Iowa Acts Chapters - 87 (2018 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
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Chapter 1001 SF 512 PDF Icon Water quality
Chapter 1002 SF 2163 PDF Icon Lighting devices or reflectors on department of transportation vehicles or equipment used for snow and ice treatment or removal
Chapter 1003 HF 2175 PDF Icon Investments by life insurance companies or associations in CM3 classified mezzanine loans
Chapter 1004 HF 2197 PDF Icon Administration of commercial driver’s license driving skills tests
Chapter 1005 HF 2230 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — property tax replacement payments
Chapter 1006 HF 2240 PDF Icon Employee wage statements — electronic options
Chapter 1007 SF 455 PDF Icon School finance — state school foundation program modifications — transportation equity program
Chapter 1008 SF 2059 PDF Icon Electronic delivery of assessments, notices, or other information by local assessors
Chapter 1009 SF 2135 PDF Icon Motor vehicle safety belt or harness violations — assessment of comparative fault
Chapter 1010 SF 2262 PDF Icon Final-stage motor vehicle manufacturers
Chapter 1011 HF 2199 PDF Icon Illegal use of scanning devices or encoding machines
Chapter 1012 HF 2237 PDF Icon Insurance — insurers and information exchange
Chapter 1013 HF 2286 PDF Icon Restrictions on local regulation of real property transactions
Chapter 1014 HF 2417 PDF Icon Payment methods for amusement concessions at fairs
Chapter 1015 SF 2378 PDF Icon Public corporations — boards of directors
Chapter 1016 HF 2171 PDF Icon Negotiable instruments — electronic stop-payment orders
Chapter 1017 HF 2196 PDF Icon Operation of commercial vehicles — texting or use of mobile telephone prohibited
Chapter 1018 HF 2236 PDF Icon Commissioner of insurance as agent or attorney for service of process on regulated individuals or entities
Chapter 1019 HF 2238 PDF Icon Criminal restitution and pecuniary damages — insurers
Chapter 1020 HF 2255 PDF Icon Contraband at community-based correctional facilities
Chapter 1021 HF 2283 PDF Icon Validity of licenses issued by the board of educational examiners
Chapter 1022 HF 2302 PDF Icon Operation of rescue vehicles in emergencies
Chapter 1023 HF 2303 PDF Icon Natural resources — departmental duties — programs
Chapter 1024 HF 2307 PDF Icon Sale of city utilities and acquisition of public utilities
Chapter 1025 HF 2408 PDF Icon Sale of eggs by grocery stores participating in a federal food program
Chapter 1026 HF 2457 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 1027 SF 2098 PDF Icon Probate procedures
Chapter 1028 SF 2117 PDF Icon Appropriation reductions, transfers, and supplementals
Chapter 1029 SF 2131 PDF Icon Iowa learning online initiative — students receiving private instruction — online learning working group
Chapter 1030 SF 2139 PDF Icon Powers of attorney and real property rights
Chapter 1031 SF 2201 PDF Icon National guard — morale, welfare, and recreation activity — civilian criminal offenses by guard members
Chapter 1032 SF 2255 PDF Icon Audits or examinations of state or local government entities — requests — payment for services
Chapter 1033 SF 2290 PDF Icon County and city hospital boards of trustees
Chapter 1034 SF 2325 PDF Icon Security interests in motor vehicles — notation of discharge
Chapter 1035 HF 2125 PDF Icon Probate — distribution of property by affidavit
Chapter 1036 HF 2232 PDF Icon Mortgage releases
Chapter 1037 HF 2235 PDF Icon Student academic achievement assessments
Chapter 1038 HF 2309 PDF Icon Payments for hospice services in nursing facilities — dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries
Chapter 1039 HF 2318 PDF Icon Redemption of property sold at tax sales — persons with legal disabilities
Chapter 1040 HF 2343 PDF Icon State agency regulation — implementation or enforcement — statutory authorization
Chapter 1041 HF 2348 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 1042 HF 2354 PDF Icon Student online personal information protection
Chapter 1043 HF 2356 PDF Icon Direct primary care agreements
Chapter 1044 HF 2365 PDF Icon Natural resources — authority of department — Mississippi river partnership council repealed
Chapter 1045 HF 2370 PDF Icon Adoptions — postadoption information
Chapter 1046 HF 2383 PDF Icon Private employer alcohol testing policies — standard for alcohol concentration
Chapter 1047 HF 2422 PDF Icon Management of weeds
Chapter 1048 HF 2449 PDF Icon Substitute decision makers or payees
Chapter 1049 HF 2451 PDF Icon Department on aging programs and services
Chapter 1050 SF 360 PDF Icon Newborn safe haven Act — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1051 SF 2113 PDF Icon School employee training — suicide prevention, adverse childhood experiences identification, and toxic stress response mitigation
Chapter 1052 SF 2228 PDF Icon Licensure of genetic counselors
Chapter 1053 SF 2289 PDF Icon Joint exercise of government powers by federally recognized Indian tribes
Chapter 1054 HF 2285 PDF Icon Reimbursement for ground emergency medical transportation providers
Chapter 1055 HF 2305 PDF Icon Insurance coverage for telehealth health care services
Chapter 1056 HF 2456 PDF Icon Mental health and substance-related disorders — hospitalizations, disclosure of information, and services
Chapter 1057 SF 2114 PDF Icon Education — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1058 SF 2231 PDF Icon Carrying weapons on snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles
Chapter 1059 SF 2256 PDF Icon Campaign finance — filing and reporting requirements — illegal contributions
Chapter 1060 SF 2310 PDF Icon Regulation of alcoholic beverages
Chapter 1061 SF 2323 PDF Icon State officials and employees — foreign agent registration
Chapter 1062 SF 2334 PDF Icon Hospitals — licensing — conversion requirements
Chapter 1063 SF 2349 PDF Icon Association or agricultural organization health benefit plans
Chapter 1064 SF 2366 PDF Icon Department of veterans affairs — commission membership — trust fund expenditures
Chapter 1065 HF 2195 PDF Icon State transportation commission membership terms
Chapter 1066 HF 2300 PDF Icon Regulated professions — permissible business entity arrangements
Chapter 1067 HF 2458 PDF Icon Future ready Iowa Act
Chapter 1068 SF 2241 PDF Icon Parole violations — procedures
Chapter 1069 SF 2257 PDF Icon Marketplace contractors
Chapter 1070 SF 2271 PDF Icon Regulation of motor carriers
Chapter 1071 SF 2274 PDF Icon Department of education reports — state or federal content requirements — citation to statute or regulation
Chapter 1072 SF 2333 PDF Icon Amusement concessions — value of allowable prizes
Chapter 1073 HF 2200 PDF Icon Terrace Hill endowment fund for musical arts
Chapter 1074 HF 2239 PDF Icon Securities, viatical settlements, and cemetery and funeral merchandise and services
Chapter 1075 HF 2253 PDF Icon Competitive bidding — private party construction of government lease-purchased property
Chapter 1076 HF 2254 PDF Icon 911 emergency telephone and internet communication systems
Chapter 1077 HF 2256 PDF Icon Reports on secondary road construction and structurally deficient bridges
Chapter 1078 HF 2281 PDF Icon Confinement feeding operations for fishes — animal unit capacity
Chapter 1079 HF 2304 PDF Icon Motor vehicle operation and stationary motor vehicles
Chapter 1080 HF 2321 PDF Icon Employment regulation — criminal history checks — unemployment insurance
Chapter 1081 HF 2340 PDF Icon Fences and fence viewers
Chapter 1082 HF 2382 PDF Icon Engineering and land surveying examining board — membership
Chapter 1083 HF 2390 PDF Icon Educational standards, instruction, and subject matter requirements — languages
Chapter 1084 HF 2402 PDF Icon Termination or suspension of powers of attorney — dependent adult abuse
Chapter 1085 HF 2407 PDF Icon Off-label pesticide application into lakes
Chapter 1086 HF 2420 PDF Icon Iowa national service corps program
Chapter 1087 HF 2425 PDF Icon Physical therapy licensure compact
Chapter 1088 HF 2439 PDF Icon Horse racing regulation
Chapter 1089 SF 481 PDF Icon Immigration law enforcement
Chapter 1090 SF 2169 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverage licensees or permittees and dramshop liability
Chapter 1091 SF 2177 PDF Icon Consumer protection and personal information — security freezes and breach protection
Chapter 1092 SF 2203 PDF Icon Nurse licensure — limited authorization
Chapter 1093 SF 2226 PDF Icon Groundwater hazard statements — formatting requirements
Chapter 1094 SF 2229 PDF Icon Mechanic’s liens — contracts for labor and materials — collateral security
Chapter 1095 SF 2293 PDF Icon Motor vehicle regulation — dealer or manufacturer records, registration and titling, and warranties and recalls
Chapter 1096 SF 2347 PDF Icon Importing and sale of alcoholic liquor, wine, and beer — personal use — bootlegging
Chapter 1097 HF 2233 PDF Icon Public construction bidding, mechanic’s liens, and early release of retained funds
Chapter 1098 HF 2297 PDF Icon Boiler and unfired steam pressure vessel inspections
Chapter 1099 HF 2349 PDF Icon Gambling facilities — persons voluntarily excluded — licensee access to personal information
Chapter 1100 HF 2379 PDF Icon Municipal utility retirement systems
Chapter 1101 HF 2381 PDF Icon Children found to have committed delinquent acts — custody
Chapter 1102 HF 2392 PDF Icon Electronic or mechanical eavesdropping or communications interception
Chapter 1103 HF 2404 PDF Icon Crime victim restitution paid to victims’ estates or heirs at law — third-party payments
Chapter 1104 HF 2427 PDF Icon Free health care clinics — criminal and abuse history checks — volunteers
Chapter 1105 HF 2464 PDF Icon Land recycling program fees
Chapter 1106 SF 192 PDF Icon Regulation of applied behavior analysis
Chapter 1107 SF 2165 PDF Icon Crime victim compensation program payments
Chapter 1108 SF 2175 PDF Icon Partition of property
Chapter 1109 SF 2364 PDF Icon School building emergency operations plans
Chapter 1110 HF 2338 PDF Icon Operating while intoxicated — temporary restricted licenses
Chapter 1111 HF 2414 PDF Icon Child support — medical support
Chapter 1112 HF 2441 PDF Icon Regulation of primary and secondary education and school district funding
Chapter 1113 HF 2444 PDF Icon Child care facilities and care providers — abuse reporting — employment and licensure restrictions
Chapter 1114 SF 2155 PDF Icon Investments by political subdivisions of the state — maturity limitations
Chapter 1115 SF 2200 PDF Icon Regulation of veterans’ benefits events, products, and services — required disclosures — prohibited acts
Chapter 1116 SF 2230 PDF Icon Second degree kidnapping — victims under age eighteen
Chapter 1117 SF 2321 PDF Icon Going armed with portable devices or weapons directing electric current, impulses, waves, or beams
Chapter 1118 SF 449 PDF Icon Cattle guard installation by landowners along streets or highways
Chapter 1119 SF 475 PDF Icon Regulation of primary and secondary education — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1120 SF 2235 PDF Icon Critical infrastructure sabotage
Chapter 1121 SF 2318 PDF Icon High school credit for high school-level units of instruction
Chapter 1122 SF 2360 PDF Icon Dyslexia task force — report
Chapter 1123 HF 637 PDF Icon Information technology and credit union division personnel background checks — technology advisory council repeal
Chapter 1124 HF 2258 PDF Icon Flood mitigation program — use of sales tax revenue and other funds
Chapter 1125 HF 2277 PDF Icon Inspection of public records — state archives or county registrar records
Chapter 1126 HF 2371 PDF Icon Honeybees on public property — state or municipal liability exemption
Chapter 1127 HF 2467 PDF Icon School meal debt and school meal programs
Chapter 1128 HF 2480 PDF Icon Home ownership assistance — manufactured housing program fund
Chapter 1129 SF 2389 PDF Icon State park and recreation area fees
Chapter 1130 HF 648 PDF Icon Career and technical education programs and partnerships
Chapter 1131 HF 2442 PDF Icon Extracurricular interscholastic activities — concussion and brain injury policies
Chapter 1132 SF 359 PDF Icon Terminations of pregnancy — fetal body parts — fetal heartbeat
Chapter 1133 SF 2227 PDF Icon County boards of supervisors’ proceedings and resolutions — publication
Chapter 1134 SF 2303 PDF Icon Inheritance tax — payment deferral — security requirements
Chapter 1135 SF 2311 PDF Icon Public utilities — financing, rate regulation, and energy efficiency — electric vehicle infrastructure
Chapter 1136 SF 2314 PDF Icon Corporations — agricultural land acquisition — director duties and liability
Chapter 1137 HF 2445 PDF Icon Administration of health-related services
Chapter 1138 HF 2377 PDF Icon Prescription drug regulation and reporting, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and drug overdose reporting immunity
Chapter 1139 SF 385 PDF Icon Revised uniform athlete agents Act
Chapter 1140 SF 2099 PDF Icon Probate — administration of small estates
Chapter 1141 SF 2298 PDF Icon Regulation of pharmacy and wholesale distribution of drugs and devices
Chapter 1142 SF 2322 PDF Icon Administration and dispensing of prescription drugs and vaccines
Chapter 1143 SF 2353 PDF Icon Workforce development — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1144 SF 2390 PDF Icon Regulation of hotel sanitation, home bakeries, food establishments, and food processing plants
Chapter 1145 SF 2400 PDF Icon Municipal risk protection
Chapter 1146 SF 2407 PDF Icon Sales and use tax — rebates to raceway facility owners or operators
Chapter 1147 SJR 2011 PDF Icon Sale of merchandise at children’s benefit on capitol grounds
Chapter 1148 HF 2234 PDF Icon Foreclosure proceedings and judgments on claims for rent
Chapter 1149 HF 2252 PDF Icon Programs and activities administered by the secretary of state
Chapter 1150 HF 2342 PDF Icon Seizure and disposition of property by the department of natural resources
Chapter 1151 HF 2372 PDF Icon County supervisor representation and districting plans
Chapter 1152 HF 2440 PDF Icon Water quality and water quality programs
Chapter 1153 HF 2443 PDF Icon Juvenile delinquency — offenses included, proceedings, records
Chapter 1154 HF 2475 PDF Icon Governmental ethics — gifts — lobbyists
Chapter 1155 HF 2478 PDF Icon Sales tax — construction machinery, equipment, attachments, and replacement parts
Chapter 1156 HF 2488 PDF Icon Practice of cosmetology arts and sciences — temporary permits
Chapter 1157 HF 2500 PDF Icon Workforce housing tax incentives program — limited deadline extensions
Chapter 1158 SF 2388 PDF Icon Assessment and taxation of telephone and telegraph company property
Chapter 1159 HF 631 PDF Icon Hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses and related fees
Chapter 1160 HF 2446 PDF Icon Regulation of public utilities
Chapter 1161 SF 2417 PDF Icon State and local taxation, revenue, and finance
Chapter 1162 SF 2414 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 1163 SF 2415 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 1164 SF 2416 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 1165 SF 2418 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Chapter 1166 HF 633 PDF Icon School district supplementary weighting — shared operational functions
Chapter 1167 HF 2491 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 1168 HF 2492 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 1169 HF 2493 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 1170 HF 2494 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 1171 HF 2495 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 1172 HF 2502 PDF Icon State and local government financial and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1173 SJR 2007 PDF Icon Convicted drug offenders and driver’s license revocation, suspension, issuance, or reinstatement
Chapter 1174 HJR 2009 PDF Icon Proposed constitutional amendment — right to keep and bear arms
Chapter 1175 SJR 2006 PDF Icon Proposed constitutional amendment — gubernatorial succession and lieutenant governor vacancy
Title Description
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files and Joint Resolutions; table of 2018 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2018 Iowa Acts.