Iowa Acts Chapters - 87 (2017 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1 SF 166 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — property tax replacement payments
Chapter 2 HF 291 PDF Icon Public employment
Chapter 3 HF 231 PDF Icon Economic development — apprenticeship training program
Chapter 4 HF 293 PDF Icon State agency purchasing of in-state manufactured products
Chapter 5 HF 305 PDF Icon Dispensing of prescribed interchangeable biological products
Chapter 6 HF 217 PDF Icon Reporting of licensed school employee disciplinary actions
Chapter 7 HF 311 PDF Icon Insurance — life insurance company investments — credit for reinsurance
Chapter 8 HF 312 PDF Icon Unattended motor vehicles
Chapter 9 SF 331 PDF Icon Energy efficiency reporting by non-rate-regulated gas and electric utilities
Chapter 10 SF 357 PDF Icon Regulation of electrical installations
Chapter 11 SF 376 PDF Icon Asbestos or silica exposure — claims, actions, liability
Chapter 12 SF 409 PDF Icon Regulation of credit unions — examinations and board meetings
Chapter 13 HF 203 PDF Icon Funding for secondary road and municipal street systems
Chapter 14 HF 303 PDF Icon Cemeteries and preneed sellers of cemetery merchandise, funeral merchandise, and funeral services — notice of potential receivership
Chapter 15 HF 372 PDF Icon Vehicular traffic regulation — turns against red lights
Chapter 16 HF 577 PDF Icon Medical treatment of Lyme or other tick-borne disease
Chapter 17 SF 447 PDF Icon Nuisances — animal feeding operations
Chapter 18 HF 215 PDF Icon Health insurance coverage — autism — applied behavior analysis
Chapter 19 HF 289 PDF Icon County issuance of driver’s licenses, nonoperator’s identification cards, and persons with disabilities identification devices
Chapter 20 HF 295 PDF Icon City and county regulatory authority — consumer merchandise — wage and employment terms and conditions
Chapter 21 HF 445 PDF Icon Regulation of public utilities and confidentiality of cyber security and critical infrastructure information
Chapter 22 HF 462 PDF Icon Confidentiality of gambling licensee records
Chapter 23 HF 518 PDF Icon Workers’ compensation
Chapter 24 HF 531 PDF Icon Public assistance programs — oversight
Chapter 25 HF 544 PDF Icon Dependent adult abuse — personal degradation
Chapter 26 HF 548 PDF Icon Stroke care — reporting — quality improvement planning
Chapter 27 SF 332 PDF Icon Controlled substances schedules
Chapter 28 SF 351 PDF Icon Emergency and hazardous chemicals — regulation and planning
Chapter 29 SF 405 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 30 SF 410 PDF Icon Declarations concerning disposition of human remains
Chapter 31 SF 448 PDF Icon Salvage motor vehicles — insurers — certificate of title
Chapter 32 HF 464 PDF Icon Highway crossings by all-terrain or off-road utility vehicles
Chapter 33 HF 586 PDF Icon Iowa finance authority programs and obligations and mechanic’s lien notices
Chapter 34 HF 593 PDF Icon Mental health professionals — scope of practice
Chapter 35 SF 230 PDF Icon Insurance premiums for general assembly members and full-time employees
Chapter 36 SF 257 PDF Icon Bass fishing tournaments
Chapter 37 SF 358 PDF Icon Electronic search warrant applications and issuance and seized property inventories
Chapter 38 SF 439 PDF Icon Disposal or return of federal tax liens, certificates, or notices
Chapter 39 SF 462 PDF Icon Drivers’ operating records — certified abstract fees — transfer of moneys
Chapter 40 SF 472 PDF Icon Regulation of snowmobiles and snowmobile programs
Chapter 41 SF 479 PDF Icon Educational services performed by licensed dental hygienists
Chapter 42 HF 52 PDF Icon Interference with official acts — persons performing bailiff duties
Chapter 43 HF 133 PDF Icon Child custody and visitation proceedings — appointment and duties of guardians ad litem, attorneys for minors, child custody investigators, and child and family reporters
Chapter 44 HF 183 PDF Icon Service of petitions and orders for dependent adult protective services — persons entitled — priority
Chapter 45 HF 202 PDF Icon Solid waste management and planning
Chapter 46 HF 218 PDF Icon Maximum allowable length for single trucks
Chapter 47 HF 241 PDF Icon County commissions of veteran affairs — administration of duties
Chapter 48 HF 254 PDF Icon Tagging of deer carcasses — requirements
Chapter 49 HF 306 PDF Icon Nurse aide training and testing programs
Chapter 50 HF 307 PDF Icon City franchises — waterworks or sewer services
Chapter 51 HF 309 PDF Icon Certificates of insurance
Chapter 52 HF 467 PDF Icon Iowa communications network — law enforcement communications systems included
Chapter 53 HF 469 PDF Icon Soil and water conservation district commissioners — eligibility — vacancies — election
Chapter 54 HF 488 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 55 HF 511 PDF Icon State forest nurseries — oversight — ordering and sale of plant material
Chapter 56 HF 529 PDF Icon Penalties for occupational safety and health law violations
Chapter 57 HF 547 PDF Icon Background investigations of department of human services employment applicants, employees, contractors, and vendors
Chapter 58 HF 576 PDF Icon Background investigations of temporary staff agency employees providing direct health care services
Chapter 59 HF 584 PDF Icon Duties of department of veterans affairs — veterans exposed to Agent Orange
Chapter 60 HF 591 PDF Icon Physician supervision of physician assistants
Chapter 61 SF 250 PDF Icon Mammogram reports — content requirements
Chapter 62 SF 355 PDF Icon Municipal utilities regulation
Chapter 63 SF 373 PDF Icon Military code and military justice — applicability, jurisdiction, statute of limitations
Chapter 64 SF 413 PDF Icon Improvements to real property — unsafe or defective conditions — limitations on actions
Chapter 65 SF 438 PDF Icon Bids and contracts for public improvement projects
Chapter 66 HF 441 PDF Icon Child labor — laundry occupations
Chapter 67 HF 471 PDF Icon Election precinct boundaries and consolidations
Chapter 68 HF 475 PDF Icon Deer hunting — use of rifles — straight wall cartridge rifles
Chapter 69 HF 517 PDF Icon Regulation of weapons and ammunition and use of reasonable force
Chapter 70 HF 533 PDF Icon Unemployment insurance benefits eligibility and disqualification
Chapter 71 HF 541 PDF Icon Real estate licenses, licensees, and disclosure statements
Chapter 72 HF 542 PDF Icon Unemployment insurance benefits eligibility — consecutive benefit years
Chapter 73 HF 568 PDF Icon Regulation of pari-mutuel wagering — medication of horses and dogs — advance deposit wagering setoff procedures
Chapter 74 HF 572 PDF Icon Workforce development board membership and duties and unemployment insurance system modernization
Chapter 75 SF 234 PDF Icon Writing, sending, or viewing electronic messages while driving
Chapter 76 SF 444 PDF Icon Vehicular homicide and use of electronic communication devices — statewide sobriety and drug monitoring program
Chapter 77 SF 51 PDF Icon Cytomegalovirus public health initiative and newborn testing
Chapter 78 SF 237 PDF Icon Practice of public accounting
Chapter 79 SF 333 PDF Icon Digital assets and fiduciary access
Chapter 80 SF 362 PDF Icon Liability of fairs for transmission of domesticated animal pathogens on fairgrounds
Chapter 81 SF 406 PDF Icon Permit requirements for motor vehicles carrying implements of husbandry
Chapter 82 SF 493 PDF Icon Bonding authority of combined benefited recreational lake and water quality districts
Chapter 83 HF 263 PDF Icon Domestic abuse assault, stalking, and unauthorized placement of global positioning devices
Chapter 84 HF 314 PDF Icon Motor vehicle regulation — utility maintenance and solid waste or recycling collection service vehicles
Chapter 85 HF 473 PDF Icon High school equivalency diplomas — application and competency requirements — assessments
Chapter 86 HF 543 PDF Icon Children in need of assistance, child abuse, dangerous substances, and alcohol — definitions — reporting
Chapter 87 SF 275 PDF Icon Termination of parental rights proceedings — venue — safety or security concerns
Chapter 88 SF 374 PDF Icon Indigent defense
Chapter 89 SF 403 PDF Icon Theft of equipment rental property
Chapter 90 SF 411 PDF Icon Contractor registration and licensing — fee transfer — surety bonds
Chapter 91 SF 419 PDF Icon Nurse licensure compact
Chapter 92 SF 451 PDF Icon Electronic payments made to county treasurers
Chapter 93 SF 484 PDF Icon Regulation of practice of pharmacy
Chapter 94 HF 134 PDF Icon Regulation of residential rental property occupancy — authority of cities
Chapter 95 HF 146 PDF Icon Forcible entry and detainer actions — notice and hearing procedure
Chapter 96 HF 232 PDF Icon Pronouncements of death by nurses or physician assistants
Chapter 97 HF 234 PDF Icon Mental health advocate reporting duties
Chapter 98 HF 253 PDF Icon Paternity, support obligation, and custody or visitation proceedings
Chapter 99 HF 308 PDF Icon Military personnel records — release — social security number redacted
Chapter 100 HF 396 PDF Icon Child foster care — care by relative
Chapter 101 HF 410 PDF Icon Noxious weeds and invasive plants — Palmer amaranth
Chapter 102 HF 485 PDF Icon Volunteer fire department service — city council members
Chapter 103 HF 534 PDF Icon Child care facility licensing — exempt programs
Chapter 104 HF 545 PDF Icon Disclosure of founded child abuse information — fatalities or near fatalities
Chapter 105 HF 626 PDF Icon Independent review of long-term care insurance benefit determinations — filing fee eliminated
Chapter 106 SF 274 PDF Icon Computer science education
Chapter 107 SF 465 PDF Icon Medical malpractice actions
Chapter 108 SF 471 PDF Icon Abortion — prerequisites and limitations
Chapter 109 SF 504 PDF Icon Mental health, disability, and substance abuse treatment, services, and funding
Chapter 110 HF 516 PDF Icon Regulation of elections and voting
Chapter 111 SF 32 PDF Icon Private sector employee drug testing
Chapter 112 SF 431 PDF Icon Small wireless facility siting
Chapter 113 SF 433 PDF Icon Termination of parental rights and adoption
Chapter 114 SF 446 PDF Icon Civil asset forfeiture
Chapter 115 SF 489 PDF Icon Possession, sale, transfer, purchase, and use of fireworks
Chapter 116 SF 505 PDF Icon First-time homebuyer savings accounts
Chapter 117 HF 526 PDF Icon Harassment — nonconsensual disclosure of information
Chapter 118 HF 569 PDF Icon Tax-sheltered investment program — authorized investment vehicles
Chapter 119 HF 607 PDF Icon Regulation of alcoholic beverages
Chapter 120 SF 399 PDF Icon Elections — candidate withdrawal, voter registration, election officials, absentee voting, and school elections
Chapter 121 SF 401 PDF Icon Domestic and sexual abuse — protective orders, proceedings, and services
Chapter 122 SF 445 PDF Icon Confidentiality of law enforcement officer information, criminal sentencing, and massage therapy regulation
Chapter 123 SF 467 PDF Icon Restrictions on receipt of bond or insurance death benefits by felons
Chapter 124 HF 233 PDF Icon Use of step therapy protocols in prescription drug benefit decision making
Chapter 125 HF 573 PDF Icon Powers of school district boards of directors
Chapter 126 SF 1 PDF Icon Administrative rules — job impact statements
Chapter 127 SF 238 PDF Icon Sexual exploitation by school employees
Chapter 128 SF 240 PDF Icon Statewide student academic assessments
Chapter 129 SF 260 PDF Icon Duty of care owed by possessors and occupants of land to trespassers
Chapter 130 SF 404 PDF Icon Experimental treatments for terminally ill persons
Chapter 131 SF 408 PDF Icon Licensure of architects
Chapter 132 SF 442 PDF Icon Voluntary exclusion from gambling facilities — process
Chapter 133 SF 466 PDF Icon Judicial administration — juror identification and selection — shorthand reporters
Chapter 134 SF 488 PDF Icon Workforce housing tax incentives program changes
Chapter 135 SF 499 PDF Icon Use of monitoring devices by governmental entities within public facilities
Chapter 136 SF 500 PDF Icon 911 emergency communication systems
Chapter 137 SF 501 PDF Icon Fees collected by county sheriffs
Chapter 138 SF 502 PDF Icon Regulation of banking, credit unions, and consumer credit transactions
Chapter 139 SF 503 PDF Icon Consumer credit transactions — unpaid installments — deferral agreements
Chapter 140 HF 69 PDF Icon Criminal trespass
Chapter 141 HF 89 PDF Icon School district employee retirement system mergers
Chapter 142 HF 184 PDF Icon Petitions for administration of small estates
Chapter 143 HF 195 PDF Icon Requests for notice of probate proceedings
Chapter 144 HF 242 PDF Icon Iowa election campaign fund and checkoff
Chapter 145 HF 296 PDF Icon Controlled and imitation controlled substances — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 146 HF 313 PDF Icon Traffic accidents — removal of vehicles and remaining at scene
Chapter 147 HF 371 PDF Icon Quiet title actions — quitclaim deed requests — fees and costs
Chapter 148 HF 393 PDF Icon Public health — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 149 HF 463 PDF Icon Motor vehicle regulation and enforcement
Chapter 150 HF 472 PDF Icon College student aid — grant and loan forgiveness programs for teachers — eligibility
Chapter 151 HF 478 PDF Icon Property tax assessment and assessors
Chapter 152 HF 523 PDF Icon Drug prescribing and dispensing information program — medical examiner access to information
Chapter 153 HF 564 PDF Icon School district funding and authorized expenditures and transfers
Chapter 154 HF 565 PDF Icon Public school funding — transfer and expenditure of funds — flexibility accounts
Chapter 155 HF 566 PDF Icon Political subdivision elections
Chapter 156 HF 601 PDF Icon Confidentiality of critical and physical infrastructure and cyber security information
Chapter 157 HF 608 PDF Icon Taxation and tax law administration — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 158 HF 609 PDF Icon Local hotel and motel tax — imposition by land use districts
Chapter 159 HF 617 PDF Icon Agriculture, land use, and activities regulated by the department of agriculture and land stewardship
Chapter 160 HF 621 PDF Icon Economic development programs and projects
Chapter 161 HF 625 PDF Icon Income tax return information — dependent child health care coverage
Chapter 162 HF 524 PDF Icon Medical cannabidiol
Chapter 163 SF 130 PDF Icon Appropriation reductions, transfers, and supplementals
Chapter 164 SF 497 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 165 SF 498 PDF Icon Federal block grant appropriations and other federal funding
Chapter 166 SF 508 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 167 SF 509 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 168 SF 510 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 169 SF 513 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 170 SF 516 PDF Icon State and local government financial and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 171 HF 640 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 172 HF 642 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 173 HF 643 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 174 HF 653 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2017 Iowa Acts.
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files; table of 2017 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.