number of and any appropriate demographic
  1 13 information, including salaries, of full-time and part-time
  1 14 staff, including the faculty, administration, and support
  1 15 personnel employed at each community college.
  1 16    c.  The full-time equivalent total of persons employed as
  1 17 identified in paragraph "b".
  1 18    d.  Tuition charges, fees, and other costs payable to the
  1 19 community college by a student.
  1 20    e.  The types of degrees granted by the community college
  1 21 and the numbers of students receiving these degrees.
  1 22    f.  The amounts of revenues and expenditures from state
  1 23 financial aid, federal funds, tax levies, projects authorized
  1 24 under chapters 260E and 260F, tuition, bonds, other local
  1 25 sources, foundation sources, and donations and gifts that have
  1 26 been accepted by the governing board of a community college.
  1 27    g.  An inventory of buildings and facilities owned and
  1 28 leased by the community college, and any related operation and
  1 29 maintenance costs.
  1 30    h.  Infrastructure plans, which shall include, but are not
  1 31 limited to, the amounts expended on renovation and
  1 32 construction, and any future plans and projected costs for
  1 33 expansion.
  1 34    The department of education may withhold from a community
  1 35 college any state financial assistance appropriated to the
  2  1 department for allocation to the community college if the
  2  2 community college fails to substantially meet the requirements
  2  3 of this subsection.  
  2  4                           EXPLANATION
  2  5    This bill requires the boards of directors of the community
  2  6 colleges to provide certain specified information relating to
  2  7 programs, buildings, students, and community college staff
  2  8 members annually to the department of education.
  2  9    The bill grants authority to the department of education to
  2 10 withhold from a community college any state financial
  2 11 assistance appropriated to the department for allocation to
  2 12 the community college if the community college fails to
  2 13 substantially meet the information requirements.  
  2 14 LSB 1968HV 77
  2 15 kh/jj/8

Text: HF00505                           Text: HF00507
Text: HF00500 - HF00599                 Text: HF Index
Bills and Amendments: General Index     Bill History: General Index

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