Iowa Acts Chapters - 85 (2013 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1 SF 106 PDF Icon Internal Revenue Code references update — federal bonus depreciation changes — claims for refund or credit
Chapter 2 SF 91 PDF Icon Pipeline safety violations — civil penalties
Chapter 3 SF 110 PDF Icon Unemployment benefits — overpayments
Chapter 4 SF 145 PDF Icon Information used to secure arrest warrants — confidentiality
Chapter 5 SF 181 PDF Icon Regulation of persons and entities by banking division
Chapter 6 SF 187 PDF Icon Transmission of court records on appeal
Chapter 7 SF 188 PDF Icon Applications for return of seized property
Chapter 8 SF 353 PDF Icon Administration of vaccines by pharmacists
Chapter 9 HF 133 PDF Icon Discharge of firearms near buildings or feedlots — law enforcement exception
Chapter 10 HF 185 PDF Icon Title of office of citizens’ aide
Chapter 11 HF 199 PDF Icon Sales and use tax — beverage-grade carbon dioxide gas
Chapter 12 HF 225 PDF Icon Pollution prevention and waste management assistance
Chapter 13 HF 324 PDF Icon Targeted small business assistance
Chapter 14 HF 358 PDF Icon Boards of directors of public corporations
Chapter 15 HF 458 PDF Icon Standards, programs, and substances regulated by the department of agriculture and land stewardship
Chapter 16 HF 496 PDF Icon No-contact and protective orders — service of notice
Chapter 17 SF 183 PDF Icon Regulation of credit unions
Chapter 18 SF 184 PDF Icon Programs and services regulated by department on aging
Chapter 19 SF 203 PDF Icon Mental health and disability services — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 20 SF 327 PDF Icon Municipal fire and police retirement system changes
Chapter 21 SF 347 PDF Icon Health care services providers — background checks
Chapter 22 SF 349 PDF Icon Vehicle registration fee credit filing deadline
Chapter 23 SF 351 PDF Icon Medicaid home and community-based services waivers — service providers
Chapter 24 SF 357 PDF Icon Medicaid program — payments, claims, and service providers
Chapter 25 SF 390 PDF Icon Property with private sewage disposal systems — abstracts of title
Chapter 26 SF 394 PDF Icon Regulation of health care facilities and assisted living programs — complaints or citations — review
Chapter 27 HF 14 PDF Icon Vehicles with retractable axles — weight limitations
Chapter 28 HF 131 PDF Icon Community college employee payroll deductions — charities
Chapter 29 HF 307 PDF Icon Department of homeland security and emergency management
Chapter 30 HF 417 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 31 HF 469 PDF Icon Business corporations
Chapter 32 HF 486 PDF Icon Orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic services
Chapter 33 HF 591 PDF Icon Estates and trusts
Chapter 34 HF 397 PDF Icon Economic development authority — duties and programs
Chapter 35 HF 488 PDF Icon Regulation of alcoholic beverages
Chapter 36 HF 544 PDF Icon Iowa veterans home
Chapter 37 SF 114 PDF Icon Motor vehicle financial responsibility — certificates of deposit
Chapter 38 SF 142 PDF Icon Business opportunity promotions — unlawful practices
Chapter 39 SF 182 PDF Icon Insurance companies — credit for reinsurance
Chapter 40 SF 189 PDF Icon Insurers and insurance groups — risk and solvency assessments
Chapter 41 SF 282 PDF Icon In rem forfeiture proceedings — procedure
Chapter 42 SF 288 PDF Icon Juvenile justice and youthful offenders
Chapter 43 SF 298 PDF Icon Sex acts and lascivious acts with a child
Chapter 44 SF 316 PDF Icon Termination of farm tenancies
Chapter 45 SF 318 PDF Icon Judicial branch administration — fees
Chapter 46 SF 332 PDF Icon National guard educational assistance program — application deadline
Chapter 47 SF 340 PDF Icon Rail crew transport vehicle drivers
Chapter 48 SF 343 PDF Icon Tribal government reserve peace officers
Chapter 49 SF 355 PDF Icon Regulation of vehicles of excessive size and weight
Chapter 50 SF 362 PDF Icon Child in need of assistance and termination of parental rights proceedings — included relatives
Chapter 51 SF 380 PDF Icon Charitable auctions — alcoholic spirits
Chapter 52 SF 384 PDF Icon Interference with acts of peace officers or correctional officers — removal of communication or control device
Chapter 53 SF 388 PDF Icon Water resource restoration sponsor program — project restrictions
Chapter 54 HF 112 PDF Icon Criminal procedure — forfeiture of bail
Chapter 55 HF 197 PDF Icon Certification of adult day services programs
Chapter 56 HF 210 PDF Icon Indigent defense — practices and procedures
Chapter 57 HF 212 PDF Icon Condemnation proceedings by school corporations — county attorney representation
Chapter 58 HF 223 PDF Icon Explosives — licenses and user permits
Chapter 59 HF 311 PDF Icon Water quality
Chapter 60 HF 312 PDF Icon Manure management certification requirements — continuing instructional courses
Chapter 61 HF 361 PDF Icon Special nonresident hunting licenses — disabled veterans and armed forces members
Chapter 62 HF 394 PDF Icon Lifetime fur harvester license
Chapter 63 HF 395 PDF Icon Motor vehicle franchises — alteration of community
Chapter 64 HF 457 PDF Icon Agricultural land leases for beginning farmers
Chapter 65 HF 472 PDF Icon Shared school district and area education agency operational functions — supplementary weighting
Chapter 66 HF 484 PDF Icon Boiler inspections
Chapter 67 HF 522 PDF Icon Regulation of aquatic invasive species
Chapter 68 HF 530 PDF Icon Drug policy advisory councils — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 69 HF 541 PDF Icon Dam reconstruction standards
Chapter 70 HF 575 PDF Icon Income, franchise, and sales and use taxes and other miscellaneous changes
Chapter 71 HF 533 PDF Icon Entrepreneurial education funds
Chapter 72 SF 146 PDF Icon Watercraft registration fee increases — use — reporting
Chapter 73 SF 186 PDF Icon Uniform commercial code — funds transfers
Chapter 74 SF 317 PDF Icon Regulation of invasive plants — garlic mustard, oriental bittersweet, Japanese knotweed, and Japanese hop
Chapter 75 SF 389 PDF Icon Hunter safety and ethics education course requirements
Chapter 76 SF 419 PDF Icon Vision screening for school children
Chapter 77 SF 427 PDF Icon Regulation of plumbing and mechanical systems and contractors
Chapter 78 HF 351 PDF Icon Statewide preschool program enrollees — compulsory attendance
Chapter 79 HF 538 PDF Icon Board of parole — alternate members
Chapter 80 SF 115 PDF Icon Intermediate and special minor’s driver’s licenses
Chapter 81 SF 202 PDF Icon Public health programs and services
Chapter 82 SF 224 PDF Icon Driver’s licenses and nonoperator’s identification cards — expiration — replacement
Chapter 83 SF 358 PDF Icon Limitations on claims against real estate
Chapter 84 SF 368 PDF Icon Consumer credit code — Truth in Lending Act definition
Chapter 85 SF 445 PDF Icon Real estate transfers — mortgage release certificate
Chapter 86 HF 152 PDF Icon Drainage and levee districts
Chapter 87 HF 211 PDF Icon In-state construction contracts — applicable law
Chapter 88 HF 454 PDF Icon Education — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 89 HF 524 PDF Icon City utility and enterprise services and rental property — notices
Chapter 90 HF 556 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 91 HF 613 PDF Icon War orphans educational assistance fund
Chapter 92 HF 630 PDF Icon Taxation of hydroelectricity conversion property sales
Chapter 93 SF 438 PDF Icon Real estate broker and salesperson licensing and education — fees
Chapter 94 SF 451 PDF Icon Taxation of rate-regulated water utilities
Chapter 95 HF 356 PDF Icon Actions on claims for rent — limitations — execution on judgments
Chapter 96 HF 487 PDF Icon Retailer applications for certificate of title for used mobile or manufactured homes
Chapter 97 HF 495 PDF Icon Landlord and tenant law — forcible entry and detainer
Chapter 98 HF 545 PDF Icon Veterans trust fund — service-connected brain injuries
Chapter 99 HF 565 PDF Icon Mechanics’ liens
Chapter 100 HF 607 PDF Icon Powers, duties, and organization of the Iowa finance authority — agricultural development
Chapter 101 HF 631 PDF Icon Propane education and research council changes
Chapter 102 SF 247 PDF Icon Possession of dangerous wild animals — bengals and savannahs exception
Chapter 103 SF 386 PDF Icon Transportation — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 104 HF 355 PDF Icon Driver’s license renewals
Chapter 105 HF 471 PDF Icon Parental rights
Chapter 106 HF 512 PDF Icon Small animal feeding operations
Chapter 107 HF 527 PDF Icon DNA samples from aggravated misdemeanants
Chapter 108 HF 566 PDF Icon Business and nonprofit entities — statements of authority — real estate transfers
Chapter 109 HF 627 PDF Icon Fairgrounds property tax exemption
Chapter 110 SF 432 PDF Icon Administration of income, sales and use, excise, and property taxes and environmental surcharges
Chapter 111 SF 433 PDF Icon Targeted jobs withholding credits — qualifying investments and agreements
Chapter 112 SF 436 PDF Icon Historic preservation and cultural and entertainment district tax credits
Chapter 113 HF 119 PDF Icon County attorney duties and juvenile court actions
Chapter 114 HF 586 PDF Icon State administrative procedure
Chapter 115 HF 590 PDF Icon Child abuse assessment and reporting procedures
Chapter 116 HF 592 PDF Icon Indigent defense — compensation records — juvenile cases
Chapter 117 HF 615 PDF Icon Innovation fund investment tax credit
Chapter 118 HF 632 PDF Icon Property tax assessments — property used for algae production
Chapter 119 HF 641 PDF Icon Economic development — municipal reinvestment districts
Chapter 120 HF 644 PDF Icon Enhanced E911 emergency communication systems
Chapter 121 HF 215 PDF Icon Education reform
Chapter 122 HF 625 PDF Icon Sales and use taxes and school tuition organization tax credits
Chapter 123 SF 295 PDF Icon State and local taxation of property and income
Chapter 124 HF 489 PDF Icon Insurance, insurers, and duties of the insurance division
Chapter 125 HF 599 PDF Icon Beginning farmer tax credit program and agricultural loan assistance
Chapter 126 HF 620 PDF Icon Economic development programs and financial assistance
Chapter 127 HF 640 PDF Icon Flammable or combustible liquids — miscellaneous provisions
Chapter 128 HF 649 PDF Icon Landholder liability for public use of private property
Chapter 129 SF 396 PDF Icon State government operations
Chapter 130 SF 406 PDF Icon Mental health advocates and involuntary commitments
Chapter 131 HF 160 PDF Icon Appropriations for mental health and disability services
Chapter 132 SF 435 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 133 SF 442 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 134 HF 602 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 135 HF 603 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 136 HF 614 PDF Icon Federal block grant appropriations and other federal funding
Chapter 137 SF 430 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 138 SF 446 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Chapter 139 SF 447 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 140 SF 452 PDF Icon State and local government financial and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 141 HF 604 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 142 HF 638 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 143 HF 648 PDF Icon Bond repayments, retirement funding, and other miscellaneous appropriations
Chapter 144 HJR 13 PDF Icon James Harlan statue
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2013 Iowa Acts.
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files and Joint Resolutions; table of 2013 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.