Iowa Acts Chapters - 85 (2014 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
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Chapter 1001 HF 2130 PDF Icon Commerce — banking and professional regulation
Chapter 1002 HF 2131 PDF Icon Mortgages or deeds of trust executed by transmitting utilities — recording
Chapter 1003 HF 2170 PDF Icon School calendars and instructional time
Chapter 1004 HF 2172 PDF Icon Public employment relations board — electronic filing system
Chapter 1005 HF 2216 PDF Icon Off-road utility vehicle — definition
Chapter 1006 SF 2083 PDF Icon Dietetics — licensure requirements
Chapter 1007 SF 2105 PDF Icon Regulation of insurance
Chapter 1008 SF 2133 PDF Icon Collateral pledged by insurers in delinquency proceedings — federal home loan bank rights
Chapter 1009 SF 2193 PDF Icon Adult day services programs — admission and retention criteria
Chapter 1010 SF 2197 PDF Icon Air and water quality permits for electric power generating facilities
Chapter 1011 SF 2205 PDF Icon Regulation of credit unions
Chapter 1012 SF 2206 PDF Icon Iowa finance authority — title guaranty program and private activity bonds
Chapter 1013 SF 2230 PDF Icon Education — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1014 SF 2305 PDF Icon Mutual aid arrangements and agreements for disaster emergencies
Chapter 1015 HF 2067 PDF Icon Youth spring wild turkey hunting licenses
Chapter 1016 HF 2297 PDF Icon Regulation of pharmacy benefits managers
Chapter 1017 SF 2056 PDF Icon Incentives for school district reorganization, whole-grade sharing, or dissolution
Chapter 1018 SF 2104 PDF Icon Regulation of insurance holding company systems
Chapter 1019 SF 2120 PDF Icon Advanced registered nurse practitioners — professional titles or abbreviations
Chapter 1020 SF 2131 PDF Icon Life insurance policies or contracts — standard valuation and forfeiture provisions
Chapter 1021 SF 2169 PDF Icon Probate — witnesses to wills, distribution by affidavit, and claims of personal representatives
Chapter 1022 SF 2191 PDF Icon Drainage or levee district construction, repairs, or improvements — financing
Chapter 1023 SF 2192 PDF Icon Motorized bicycles — definition — maximum speed
Chapter 1024 SF 2200 PDF Icon Business corporations — voting trusts, shareholder agreements, and financial statements or reports
Chapter 1025 SF 2228 PDF Icon Special minor’s driver’s licenses — extracurricular activities and vehicle refueling
Chapter 1026 SF 2240 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 1027 SF 2250 PDF Icon Vehicle recycler licensing — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1028 SF 2255 PDF Icon State tort claims — volunteer disaster assistance by architects and engineers
Chapter 1029 SF 2276 PDF Icon Adoptions — investigation and reporting requirements
Chapter 1030 SF 2290 PDF Icon Operation of railroad train or locomotive — railroad employees — identification
Chapter 1031 SF 2313 PDF Icon Clerks of district court — removal procedure
Chapter 1032 SF 2338 PDF Icon Excise tax on compressed or liquefied natural gas used as special fuel
Chapter 1033 HF 381 PDF Icon Horse racing — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1034 HF 2199 PDF Icon Unemployment compensation — voluntary shared work program changes
Chapter 1035 HF 2271 PDF Icon School finance — weighting for school district and area education agency shared operational functions
Chapter 1036 HF 2288 PDF Icon Government agency operations — reports, purchasing, leases, and debt collection
Chapter 1037 HF 2324 PDF Icon Loan or credit transactions
Chapter 1038 HF 2326 PDF Icon Indigent defense — delinquency and termination of parental rights proceedings
Chapter 1039 HF 2346 PDF Icon Solid waste — steel slag exception
Chapter 1040 HF 2365 PDF Icon Entities regulated by the department of inspections and appeals — miscellaneous provisions
Chapter 1041 HF 2368 PDF Icon Consumer credit reports and security freezes — protected consumers
Chapter 1042 HF 2370 PDF Icon Orthotist or prosthetist assistants — services — supervision
Chapter 1043 HF 2378 PDF Icon Provisional licenses in psychology
Chapter 1044 HF 2379 PDF Icon Crisis stabilization programs
Chapter 1045 HF 2389 PDF Icon Code of professional conduct for education practitioners — sexual contact with students
Chapter 1046 HF 2397 PDF Icon State lands volunteer program — liability
Chapter 1047 HF 2408 PDF Icon Underground facility excavations — notification requirements
Chapter 1048 HF 2421 PDF Icon Child in need of assistance proceedings — transfer of guardianship
Chapter 1049 HF 2427 PDF Icon Corn promotion
Chapter 1050 HF 2436 PDF Icon Streamlined sales tax administration — dietary supplements
Chapter 1051 SF 2341 PDF Icon Sales tax rebate — automobile racetrack facility
Chapter 1052 SF 220 PDF Icon School district retirement incentive programs — employee eligibility
Chapter 1053 SF 2080 PDF Icon Drug prescribing and dispensing information program — interstate information exchanges
Chapter 1054 SF 2091 PDF Icon Co-ownership of real property
Chapter 1055 SF 2092 PDF Icon Fraudulent practices
Chapter 1056 SF 2121 PDF Icon Controlled substance schedules — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1057 SF 2185 PDF Icon Pari-mutuel wagering — native horses
Chapter 1058 SF 2198 PDF Icon Paddlefish fishing licenses and tags
Chapter 1059 SF 2211 PDF Icon Civil commitment of sexually violent predators
Chapter 1060 SF 2212 PDF Icon Land disposal of yard waste
Chapter 1061 SF 2257 PDF Icon College student aid commission programs and accounts
Chapter 1062 SF 2259 PDF Icon Computer data containing personal information — security breaches
Chapter 1063 SF 2271 PDF Icon College student aid commission duties and authority — fees
Chapter 1064 SF 2273 PDF Icon Drainage or levee district trustees — interest holders in entities holding interests in agricultural land
Chapter 1065 SF 2291 PDF Icon Motor vehicle registration fees — exemption for new completed vehicles modified by equipment dealers
Chapter 1066 SF 2296 PDF Icon Mental health treatment costs of persons accused of a crime
Chapter 1067 SF 2315 PDF Icon Use restrictions on land
Chapter 1068 SF 2320 PDF Icon Medical assistance — providers of consumer-directed attendant care and consumer choices option services
Chapter 1069 SF 2321 PDF Icon Jurisdiction of military courts-martial — criminal offenses
Chapter 1070 HF 514 PDF Icon Claims against purchased or pledged goods held by pawnbrokers
Chapter 1071 HF 2132 PDF Icon Gideon fellowship program
Chapter 1072 HF 2181 PDF Icon Motor vehicle lemon law — maximum weight limit
Chapter 1073 HF 2278 PDF Icon Regional transit district customer data — disclosure restrictions
Chapter 1074 HF 2325 PDF Icon Corporations for pecuniary profit — notice, filing, and publication requirements
Chapter 1075 HF 2344 PDF Icon Drainage or levee districts — mergers, trustee liability, and bidding procedures
Chapter 1076 HF 2435 PDF Icon Internal Revenue Code references update — generation skipping transfer and estate taxes repeal
Chapter 1077 SF 2319 PDF Icon Student literacy skills — dyslexia
Chapter 1078 SF 2168 PDF Icon Uniform power of attorney act
Chapter 1079 SF 2283 PDF Icon United States savings bonds — escheatment
Chapter 1080 SF 2328 PDF Icon Iowa finance authority reorganization
Chapter 1081 SF 2339 PDF Icon Redevelopment tax credits — eligibility — administration
Chapter 1082 HF 159 PDF Icon Controlled substances — products used to manufacture
Chapter 1083 HF 475 PDF Icon Search warrants — global positioning devices
Chapter 1084 HF 2159 PDF Icon Medical assistance income trusts
Chapter 1085 HF 2183 PDF Icon Public utilities — delinquent customer accounts
Chapter 1086 HF 2192 PDF Icon Water services within two miles of a city
Chapter 1087 HF 2230 PDF Icon Vehicles of excessive size and weight — agricultural conservation construction equipment
Chapter 1088 HF 2274 PDF Icon Notice of state agency fees
Chapter 1089 HF 2296 PDF Icon Disposition of unclaimed property — gift certificates
Chapter 1090 HF 2387 PDF Icon Garnishment of judgment debtor property — notice
Chapter 1091 HF 2388 PDF Icon Education of children adjudicated under juvenile justice law or receiving foster care services
Chapter 1092 HF 2423 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 1093 HF 2438 PDF Icon Taxation and tax law administration — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1094 SF 366 PDF Icon Radon control in schools
Chapter 1095 SF 2312 PDF Icon Multiple housing cooperatives and horizontal property regimes
Chapter 1096 SF 2310 PDF Icon Underage possession or consumption of alcohol
Chapter 1097 SF 2311 PDF Icon Sex offenses and human trafficking
Chapter 1098 SF 2118 PDF Icon Domestic abuse protective orders — pets or companion animals
Chapter 1099 SF 2195 PDF Icon Regulation of utilities
Chapter 1100 HF 499 PDF Icon Deer hunting — crossbows
Chapter 1101 HF 2366 PDF Icon Elections, ballots, and voter registration
Chapter 1102 HF 2464 PDF Icon Sales and use tax rebate — raceway facility
Chapter 1103 HF 2459 PDF Icon Income tax credits for reserve peace officers and volunteer fire fighters and emergency medical services personnel
Chapter 1104 SF 2344 PDF Icon Renewable fuels
Chapter 1105 SF 383 PDF Icon Juvenile delinquency records
Chapter 1106 SF 2196 PDF Icon Public health programs and services
Chapter 1107 SF 2239 PDF Icon Elder abuse
Chapter 1108 HF 398 PDF Icon Duties and responsibilities of insurance producers
Chapter 1109 HF 2109 PDF Icon Alternative nicotine and vapor products
Chapter 1110 HF 2273 PDF Icon Vehicle registration credits and fees, rental vehicle tax, and levee and drainage districts
Chapter 1111 HF 2289 PDF Icon Unmanned aerial vehicles
Chapter 1112 HF 2454 PDF Icon Beginning farmer tax credit program — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1113 HF 2468 PDF Icon Income tax credit for adoption expenses
Chapter 1114 HF 2474 PDF Icon Sexual exploitation — persons issued coaching authorization
Chapter 1115 HF 2476 PDF Icon Unified law enforcement district funding
Chapter 1116 SF 303 PDF Icon Veterans, military service members, and survivor beneficiaries
Chapter 1117 SF 2352 PDF Icon Property tax — homestead credit for disabled veterans
Chapter 1118 HF 2453 PDF Icon Historic preservation and cultural and entertainment district tax credits
Chapter 1119 SF 2297 PDF Icon Criminal transmission of contagious or infectious diseases
Chapter 1120 SF 2337 PDF Icon Child and dependent care income tax credits
Chapter 1121 SF 2340 PDF Icon Solar energy system tax credit changes
Chapter 1122 SF 2343 PDF Icon Eligibility for renewable energy tax credits
Chapter 1123 SF 2355 PDF Icon Transportation — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1124 SF 2359 PDF Icon Economic development programs — investment tax credits, targeted small businesses, infrastructure, endow Iowa, and development regions
Chapter 1125 SF 2360 PDF Icon Medical cannabidiol
Chapter 1126 SF 2362 PDF Icon Pari-mutuel racing and gambling games
Chapter 1127 SF 2364 PDF Icon Environmental sales tax exemption and motorsports recreational vehicles
Chapter 1128 HF 2444 PDF Icon Administration of taxes and related laws — inheritance and motor and special fuel taxes
Chapter 1129 HF 2446 PDF Icon Sales tax exemption for agricultural diesel fuel trailers or seed tenders
Chapter 1130 HF 2448 PDF Icon Economic development programs — high quality jobs, workforce housing tax incentives, and enterprise zones
Chapter 1131 HF 2466 PDF Icon Assessment of low-income housing
Chapter 1132 HF 2460 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 1133 SF 2130 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 1134 SF 2342 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 1135 SF 2347 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 1136 SF 2349 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 1137 HF 2449 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 1138 HF 2450 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 1139 HF 2458 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 1140 HF 2463 PDF Icon Appropriations — human services
Chapter 1141 HF 2473 PDF Icon State and local government financial and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2014 Iowa Acts.
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files; table of 2014 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.