Iowa Acts Chapters - 86 (2016 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1001 SF 2035 PDF Icon Juvenile shelter care homes reimbursement rate
Chapter 1002 SF 2288 PDF Icon Confidentiality of juvenile delinquency records
Chapter 1003 HF 2147 PDF Icon Absentee voting by uniformed and overseas citizens
Chapter 1004 HF 2118 PDF Icon Audits or examinations — financial irregularities — report to county attorney
Chapter 1005 HF 2271 PDF Icon Identity theft — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1006 HF 2277 PDF Icon Utility facilities within public road rights-of-way — electric transmission facilities providing services to public utilities
Chapter 1007 HF 2433 PDF Icon State taxation — temporary Internal Revenue Code references update — bonus depreciation — sales and use taxes
Chapter 1008 SF 2151 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverage control — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1009 SF 2170 PDF Icon Public improvement projects — notice requirements
Chapter 1010 SF 2181 PDF Icon Household hazardous materials collection and disposal programs
Chapter 1011 SF 2189 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 1012 SF 2200 PDF Icon Educational standards — online course content delivery
Chapter 1013 SF 2221 PDF Icon Public utilities — sanitary sewage and storm water drainage collection and disposal
Chapter 1014 SF 2257 PDF Icon Iowa finance authority project financing — out-of-state properties, entities, and bond issuers
Chapter 1015 HF 2180 PDF Icon Transfer of township public hall funds
Chapter 1016 HF 2265 PDF Icon Address confidentiality program — disclosure of participant information
Chapter 1017 HF 2267 PDF Icon Civil service employee residency requirements
Chapter 1018 HF 2268 PDF Icon Public employee support for certification or decertification of employee organizations — confidentiality
Chapter 1019 HF 2325 PDF Icon Sanitary districts — severance of territory — services transfer
Chapter 1020 HF 2339 PDF Icon Watershed management — benefited lake districts
Chapter 1021 HF 2343 PDF Icon Possession and storage of game or fur-bearing animals and pelts
Chapter 1022 HF 2354 PDF Icon Electronic recordings of magistrate court proceedings
Chapter 1023 HF 2356 PDF Icon Towing of implements of husbandry
Chapter 1024 HF 2357 PDF Icon Turtle harvesting
Chapter 1025 HF 2364 PDF Icon Meetings of governmental bodies — accessibility — notice
Chapter 1026 SF 2159 PDF Icon State and local administration of public health services
Chapter 1027 SF 2115 PDF Icon Interference with official acts — jailers
Chapter 1028 SF 2231 PDF Icon Disaster aid payment authorization requirements
Chapter 1029 SF 2234 PDF Icon National guard educational assistance program — credit hours
Chapter 1030 SF 2279 PDF Icon Credit unions — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1031 HF 2146 PDF Icon Dispensing of lottery products — self-service kiosks
Chapter 1032 HF 2261 PDF Icon Public funds investments by political subdivisions — joint investment trusts
Chapter 1033 HF 2266 PDF Icon Unclaimed cremated remains — veterans
Chapter 1034 HF 2275 PDF Icon Disbursement of all Iowa opportunity scholarships
Chapter 1035 HF 2278 PDF Icon Limitations of actions — kidnapping and human trafficking
Chapter 1036 HF 2336 PDF Icon Schools and school districts — oversight, financing, and programs
Chapter 1037 HF 2342 PDF Icon Hunting, fishing, and fur harvester licenses — form
Chapter 1038 HF 2377 PDF Icon Health care provider loan repayment programs
Chapter 1039 HF 2387 PDF Icon Licensure of dentists — alternative testing methods study
Chapter 1040 HF 2400 PDF Icon Voidable commercial transactions
Chapter 1041 HF 2401 PDF Icon Credit card fraud — use of minor’s name
Chapter 1042 HF 2420 PDF Icon Untested sexual abuse evidence collection kits — survey — report
Chapter 1043 HF 2269 PDF Icon Beef cattle marketing and promotion
Chapter 1044 HF 2279 PDF Icon Firearm suppressors
Chapter 1045 HF 2353 PDF Icon Emergency management organization employees — political activities
Chapter 1046 HF 2386 PDF Icon Children conceived through sexual abuse — termination of parental rights
Chapter 1047 SF 174 PDF Icon School finance — state percent of growth
Chapter 1048 SF 175 PDF Icon School finance — categorical state percent of growth
Chapter 1049 SF 378 PDF Icon Peace officer and corrections officer acts or omissions — reimbursement of criminal defense costs
Chapter 1050 SF 2022 PDF Icon Sac and Fox Indian settlement — criminal jurisdiction
Chapter 1051 SF 2059 PDF Icon Violator and residential facilities
Chapter 1052 SF 2102 PDF Icon Drug prescribing and dispensing — information program — access
Chapter 1053 SF 2110 PDF Icon Criminal history data access
Chapter 1054 SF 2111 PDF Icon Administration of oaths or acknowledgement of signatures by peace officers or certified law enforcement officers
Chapter 1055 SF 2144 PDF Icon Disclosure of behavioral health information — patient care coordination
Chapter 1056 SF 2147 PDF Icon Iowa public employees’ retirement system — protection occupations — regents institution peace officers and sex offender psychiatric security specialists
Chapter 1057 SF 2162 PDF Icon Department of inspections and appeals — administrative hearings — electronic filing system
Chapter 1058 SF 2164 PDF Icon Public intoxication and alcohol consumption offenses — expungement
Chapter 1059 SF 2194 PDF Icon Public employment relations board administrative law judges
Chapter 1060 SF 2214 PDF Icon Dispensing of prescription drugs — additional quantities
Chapter 1061 SF 2218 PDF Icon Drug overdose victims — emergency treatment — opioid antagonists
Chapter 1062 SF 2242 PDF Icon City elections — candidate filings — city clerk
Chapter 1063 SF 2258 PDF Icon Child welfare — investigations, planning, custody, placement, and programming — sex trafficking victims
Chapter 1064 SF 2276 PDF Icon Land surveying standards
Chapter 1065 SF 2300 PDF Icon Economic development — high quality jobs program — renewable chemical production tax credits
Chapter 1067 HF 588 PDF Icon Persons with disabilities windshield parking placards
Chapter 1068 HF 617 PDF Icon Special vehicle registration plates — nonprofit organization decals
Chapter 1069 HF 2282 PDF Icon Adoptions — appointment of guardian ad litem
Chapter 1070 HF 2283 PDF Icon Carrying firearms while operating or riding snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles
Chapter 1071 HF 2341 PDF Icon Operation of postsecondary schools — accreditation requirements
Chapter 1072 HF 2345 PDF Icon Reports on structurally deficient county bridges
Chapter 1073 HF 2359 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 1074 HF 2363 PDF Icon Closed sessions of governmental bodies — member attendance
Chapter 1075 HF 2370 PDF Icon Registration of postsecondary schools — exemptions
Chapter 1076 HF 2385 PDF Icon Littering and illegal dumping
Chapter 1077 SF 2191 PDF Icon Combatting human trafficking — office established
Chapter 1078 SF 2196 PDF Icon Practitioner preparation programs — reading and literacy requirements
Chapter 1079 HF 2264 PDF Icon Open enrollment and varsity athletics eligibility — harassment or bullying
Chapter 1080 SF 503 PDF Icon Fees collected by county sheriffs — report
Chapter 1081 SF 2116 PDF Icon Controlled substances — schedule I additions
Chapter 1082 SF 2185 PDF Icon Violations of privacy — trespass — film defined
Chapter 1083 SF 2228 PDF Icon Motor vehicle registration, titling, dealers, and wholesalers
Chapter 1084 SF 2233 PDF Icon Military service — parents custody and visitation
Chapter 1085 SF 2260 PDF Icon Medicaid — ownership and control information for nonprofit corporations
Chapter 1086 SF 2273 PDF Icon Home food establishment licensure
Chapter 1087 HF 2270 PDF Icon Fathers and juvenile justice proceedings — paternity established by law included
Chapter 1088 HF 2335 PDF Icon Probate, trusts, and fiduciaries
Chapter 1089 HF 2344 PDF Icon Termination of farm tenancies — written agreement
Chapter 1090 HF 2415 PDF Icon Veterans preference information
Chapter 1091 HF 2429 PDF Icon Gambling game licensure fees
Chapter 1092 SF 2219 PDF Icon Carbon monoxide alarms
Chapter 1093 SF 453 PDF Icon Regulation of pharmacies, pharmacists, and outsourcing facilities
Chapter 1094 SF 2259 PDF Icon Noncompliance with outpatient mental health treatment orders — custody and treatment
Chapter 1095 SF 2306 PDF Icon Regulation of businesses responding to state-declared disasters
Chapter 1096 HF 2274 PDF Icon Child labor permits — documentation of age
Chapter 1097 HF 2373 PDF Icon Regulation of limited partnerships and limited liability companies
Chapter 1098 HF 2437 PDF Icon Transportation — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1099 HF 2445 PDF Icon Wagering taxes on gambling games — promotional play receipts
Chapter 1100 HF 2439 PDF Icon Emergency communications services — allocation of funds
Chapter 1101 HF 2414 PDF Icon Regulation of transportation network companies and taxicabs
Chapter 1102 HF 2331 PDF Icon Public funds investments — companies boycotting Israel
Chapter 1103 SF 2326 PDF Icon Statewide interoperable communications system funding and E911 emergency communication fund expenditures
Chapter 1104 HF 2064 PDF Icon Child endangerment, robbery, and criminal drug offenses — penalties and sentencing
Chapter 1105 HF 2464 PDF Icon Environmental protection — underground storage tank and renewable fuel infrastructure funds — petroleum diminution charge
Chapter 1106 SF 2309 PDF Icon Renewable fuel tax credits and refunds
Chapter 1107 SF 2301 PDF Icon Educational savings plan trust — eligible entities
Chapter 1108 HF 2392 PDF Icon Educational programs and standards — academic and career guidance, career and technical education, and work-based learning
Chapter 1109 HF 2443 PDF Icon Economic development authority programs and duties
Chapter 1110 SF 492 PDF Icon Disaster case management fund and grant program
Chapter 1111 SF 2187 PDF Icon Driver’s licenses — veteran status — disability certification
Chapter 1112 SF 2188 PDF Icon Prescription authority for psychologists
Chapter 1113 SF 2299 PDF Icon Family support programs and services — early childhood initiative
Chapter 1114 SF 2304 PDF Icon Certification and inspection standards for children’s residential facilities
Chapter 1115 SF 2308 PDF Icon Economic development — enhance Iowa board and fund — sports tourism program and fund
Chapter 1116 SF 2311 PDF Icon Iowa gold star military museum
Chapter 1117 SF 2312 PDF Icon State sales tax — rebate for baseball and softball tournament facility
Chapter 1118 SF 2313 PDF Icon Workforce development programs and unemployment insurance
Chapter 1119 SF 2316 PDF Icon Delinquent court debt collection
Chapter 1120 HF 493 PDF Icon Summoning emergency assistance — rights of residents, owners, tenants, and landlords
Chapter 1121 HF 2273 PDF Icon Administration of elections
Chapter 1122 HF 2394 PDF Icon Regulation of insurance, securities, insurers, and cemeteries
Chapter 1123 HF 2413 PDF Icon Reading proficiency assessments and programs
Chapter 1124 HF 2436 PDF Icon Regulation of real estate appraisal
Chapter 1125 HF 2446 PDF Icon County medical examiner fees
Chapter 1126 HF 2449 PDF Icon Implementation of legislative enactments — rulemaking
Chapter 1127 HF 2456 PDF Icon Mental health and disability services funding authorization
Chapter 1128 HF 2468 PDF Icon Taxation and tax law administration — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1129 SF 2109 PDF Icon Miscellaneous supplemental appropriations and transfers
Chapter 1130 SF 2314 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 1131 SF 2320 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 1132 SF 2323 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 1133 SF 2324 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 1134 HF 2454 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 1135 HF 2455 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 1136 HF 2457 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 1137 HF 2458 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 1138 HF 2459 PDF Icon State and local government financial and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1139 HF 2460 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Chapter 1140 SJR 2006 PDF Icon Nullification of administrative rule — special education endorsement and specializations
Chapter 1141 SJR 2007 PDF Icon Nullification of administrative rule — board of educational examiners fee increase
Title Description
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2016 Iowa Acts.
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files and Joint Resolutions; table of 2016 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.