Iowa Acts Chapters - 88 (2020 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
Chapter BillBook | Details Signed Bill Chapter Title
Chapter 1001 SF 2144 PDF Icon Miscellaneous supplemental appropriations
Chapter 1002 SF 2164 PDF Icon School finance — regular state cost per pupil — school transportation funding
Chapter 1003 SF 155 PDF Icon Mobile barbershops
Chapter 1004 SF 583 PDF Icon Private electricity generation — electric utility billing
Chapter 1005 SF 2025 PDF Icon Joint employment of county engineers
Chapter 1006 SF 2091 PDF Icon Requirements for odometer statements — exemptions
Chapter 1007 SF 2118 PDF Icon College student aid commission loan repayment programs — refinanced student loans
Chapter 1008 SF 2131 PDF Icon Domestic ceding insurers — credit for ceded reinsurance
Chapter 1009 SF 2132 PDF Icon Life insurance companies — legal reserve requirements — hedging transactions
Chapter 1010 SF 2134 PDF Icon Manufacture of canned cocktails by manufacturers of beer
Chapter 1011 SF 2137 PDF Icon Ancient real estate conveyances or transactions — filing of extensions
Chapter 1012 SF 2142 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — property tax replacement payments
Chapter 1013 SF 2187 PDF Icon Application and construction of uniform protected series Act
Chapter 1014 SF 2198 PDF Icon Open-end credit accounts — notice provisions
Chapter 1015 SF 2250 PDF Icon Harvesting, purchasing, and transporting of timber
Chapter 1016 HF 426 PDF Icon Insurance — fraud investigations — licensing requirements
Chapter 1017 HF 2235 PDF Icon Commercial motor vehicle operation — disqualification — human trafficking
Chapter 1018 HF 2267 PDF Icon Dentistry — regulation of dental hygienists and assistants
Chapter 1019 SF 2408 PDF Icon Supplemental, standing, and continuing appropriations and related matters — emergency authority and responsibilities — instructional time waivers
Chapter 1020 SF 2357 PDF Icon Physician assistants — practice and licensure
Chapter 1021 SF 537 PDF Icon Coyote hunting — infrared light source
Chapter 1022 SF 2082 PDF Icon Education — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1023 SF 2119 PDF Icon Controlled substances — scheduled substances and cannabis-derived products
Chapter 1024 SF 2120 PDF Icon Prescription monitoring program — reporting requirements — veterinarians
Chapter 1025 SF 2135 PDF Icon Disinterment and final disposition of human remains
Chapter 1026 SF 2196 PDF Icon Wireless communications facilities and infrastructure — repeal extended
Chapter 1027 SF 2259 PDF Icon Donation of surplus fire fighting, emergency medical response, and law enforcement equipment — liability exemption
Chapter 1028 SF 2275 PDF Icon Eluding law enforcement vehicles — penalties
Chapter 1029 SF 2299 PDF Icon Health care facilities and providers — background checks
Chapter 1030 SF 2337 PDF Icon Asbestos and silica actions — information requirements
Chapter 1031 HF 2454 PDF Icon Community college career and technical education instructor qualifications
Chapter 1032 HF 2475 PDF Icon Sewer and water supply distribution system extensions — approval and permitting
Chapter 1033 HF 2477 PDF Icon County zoning for agricultural experiences
Chapter 1034 HF 2512 PDF Icon County zoning — exemptions and procedures
Chapter 1035 SF 2348 PDF Icon Felon voting rights restoration
Chapter 1036 SF 2413 PDF Icon Regulation of agriculture and food production
Chapter 1037 HF 2647 PDF Icon Peace officer conduct, certification, training, discipline, and prosecution
Chapter 1038 SF 388 PDF Icon Iowa medal of honor highway
Chapter 1039 SF 2097 PDF Icon Indecent exposure
Chapter 1040 SF 2182 PDF Icon State public defender pilot project — child welfare legal representation
Chapter 1041 SF 2188 PDF Icon Hazard mitigation financial assistance
Chapter 1042 SF 2191 PDF Icon Payment of required medical aid provided to prisoners
Chapter 1043 SF 2195 PDF Icon Elevator code — applicability to owner-occupied, multi-story, commercial buildings in historic districts
Chapter 1044 SF 2225 PDF Icon Theft in the third degree — property value
Chapter 1045 SF 2284 PDF Icon State board of regents, regents institutions, and institution programs and services
Chapter 1046 SF 2300 PDF Icon Administration of estates, trusts, guardianships, or conservatorships — transfers of real estate
Chapter 1047 SF 2323 PDF Icon Guardianships and conservatorships — initial care plans and initial plans and inventories
Chapter 1048 SF 2356 PDF Icon Education of students with dyslexia
Chapter 1049 SF 2398 PDF Icon Rural veterinarian loan repayment program
Chapter 1050 HF 717 PDF Icon Veterans preference — rights to judicial review
Chapter 1051 HF 2220 PDF Icon Preparation for adult living program — eligibility requirements
Chapter 1052 HF 2236 PDF Icon Public records — fees for examination and copying — veterans benefits claims
Chapter 1053 HF 2269 PDF Icon Medicaid home and community-based services elderly waiver — elimination of monthly cap
Chapter 1054 HF 2310 PDF Icon Vehicles of excessive size — transport of hay, straw, stover, or bagged livestock bedding
Chapter 1055 HF 2312 PDF Icon Veterans home admission requirements — certificate of eligibility affidavits
Chapter 1056 HF 2362 PDF Icon Unemployment compensation — employer reimbursement of benefits paid — nonprofit organizations — appeals
Chapter 1057 HF 2382 PDF Icon Disabled veteran tax credit and military tax exemption information — confidentiality
Chapter 1058 HF 2402 PDF Icon Business entities — resignations of registered agents
Chapter 1059 HF 2411 PDF Icon Sobriety and drug monitoring program participation — temporary restricted driver’s licenses and ignition interlock devices
Chapter 1060 HF 2474 PDF Icon Confidentiality of information used to secure arrest warrants
Chapter 1061 HF 2481 PDF Icon Subdivision platting — taxes and special assessments — certificates of the treasurer
Chapter 1062 HF 2535 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 1063 HF 2536 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 1064 HF 2565 PDF Icon Debts owed to public agencies — setoff procedures
Chapter 1065 HF 2581 PDF Icon Regulation of hemp
Chapter 1066 HF 2623 PDF Icon Gambling regulation — setoffs, use of credit cards, and qualifying sponsoring organizations
Chapter 1067 SF 272 PDF Icon Educational loan debt management services
Chapter 1068 SF 620 PDF Icon Disposal of city telecommunications utilities
Chapter 1069 SF 2296 PDF Icon Independent contractors — operating a vehicle while performing services — conditional vehicle sale or lease agreements
Chapter 1070 SF 2338 PDF Icon Civil actions for medical expenses or COVID-19 related damages
Chapter 1071 HF 716 PDF Icon Deer hunting regulations — firearm and projectile specifications — age requirements
Chapter 1072 HF 2360 PDF Icon Expiration of driver’s licenses — persons seventy-eight years old or older
Chapter 1073 SF 280 PDF Icon Hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges — residency of active duty armed forces members and their spouses
Chapter 1074 SF 457 PDF Icon Criminal and civil penalties, fines, surcharges, fees, and costs — related funds — court debt collection
Chapter 1075 SF 458 PDF Icon Homestead liability for debt — mechanic’s liens and improvements
Chapter 1076 SF 2232 PDF Icon Iowa trust code — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1077 SF 2373 PDF Icon Public safety telecommunicators
Chapter 1078 SF 2400 PDF Icon Broadband service and funding — rural and underserved areas
Chapter 1079 HF 599 PDF Icon Regulation of hunting — persons under age sixteen
Chapter 1080 HF 684 PDF Icon Possession or consumption of alcohol by underage persons — limited criminal immunity — sanctions by regents institutions prohibited
Chapter 1081 HF 760 PDF Icon Hotel and motel tax exemptions — renting of lodging
Chapter 1082 HF 2197 PDF Icon Medical residency training state matching grants program — rural rotation opportunity — fields of practice
Chapter 1083 HF 2221 PDF Icon Local boards of health membership — health professional member
Chapter 1084 HF 2238 PDF Icon Foodstands operated by minors
Chapter 1085 HF 2359 PDF Icon Reporting of practitioner preparation program admissions assessment scores
Chapter 1086 HF 2363 PDF Icon Unemployment insurance contribution rates — landscaping employers
Chapter 1087 HF 2364 PDF Icon Unemployment insurance — injunctions for employer violations
Chapter 1088 HF 2365 PDF Icon Unemployment compensation — claims notification and voluntary shared work program
Chapter 1089 HF 2372 PDF Icon Driver’s licenses and nonoperator identification cards — operation of farmers’ special trucks — autism spectrum disorder status marks
Chapter 1090 HF 2389 PDF Icon Administrative rulemaking procedures
Chapter 1091 HF 2410 PDF Icon Special senior statewide antlerless deer only crossbow licenses — minimum age
Chapter 1092 HF 2412 PDF Icon Public construction bidding — utility infrastructure and rural water district improvements
Chapter 1093 HF 2418 PDF Icon Education — review of practitioner licensure decisions and funding requests for at-risk programs and alternative schools
Chapter 1094 HF 2445 PDF Icon Victims of sex offenses — identifying information — confidentiality
Chapter 1095 HF 2452 PDF Icon At-risk city water utility systems
Chapter 1096 HF 2455 PDF Icon Deer hunting — use of leashed dogs
Chapter 1097 HF 2485 PDF Icon Child development homes — child-to-staff ratio requirements
Chapter 1098 HF 2486 PDF Icon Elections, electors, and county seals
Chapter 1099 HF 2502 PDF Icon Regulation of weapons, firearms attachments, ammunition, and shooting ranges
Chapter 1100 HF 2528 PDF Icon State mutual aid compact — authorized representatives of participating governments
Chapter 1101 HF 2561 PDF Icon Anatomical gifts and potential transplant recipients
Chapter 1102 HF 2585 PDF Icon Persons with speech or hearing disorders — terminology changes
Chapter 1103 HF 2627 PDF Icon Government regulation and standards — occupational and professional licensing
Chapter 1104 SF 526 PDF Icon Blue alert program
Chapter 1105 SF 2261 PDF Icon Behavioral health services — use of telehealth in school settings
Chapter 1106 SF 2268 PDF Icon Tobacco, tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, vapor products, and cigarettes — minimum age for purchase, sale, possession, or use
Chapter 1107 SF 2310 PDF Icon Educational instructional requirements and funding flexibility
Chapter 1108 SF 2360 PDF Icon Classroom management and violent or disruptive behavior — therapeutic classrooms
Chapter 1109 HF 310 PDF Icon Practice of optometry — administration of injections
Chapter 1110 HF 594 PDF Icon Withdrawal of life-sustaining procedures from minors and abortion prerequisites
Chapter 1111 HF 737 PDF Icon Care and treatment of animals
Chapter 1112 HF 2259 PDF Icon Human trafficking prevention training — lodging providers — certification — public funds use
Chapter 1113 HF 2340 PDF Icon Iowa educational savings plan trust — use of funds for out-of-state elementary or secondary school tuition
Chapter 1114 HF 2540 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverage regulation — charity event permits and alcoholic beverage sales
Chapter 1115 HF 2554 PDF Icon Continuous sexual abuse of a child
Chapter 1116 HF 2589 PDF Icon Medical cannabidiol and marijuana — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1117 HF 2629 PDF Icon Educational improvement, vocational training, and affordable child care access programs
Chapter 1118 HF 2641 PDF Icon Taxation, business entities, short-term rentals, special registration plates, and food operation trespass
Chapter 1119 SF 2403 PDF Icon Excise taxes on motor fuel and special fuel
Chapter 1120 HF 2642 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 1121 HF 2643 PDF Icon State and local government and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 1122 HF 2644 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Title Description
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files; 2020 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New Code Sections Added; Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred To; and other reference tables.
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2020 Iowa Acts.