Iowa Acts Chapters - 89 (2021 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
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Chapter 1 SF 160 PDF Icon Instructional time requirements — in-person and remote learning
Chapter 2 SF 269 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — regular program state cost per pupil — property tax replacement payments — school transportation funding
Chapter 3 SF 284 PDF Icon Supplemental appropriations — state central personnel, accounting, and budget system
Chapter 4 SF 130 PDF Icon Compensation for employment of directors of school corporation boards — temporary exception
Chapter 5 SF 173 PDF Icon Trusts — certification — order of abatement
Chapter 6 SF 231 PDF Icon Special minor’s driver’s licenses
Chapter 7 SF 239 PDF Icon Causes of action and interests of deceased parties
Chapter 8 SF 240 PDF Icon Custodial trusts
Chapter 9 SF 285 PDF Icon All Iowa opportunity scholarship program — suspension of student participation
Chapter 10 SF 314 PDF Icon Executive branch employee travel claims
Chapter 11 SF 343 PDF Icon Confidential records — access by department of corrections, judicial district department of correctional services, and board of parole employees
Chapter 12 SF 413 PDF Icon Elections — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 13 HF 200 PDF Icon Active military duty — branches of service — coast guard and space force
Chapter 14 HF 231 PDF Icon Sexual abuse committed during a burglary — special sentence
Chapter 15 HF 232 PDF Icon Disorderly conduct — intentional or reckless noise
Chapter 16 HF 235 PDF Icon Consumer credit transactions and service charges
Chapter 17 HF 283 PDF Icon Drug or alcohol testing — prohibited activities
Chapter 18 HF 308 PDF Icon Senior year plus program — eligibility requirements
Chapter 19 HF 386 PDF Icon Nonprofit school organizations — reports
Chapter 20 HF 418 PDF Icon Assessment, classification, and taxation of property — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 21 SF 129 PDF Icon Rural Iowa primary care loan repayment program — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 22 SF 232 PDF Icon Abandoned vehicles taken into custody — notice and reclamation requirements
Chapter 23 SF 235 PDF Icon Denial and contest of probate claims
Chapter 24 SF 261 PDF Icon Nonprofit corporation for educational financial assistance, services, and research
Chapter 25 SF 289 PDF Icon Powers, duties, and organization of school corporations — Iowa association of school boards dues reporting
Chapter 26 SF 307 PDF Icon Examination and transportation of dead bodies
Chapter 27 SF 353 PDF Icon Drainage and levee districts — notices — reports on repairs
Chapter 28 SF 482 PDF Icon Application of pesticides — restrictions — private applicator peer review
Chapter 29 HF 560 PDF Icon Waste tire collection, processing, and transport — financial assurance and surety bond requirements
Chapter 30 SF 230 PDF Icon Wrecked or salvage vehicles
Chapter 31 HF 280 PDF Icon Renewal of commercial driver’s licenses without examination
Chapter 32 HF 382 PDF Icon Special permits for transport of relief supplies exceeding weight limits during national emergencies
Chapter 33 HF 389 PDF Icon Chauffeurs — licensing — exemptions
Chapter 34 HF 621 PDF Icon Actions against firearm, firearm accessory, and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, importers, trade associations, sellers, or dealers
Chapter 35 HF 756 PDF Icon Acquisition and possession of weapons
Chapter 36 SF 172 PDF Icon Criminal code — sex act or sexual activity definition
Chapter 37 SF 253 PDF Icon Second degree or third degree sexual abuse — age of victim — sex offender registration
Chapter 38 SF 444 PDF Icon Motor vehicles — registration plates and cards, dealer documentary fees, and vehicle franchise obligations
Chapter 39 SF 548 PDF Icon Advertising devices near highways
Chapter 40 HF 260 PDF Icon Child care homes — number of children receiving child care
Chapter 41 HF 368 PDF Icon Reimbursement for rent constituting property taxes paid — administration, calculation, and claims
Chapter 42 HF 495 PDF Icon Receipt of road use tax funds by cities — reporting dates
Chapter 43 HF 552 PDF Icon Retrieval and tracking of wounded deer using leashed dogs
Chapter 44 HF 555 PDF Icon Sale of natural gas and propane — regulation by counties and cities
Chapter 45 HF 559 PDF Icon Apprenticeship training programs — contact hours — financial assistance
Chapter 46 HF 655 PDF Icon Interference with transportation of agricultural animals
Chapter 47 HF 848 PDF Icon Broadband service expansion — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 48 SF 185 PDF Icon Missouri river preservation and land use authority — repeal
Chapter 49 SF 252 PDF Icon Regulation of rental housing by cities or counties
Chapter 50 SF 260 PDF Icon Children requiring special education and open enrollment — Medicaid reimbursement process for services
Chapter 51 SF 315 PDF Icon Department of administrative services reporting requirements
Chapter 52 SF 357 PDF Icon Placement of a child in detention
Chapter 53 SF 450 PDF Icon Dependent adult abuse — abuse resulting in death
Chapter 54 SF 466 PDF Icon Concussion and brain injury policies for extracurricular interscholastic activities — licensed health care provider definition
Chapter 55 SF 554 PDF Icon City or county acquisition of abandoned property — tax sales — petitions for title — exceptions
Chapter 56 HF 233 PDF Icon Unauthorized disclosure of intimate images — civil remedy
Chapter 57 HF 236 PDF Icon Investments by life insurance companies or associations — repurchase agreements collateralized by securities
Chapter 58 HF 284 PDF Icon Professional engineer licensure prerequisites
Chapter 59 HF 315 PDF Icon Programs for at-risk children
Chapter 60 HF 317 PDF Icon Education funding for children living in certain facilities
Chapter 61 HF 361 PDF Icon Appointments of guardians ad litem, child custody investigators, child and family reporters, and attorneys for children — child custody and visitation proceedings and child prosecuting witnesses
Chapter 62 HF 388 PDF Icon Child development coordinating council duties
Chapter 63 HF 390 PDF Icon Public water supply systems — fluoridation — notice of discontinuance
Chapter 64 HF 424 PDF Icon Forfeiture of bail
Chapter 65 HF 428 PDF Icon State military forces — armory board leases, code of military justice, and recruitment and retention incentives
Chapter 66 HF 433 PDF Icon Court reporting — adoption hearings — appointments of uncertified shorthand reporters
Chapter 67 HF 491 PDF Icon Government ethics and lobbying — sale or lease of real estate by regulatory agency officials or employees
Chapter 68 HF 514 PDF Icon Practice of pharmacy — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 69 HF 546 PDF Icon Architectural licensure — examination requirements
Chapter 70 HF 556 PDF Icon Termination of agricultural equipment dealership agreements
Chapter 71 HF 558 PDF Icon Amusement ride attendants — minimum age and training
Chapter 72 HF 561 PDF Icon Mechanics’ liens — perfection — remedies
Chapter 73 HF 583 PDF Icon Private residential flood insurance
Chapter 74 HF 605 PDF Icon School finance — weighting for limited-English-proficient students
Chapter 75 HF 693 PDF Icon Utilities regulation — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 76 HF 699 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 77 HF 707 PDF Icon Interpreters and translators in legal proceedings
Chapter 78 HF 710 PDF Icon Child endangerment committed by sex offenders
Chapter 79 HF 719 PDF Icon Insurance data security
Chapter 80 HF 739 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 81 HF 746 PDF Icon Limitations of civil actions — recovery against veterinarians for property damages
Chapter 82 HF 747 PDF Icon Game bird hunting preserves — established season variances
Chapter 83 HF 775 PDF Icon Trespass and unauthorized sampling or surveillance
Chapter 84 HF 805 PDF Icon Iowa telecommunications and technology commission — services
Chapter 85 SF 336 PDF Icon Blood, bone marrow, and living organ donation incentive program
Chapter 86 SF 366 PDF Icon Administration, imposition, and collection of taxes and vehicle registration fees
Chapter 87 SF 532 PDF Icon Licensed behavior analysts and mental health professionals — statements of professional recognition — board of educational examiner rules
Chapter 88 SF 546 PDF Icon Private instruction and driver education
Chapter 89 HF 201 PDF Icon Sex offender registry — duration of registration — sexually motivated extortion
Chapter 90 HF 228 PDF Icon School desegregation — repeal of voluntary diversity plans — charter or innovation zone schools — open enrollment
Chapter 91 HF 282 PDF Icon Abuse of a human corpse — penalty
Chapter 92 HF 314 PDF Icon State government leases and property acquisitions — notice — review by general assembly
Chapter 93 HF 391 PDF Icon Controlled substances and precursor substances
Chapter 94 HF 429 PDF Icon Regulation of lottery games
Chapter 95 HF 523 PDF Icon County general obligation bonds — essential county purpose — flood mitigation
Chapter 96 HF 602 PDF Icon Student activity fund — use of moneys — temporary authorization for transfer of school district general fund moneys for COVID-19 related shortfalls
Chapter 97 HF 654 PDF Icon Authorized emergency, snow removal, maintenance, and towing or recovery vehicles — lighting and audible warning devices or equipment
Chapter 98 HF 757 PDF Icon Driver’s license restrictions, operating while intoxicated, and sobriety and drug monitoring program requirements
Chapter 99 HF 766 PDF Icon Delivery of alcoholic beverages by retailers, employees of retailers, or third parties
Chapter 100 HF 785 PDF Icon Amusement concessions
Chapter 101 HF 821 PDF Icon Reporting false information to law enforcement — civil action
Chapter 102 SF 562 PDF Icon Criminal offenses against minors — sexual abuse or exploitation by adults providing training or instruction — statutes of limitations
Chapter 103 SF 296 PDF Icon Regulation of the practice of pharmacy
Chapter 104 SF 356 PDF Icon Agricultural tourism — limitation of civil liability
Chapter 105 SF 517 PDF Icon Legislative page program — academic credits and activity exemptions
Chapter 106 HF 311 PDF Icon Social and charitable gambling conducted by qualified organizations — game night frequency
Chapter 107 HF 426 PDF Icon Victims of sexual abuse — collection, costs, and tracking of evidence — victim notification and compensation
Chapter 108 HF 603 PDF Icon Sexual assault forensic examiner program
Chapter 109 HF 675 PDF Icon Substitute teacher authorization standards
Chapter 110 HF 761 PDF Icon Local fire protection and emergency medical service providers grant program
Chapter 111 HF 770 PDF Icon Practitioners licensed by the board of educational examiners — licensure renewal requirements
Chapter 112 HF 813 PDF Icon Charter school programs
Chapter 113 HF 855 PDF Icon Access to birth certificate information by adopted or entitled persons
Chapter 114 SF 387 PDF Icon Iowa law enforcement academy — study and training program standards — Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act compliance
Chapter 115 SF 424 PDF Icon Persons completing apprenticeship programs — licensure
Chapter 116 SF 541 PDF Icon Electronic transactions — distributed ledger technology and smart contracts
Chapter 117 HF 196 PDF Icon Health care professional recruitment program — program expansion
Chapter 118 HF 285 PDF Icon Music therapist certification standards and requirements
Chapter 119 HF 304 PDF Icon Personal delivery devices
Chapter 120 HF 309 PDF Icon Tax-exempt organizations — personal information — public agency disclosure and access
Chapter 121 HF 380 PDF Icon Driver education — distracted driving instruction
Chapter 122 HF 435 PDF Icon Driver’s license and nonoperator’s identification card holders — emergency contact information
Chapter 123 HF 452 PDF Icon Massage therapy, cosmetology, and human trafficking — enforcement activities
Chapter 124 HF 453 PDF Icon Limitation on state regulatory or reporting requirements on nonprofit corporations
Chapter 125 HF 493 PDF Icon Regulation of low-speed electric bicycles
Chapter 126 HF 527 PDF Icon County land record information system agreements
Chapter 127 HF 685 PDF Icon Prerequisites for initiation of orthodontic treatment on new patients
Chapter 128 HF 709 PDF Icon Criminal prosecutions — minor prosecuting witnesses — pretrial contact with defendant
Chapter 129 HF 722 PDF Icon Teach Iowa scholar program funding — funds transfer from teacher shortage forgivable loan and loan forgiveness repayment funds
Chapter 130 HF 744 PDF Icon First amendment rights training, prohibitions, and requirements — public schools and institutions of higher education
Chapter 131 HF 753 PDF Icon Homicide by vehicle — operation at excessive speed
Chapter 132 HF 765 PDF Icon Local government notices and information — delivery by electronic means
Chapter 133 HF 768 PDF Icon Native distilleries, beer manufacturers, native breweries, and native wine manufacturers — licensing — sales permits
Chapter 134 HF 793 PDF Icon Educational standards — physical education requirements — junior reserve officers’ training corps enrollment and completion
Chapter 135 HF 828 PDF Icon Commercial driver’s license driving skills tests — fees
Chapter 136 HF 835 PDF Icon Persons with disabilities — trusts and trust fund moneys
Chapter 137 HF 839 PDF Icon Securities regulation — financial exploitation of certain elderly or dependent adults
Chapter 138 HF 846 PDF Icon Title fees for snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and vessels — waiver for surviving spouses
Chapter 139 HF 847 PDF Icon Schools, school administration, funding, and educational programs — tax credits and deductions — facial covering policies of cities, counties, and schools
Chapter 140 HF 869 PDF Icon Vehicles of excessive weight and transportation of milk — annual permit
Chapter 141 HF 889 PDF Icon COVID-19 vaccination — disclosure restrictions
Chapter 142 HF 867 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 143 HF 860 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 144 SF 234 PDF Icon Classification and reclassification of secondary roads
Chapter 145 SF 367 PDF Icon Financial obligations — consumer credit transactions, civil penalties, court debt, criminal and civil surcharges, and restitution
Chapter 146 SF 524 PDF Icon Inpatient psychiatric bed tracking system study committee
Chapter 147 SF 568 PDF Icon Elections — administration, enforcement, elective offices, constitutional amendments, public measures, candidates, and voting
Chapter 148 SF 574 PDF Icon Veteran and military property tax credit and exemption information — confidentiality
Chapter 149 SF 578 PDF Icon Department of agriculture and land stewardship — powers, duties, programs, and regulated products and services
Chapter 150 SF 592 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 151 SF 608 PDF Icon Taxation and tax law administration — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 152 HF 234 PDF Icon Lifetime trout fishing license
Chapter 153 HF 365 PDF Icon Garnishment — service of notices by sheriffs
Chapter 154 HF 367 PDF Icon Individual income tax — exemption — burial trust fund earnings
Chapter 155 HF 384 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverages — containers, delivery, and hours of sale or delivery
Chapter 156 HF 513 PDF Icon Pari-mutuel wagering — horse or dog races licensed in foreign jurisdictions
Chapter 157 HF 522 PDF Icon Qualified confinement feeding operations — manure storage and treatment — anaerobic digester systems
Chapter 158 HF 644 PDF Icon Postsecondary school registration and the postsecondary registration fund
Chapter 159 HF 682 PDF Icon Appraisal standards and appraiser certification
Chapter 160 HF 711 PDF Icon Probate — court costs
Chapter 161 HF 743 PDF Icon Local public defenders — adoption proceedings — representation of indigent petitioners
Chapter 162 HF 758 PDF Icon County transfer books and indexes — updates regarding real estate ownership — affidavits when conveyance has not occurred
Chapter 163 HF 802 PDF Icon Racial, cultural, ethnic, intellectual, or sexual discrimination, stereotyping, or scapegoating — governmental entity or public educational institution training, practices, or curriculum
Chapter 164 HF 837 PDF Icon Fees for recorded land transaction documents — collection and use
Chapter 165 HF 844 PDF Icon Business entities
Chapter 166 HF 861 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 167 HF 862 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 168 HF 864 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 169 HF 865 PDF Icon Business property tax credit filing requirements
Chapter 170 HF 868 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 171 HF 871 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 172 HF 895 PDF Icon Federal block grant appropriations and other federal funding
Chapter 173 SF 243 PDF Icon Abuse of a corpse, interference with official acts, and failure to assist
Chapter 174 SF 615 PDF Icon State and local government and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 175 HF 857 PDF Icon Butchery innovation and revitalization fund and program — artisanal butchery program task force
Chapter 176 HF 588 PDF Icon Hoover presidential library tax credit
Chapter 177 SF 619 PDF Icon State and local revenue and finance — taxation, economic incentives, tax checkoffs, mental health funding, and school finance
Chapter 178 HF 302 PDF Icon State child care assistance — graduated eligibility phase-out
Chapter 179 HF 313 PDF Icon Businesses operated by minors — regulation by counties or cities
Chapter 180 HF 524 PDF Icon Motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death
Chapter 181 HF 838 PDF Icon Persons, matters, and entities regulated by the insurance division of the department of commerce
Chapter 182 HF 891 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Chapter 183 SF 342 PDF Icon Government records and filings; qualified immunity; peace officer rights, discipline, health plans, and workers’ compensation; discrimination in law enforcement; crimes and criminal activity; sheriff salaries; and civil service examinations
Chapter 184 HF 708 PDF Icon Public safety equipment fund
Chapter 185 SJR 7 PDF Icon Proposed constitutional amendment — right to keep and bear arms
Chapter 186 HJR 10 PDF Icon Sales of merchandise at children’s benefit on capitol grounds
Chapter 187 HJR 5 PDF Icon Proposed constitutional amendment — abortion rights and public funding
Title Description
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files and Joint Resolutions; 2021 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New Code Sections Added; Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred To; and other reference tables.
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2021 Iowa Acts.