Iowa Acts Chapters - 86 (2015 Regular GA)

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Title Description
Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1 SF 126 PDF Icon Internal Revenue Code references update — bonus depreciation
Chapter 2 SF 257 PDF Icon Transportation funding — fuel taxes, permit fees, use of funds
Chapter 3 SF 173 PDF Icon School district property tax replacement payments
Chapter 4 HF 123 PDF Icon Board of educational examiners — executive director
Chapter 5 HF 159 PDF Icon Combined guardianship and conservatorship proceedings — reporting
Chapter 6 HF 166 PDF Icon Disabled veteran homestead tax credit — eligibility
Chapter 7 HF 167 PDF Icon Competitive bidding for public improvement contracts — access to documents
Chapter 8 HF 205 PDF Icon Veterans — reporting of awards of postsecondary education credits
Chapter 9 SF 130 PDF Icon National guard educational assistance program — limitations
Chapter 10 SF 131 PDF Icon Review of license renewal applications by board of educational examiners
Chapter 11 SF 134 PDF Icon Wine direct shipper licenses — bond requirements
Chapter 12 SF 150 PDF Icon Escapes by sexually violent predators — penalty
Chapter 13 SF 198 PDF Icon Regulation of certified public accountants
Chapter 14 SF 223 PDF Icon Support of the poor — liability — recovery by county
Chapter 15 SF 323 PDF Icon Lottery revenue — support of veterans
Chapter 16 SF 440 PDF Icon Interstate contracts for substance abuse and mental health care and treatment
Chapter 17 HF 131 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverages — definition of beer
Chapter 18 HF 202 PDF Icon Licensure of retired dentists and dental hygienists — volunteer services
Chapter 19 HF 266 PDF Icon Yard waste disposal — landfills operating methane collection systems
Chapter 20 HF 371 PDF Icon Radon testing results — disclosure
Chapter 21 HF 372 PDF Icon Confidentiality of information and proceedings relating to foster care services — court appointed special advocates
Chapter 22 HF 445 PDF Icon Educational costs for children in psychiatric hospitals or institutions
Chapter 23 HF 570 PDF Icon Municipal property — tort liability for recreational activities
Chapter 24 HF 395 PDF Icon Regulation of pharmacy benefits managers
Chapter 25 SF 217 PDF Icon Iowa finance authority duties and programs
Chapter 26 SF 392 PDF Icon Hunting licenses — education requirements and apprentice hunters
Chapter 27 HF 455 PDF Icon Insurers’ corporate governance annual disclosures
Chapter 28 HF 496 PDF Icon Military victim advocates — privileged communications
Chapter 29 HF 535 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 30 HF 536 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 31 SF 227 PDF Icon School start date
Chapter 32 SF 267 PDF Icon Peer support group counselors and officers — privileged communications
Chapter 33 SF 426 PDF Icon Adverse health care incidents — open discussions
Chapter 34 HF 488 PDF Icon Iowa reading corps program
Chapter 35 SF 155 PDF Icon Motor vehicle registration plate lighting — exceptions
Chapter 36 SF 200 PDF Icon Dental board executive director
Chapter 37 SF 201 PDF Icon Emergency hospitalization of mentally ill persons
Chapter 38 SF 218 PDF Icon Operation of snowmobiles in rights-of-way
Chapter 39 SF 222 PDF Icon Disposition of seized firearms and ammunition
Chapter 40 SF 264 PDF Icon Local exchange service information — use in mass notification and emergency messaging
Chapter 41 SF 276 PDF Icon Licenses to practice medicine — relinquishment — administrative medicine
Chapter 42 SF 435 PDF Icon Open records — data processing software
Chapter 43 SF 451 PDF Icon Child in need of assistance cases — transfer to district court
Chapter 44 HF 146 PDF Icon Prohibited gambling game activities
Chapter 45 HF 172 PDF Icon Corporations — miscellaneous provisions
Chapter 46 HF 258 PDF Icon Sexual misconduct with offenders and juveniles
Chapter 47 HF 259 PDF Icon Rejection or nonelection of workers’ compensation coverage
Chapter 48 HF 421 PDF Icon Community college career and technical education instructors — qualifications
Chapter 49 HF 467 PDF Icon Deer and wild turkey harvest reporting violations
Chapter 50 HF 515 PDF Icon School district management levy — allowable expenditures
Chapter 51 HF 529 PDF Icon Drainage and levee districts — miscellaneous provisions
Chapter 52 HF 563 PDF Icon Vehicle recyclers — miscellaneous provisions
Chapter 53 SF 125 PDF Icon Regulation of alcoholic beverages
Chapter 54 SF 135 PDF Icon Campaign finance — electronic filing — regulatory threshold amount
Chapter 55 SF 167 PDF Icon Compensation of elective county officers
Chapter 56 SF 203 PDF Icon Persons and activities regulated by board of nursing
Chapter 57 SF 274 PDF Icon Public health programs and services — hearing aid specialists and medical residency training grants
Chapter 58 SF 292 PDF Icon Juvenile court records — confidentiality
Chapter 59 SF 306 PDF Icon Communication and visitation between adult wards and other persons
Chapter 60 SF 335 PDF Icon Release of medical examiner, autopsy, and patient information — organ procurement organizations
Chapter 61 SF 401 PDF Icon Subacute care facilities
Chapter 62 SF 412 PDF Icon Juvenile justice — disposition of delinquency and child in need of assistance cases
Chapter 63 SF 434 PDF Icon Continuing education requirements for licensed barbers
Chapter 64 SF 438 PDF Icon Pari-mutuel wagering — exchange wagering study
Chapter 65 SF 448 PDF Icon Commission of class “A” felonies by persons under the age of eighteen
Chapter 66 SF 456 PDF Icon Regulation of retail sale of beer for off-premises consumption
Chapter 67 SF 457 PDF Icon Open meetings — closed session minutes and recordings — ombudsman access
Chapter 68 SF 462 PDF Icon Epinephrine — maintenance and administration in schools and other facilities
Chapter 69 SF 463 PDF Icon Mental health and disability services — regional service delivery system
Chapter 70 HF 203 PDF Icon Polysomnography — regulation and licensure
Chapter 71 HF 227 PDF Icon Strip searches conducted at jails or municipal holding facilities
Chapter 72 HF 287 PDF Icon Counterfeit, nonfunctional, or unsafe air bags
Chapter 73 HF 381 PDF Icon Iowa health information network
Chapter 74 HF 414 PDF Icon Private providers of veterans benefits services — disclosure requirements
Chapter 75 HF 449 PDF Icon Mental health treatment facilities — crisis stabilization programs — psychiatric bed tracking system
Chapter 76 HF 468 PDF Icon Appointment of mental health advocates
Chapter 77 HF 525 PDF Icon Veterinary care services — partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations
Chapter 78 HF 558 PDF Icon Disorderly conduct at funerals or memorial services
Chapter 79 HF 569 PDF Icon Garnishment and levy — notice to debtor
Chapter 80 HF 579 PDF Icon Regulation of health care facilities, elder group homes, assisted living programs, and adult day services programs
Chapter 81 SF 75 PDF Icon Snow and ice treatment and removal — lighting devices and reflectors
Chapter 82 SF 199 PDF Icon Campaign finance — independent expenditures
Chapter 83 SF 385 PDF Icon Not-guilty verdicts and dismissed criminal charges — expungement of records
Chapter 84 SF 404 PDF Icon Shorthand reporters — regulation and certification
Chapter 85 SF 415 PDF Icon Administration of elections
Chapter 86 SF 479 PDF Icon Income tax — broadcasters — apportionment of gross receipts
Chapter 87 SF 487 PDF Icon Sale of portable electronics insurance — regulation and licensure
Chapter 88 HF 347 PDF Icon Licensure of child care programs provided by schools
Chapter 89 HF 447 PDF Icon Wireless communications service providers — call location information — emergencies
Chapter 90 HF 507 PDF Icon Wastewater, sewer system, storm water drainage, and sewage treatment services — delinquent accounts
Chapter 91 HF 548 PDF Icon Distributed electric generation facility safety requirements
Chapter 92 HF 583 PDF Icon Regulation of animal truck wash facilities
Chapter 93 HF 599 PDF Icon Reorganization or dissolution of school districts — division of assets and liabilities
Chapter 94 HF 621 PDF Icon Streamlined sales and use tax agreement — administration
Chapter 95 HF 397 PDF Icon Regulation of child labor
Chapter 96 HF 585 PDF Icon Victims of domestic abuse, domestic abuse assault, sexual abuse, stalking, and human trafficking — address confidentiality program
Chapter 97 HF 615 PDF Icon Rural improvement zones
Chapter 98 SF 366 PDF Icon Recalculation of public safety peace officer disability retirement benefits
Chapter 99 SF 482 PDF Icon Games of skill or chance and raffles — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 100 SF 488 PDF Icon Regulation of air quality — fees, funds, and appropriations
Chapter 101 HF 229 PDF Icon Regulation of free offers and buying club memberships
Chapter 102 HF 622 PDF Icon Vehicle rental agreement fees
Chapter 103 HF 634 PDF Icon Products, programs, and resources regulated by the department of agriculture and land stewardship
Chapter 104 HF 638 PDF Icon Wine gallonage sales and taxes — reports and payments
Chapter 105 HF 646 PDF Icon School finance — physical plant and equipment levy — transportation equipment repair
Chapter 106 SF 486 PDF Icon Community colleges — approval and imposition of facilities, equipment replacement, and program sharing property tax levies
Chapter 107 SF 501 PDF Icon Interstate postsecondary education institution reciprocity agreements and tuition refunds
Chapter 108 HF 504 PDF Icon Insurance — delivery and posting of notices and documents — insurance producer duties and responsibilities
Chapter 109 HF 626 PDF Icon Taxation — appeals processes — powers and duties of department and director of revenue
Chapter 110 SF 500 PDF Icon Family support, child support, and establishment of parentage
Chapter 111 HF 299 PDF Icon Loess hills — governmental agreements regarding private land and land owners
Chapter 112 HF 544 PDF Icon Waste management — conversion technologies
Chapter 113 HF 550 PDF Icon Elective public officer contact information
Chapter 114 HF 603 PDF Icon Sales tax exemption for self-pay washers and dryers
Chapter 115 HF 607 PDF Icon Public utility crossings of railroad rights-of-way
Chapter 116 HF 616 PDF Icon State and local taxes and related laws — property, sales and use, and income taxes — flood mitigation program
Chapter 117 HF 624 PDF Icon Custom farming contract income tax credits
Chapter 118 HF 660 PDF Icon City franchise fees — public hearing
Chapter 119 HF 662 PDF Icon Vital statistics — fees and birth records
Chapter 120 HF 655 PDF Icon Community development and infrastructure — wireless communications, reinvestment districts, flood mitigation, and broadband access
Chapter 121 SF 176 PDF Icon School finance — property tax replacement payments
Chapter 122 SF 485 PDF Icon School finance — physical plant and equipment levy rates
Chapter 123 HF 635 PDF Icon Transportation — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 124 HF 645 PDF Icon Solar and other renewable energy tax credits
Chapter 125 HF 661 PDF Icon Trusts, estates, and probate — taxation, fiduciaries, and spousal shares
Chapter 126 SF 171 PDF Icon School finance — state percent of growth
Chapter 127 SF 172 PDF Icon School finance — categorical state percent of growth
Chapter 128 HF 632 PDF Icon Securities, insurance, and regulation of cemetery and funeral merchandise and services
Chapter 129 HF 651 PDF Icon Public safety and E911 emergency communications funding
Chapter 130 HF 630 PDF Icon Federal block grant appropriations and other federal funding
Chapter 131 HF 637 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 132 SF 494 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 133 SF 513 PDF Icon Appropriations — short-term funding
Chapter 134 SF 496 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 135 SF 497 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 136 SF 499 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 137 SF 505 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Chapter 138 SF 510 PDF Icon State and local government financial and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 139 HF 650 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 140 HF 658 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 141 HF 659 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 142 HF 666 PDF Icon Miscellaneous supplemental appropriations and transfers
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2015 Iowa Acts.
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files; table of 2015 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.