Iowa Acts Chapters - 88 (2019 Regular GA)

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Preliminary Pages Includes Preface page and pages pertaining to Elective Officers, General Assembly, Judicial Branch, Congressional Delegation and District Offices, and Condition of State Treasury.
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Chapter 1 HF 306 PDF Icon School finance — state percents of growth — property tax replacement payments
Chapter 2 HF 307 PDF Icon School finance — regular state cost per pupil — school transportation funding
Chapter 3 SF 519 PDF Icon Agricultural production facility trespass
Chapter 4 SF 220 PDF Icon Taxation of corporations and financial institutions — increased expensing allowance deduction
Chapter 5 SF 113 PDF Icon Habitual offenders — operating while intoxicated third or subsequent offenders
Chapter 6 SF 367 PDF Icon Iowa communications network — elimination of education and regional telecommunications councils
Chapter 7 HF 482 PDF Icon Peace officers — designated department of transportation employees — repeal extended
Chapter 8 HF 668 PDF Icon Regulation of alcoholic beverages — business interests of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers
Chapter 9 HF 288 PDF Icon Injured veterans grants and expedited professional or occupational licensing for spouses of military forces members
Chapter 10 HF 487 PDF Icon Wireless telecommunications infrastructure installations — restrictions
Chapter 11 SF 274 PDF Icon Speech and expression at public institutions of higher education
Chapter 12 SF 556 PDF Icon Life and health insurance guaranty association — membership and assessments
Chapter 13 SF 304 PDF Icon Student loan delinquencies and defaults — licensing sanctions prohibited
Chapter 14 SF 534 PDF Icon Solid waste — recovery and conversion — gasification and pyrolysis facilities
Chapter 15 SF 555 PDF Icon Implements of husbandry — weight limitations
Chapter 16 SF 559 PDF Icon Portable electronics insurance — electronic notices to consumer
Chapter 17 HF 266 PDF Icon Civil commitment of sexually violent predators
Chapter 18 SF 210 PDF Icon Hospitalization — discharges — designation of lay caregivers
Chapter 19 SF 558 PDF Icon Domestic surplus lines insurer requirements
Chapter 20 HF 264 PDF Icon Domestic stock insurers — plans of division
Chapter 21 HF 327 PDF Icon Employers and employees — franchise relationships
Chapter 22 SF 140 PDF Icon Special minor’s driver’s licenses — accredited nonpublic school students — maximum driving distance
Chapter 23 SF 208 PDF Icon Maximum allowable length for stinger-steered automobile transporters
Chapter 24 SF 333 PDF Icon Nonsubstantive Code corrections
Chapter 25 SF 532 PDF Icon Construction defects in new construction — class actions — notice and opportunity to repair
Chapter 26 SF 569 PDF Icon Limited liability companies — uniform protected series Act
Chapter 27 HF 260 PDF Icon Loans — permissible interest rates and charges
Chapter 28 HF 390 PDF Icon Aircraft certificates of registration
Chapter 29 HF 698 PDF Icon Pioneer cemeteries — jurisdiction and management
Chapter 30 SF 159 PDF Icon Teacher preparation program assessments — minimum scores — waivers
Chapter 31 SF 245 PDF Icon Skilled workforce shortage tuition grant program — eligibility and reporting requirements
Chapter 32 SF 246 PDF Icon All Iowa opportunity scholarship program — eligibility requirements
Chapter 33 HF 650 PDF Icon Negligent hiring of persons with public offense convictions — limitations on liability
Chapter 34 SF 112 PDF Icon Certification of trust requirements
Chapter 35 SF 402 PDF Icon Submission to credit union division — good faith requirement
Chapter 36 SF 403 PDF Icon Superintendent of credit unions — subpoena powers
Chapter 37 SF 506 PDF Icon Credit union mergers — notice and approval requirements
Chapter 38 SF 507 PDF Icon Workers’ compensation — falls on level surfaces
Chapter 39 HF 323 PDF Icon Dependent adult abuse — exploitation of physical or financial resources
Chapter 40 HF 393 PDF Icon Ethics — gift reporting by executive branch
Chapter 41 HF 418 PDF Icon Commercial driver’s licensing requirements
Chapter 42 HF 518 PDF Icon Hospice benefits in nursing facilities — dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid and Medicaid-only members
Chapter 43 HF 701 PDF Icon Zoning — preexisting nonconforming uses by manufactured, modular, and mobile homes and site-built dwelling units — continuance
Chapter 44 SF 475 PDF Icon Notarial acts — use of communications technology — electronic documents
Chapter 45 SF 158 PDF Icon Postconviction relief procedure
Chapter 46 SF 282 PDF Icon Honey creek premier destination park bond program — repeal
Chapter 47 SF 346 PDF Icon Female genital mutilation
Chapter 48 SF 379 PDF Icon Practice of law — qualifications — pro hac vice appointments
Chapter 49 SF 412 PDF Icon Homeowner’s insurance — repairs or services on residential real estate — assignment of rights to residential contractors
Chapter 50 SF 528 PDF Icon Self-service storage facilities — use, rental agreements, and liens
Chapter 51 SF 590 PDF Icon Indigent defense — payments to privately retained attorneys
Chapter 52 SF 600 PDF Icon Appropriations — transportation
Chapter 53 HF 391 PDF Icon Travel trailer dealer’s license — surety bond amount
Chapter 54 HF 392 PDF Icon Ethics — sales of services by governmental officials and employees — exemption
Chapter 55 HF 532 PDF Icon Physician workforce support — residency programs — study
Chapter 56 HF 591 PDF Icon Minor guardianship proceedings
Chapter 57 HF 610 PDF Icon Adult guardianship and adult and minor conservatorship proceedings
Chapter 58 HF 623 PDF Icon Medication-assisted treatment — Medicaid — prior authorization
Chapter 59 HF 679 PDF Icon Substantive Code corrections
Chapter 60 HF 681 PDF Icon Criminal history checks of care providers
Chapter 61 HF 690 PDF Icon Children’s behavioral health system
Chapter 62 HF 691 PDF Icon County mental health and disability services — cash flow amount restrictions
Chapter 63 HF 719 PDF Icon Dissolution of marriage — court-ordered conciliation
Chapter 64 SF 170 PDF Icon County agricultural extension councils — vacancies — publication duties
Chapter 65 SF 341 PDF Icon Assistance animals and service animals
Chapter 66 SF 364 PDF Icon Sobriety and drug monitoring program — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 67 SF 435 PDF Icon Towable recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and fifth-wheel travel trailers
Chapter 68 SF 447 PDF Icon City zoning authority — residential property rental permit caps
Chapter 69 HF 304 PDF Icon Dependent adult abuse reports — disposition of reports of minor acts or omissions
Chapter 70 HF 325 PDF Icon Weapons requirements for nonambulatory hunters
Chapter 71 HF 516 PDF Icon Joint 911 service boards — voting membership
Chapter 72 HF 598 PDF Icon Public elementary school classroom assignments — siblings at same grade level
Chapter 73 SF 265 PDF Icon Mushroom sales at farmers markets
Chapter 74 SF 283 PDF Icon Ethics — conflicts of interest in government contracts
Chapter 75 SF 302 PDF Icon Operation of motor vehicles — automated driving systems
Chapter 76 SF 303 PDF Icon Replacement of driver’s licenses or nonoperator’s identification cards — persons attaining age twenty-one
Chapter 77 SF 319 PDF Icon Driver education instructors — peace officers and retired peace officers
Chapter 78 SF 531 PDF Icon Pediatric congenital heart surgery — data reporting — patient education
Chapter 79 HF 387 PDF Icon Towed vehicles — distance requirements
Chapter 80 HF 389 PDF Icon Registration and titling of vessels, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles
Chapter 81 HF 423 PDF Icon Medical assistance — suspension — inmates of public institutions
Chapter 82 HF 570 PDF Icon Medicaid home and community-based services brain injury waiver maximum
Chapter 83 HF 606 PDF Icon Social work, marital and family therapy, and mental health counseling — continuing education — online credits
Chapter 84 HF 643 PDF Icon Driver’s licenses and nonoperator’s identification cards — deaf or hard-of-hearing status notations
Chapter 85 HF 766 PDF Icon Appropriations — health and human services
Chapter 86 SF 86 PDF Icon Licenses issued by department of natural resources — organ donor status
Chapter 87 HF 637 PDF Icon School employee misconduct — reports to board of educational examiners
Chapter 88 SF 563 PDF Icon Management of prescription drug benefits — reports on fees and rebates
Chapter 89 SF 638 PDF Icon State and local government and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
Chapter 90 HF 694 PDF Icon Emergency medical services personnel licensure interstate compact
Chapter 91 HF 731 PDF Icon Mandatory child abuse and dependent adult abuse reporter training requirements
Chapter 92 HF 743 PDF Icon Uniform electronic legal material Act
Chapter 93 SF 139 PDF Icon Educational standards — financial literacy
Chapter 94 SF 188 PDF Icon Carrying weapons producing nonprojectile high-voltage pulses at community colleges or regents universities
Chapter 95 SF 306 PDF Icon Lake Manawa state park and Waubonsie state park user fee pilot programs
Chapter 96 SF 394 PDF Icon Educational standards — online learning alternatives
Chapter 97 SF 409 PDF Icon Department of natural resources — administrative procedures
Chapter 98 SF 548 PDF Icon Water pollution control projects — real property acquisition by private entities for sale or donation to government entities — funding restricted
Chapter 99 SF 567 PDF Icon Professional licensure — eligibility — criminal convictions
Chapter 100 HF 421 PDF Icon Department of human services institutions and transfer of persons with mental illness
Chapter 101 HF 596 PDF Icon School districts — whole grade sharing, reorganization, or dissolution incentives
Chapter 102 HF 604 PDF Icon Commercial fishing — removal of underused, undesirable, and injurious organisms — licensing requirements
Chapter 103 HF 609 PDF Icon Legalizing act — Bennett community school district instructional support program
Chapter 104 HF 689 PDF Icon Removal of county veterans service officers
Chapter 105 SF 93 PDF Icon Abandoned buildings — abatement process
Chapter 106 SF 267 PDF Icon Massage therapy — unlawful practices — affirmative defenses
Chapter 107 SF 323 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverage regulation — canned cocktails
Chapter 108 SF 337 PDF Icon Child labor prohibitions — exceptions
Chapter 109 SF 502 PDF Icon Public employee whistleblower protection
Chapter 110 SF 505 PDF Icon Regulation of landscape architects
Chapter 111 SF 570 PDF Icon Disaster emergency assistance by licensed architects and professional engineers — immunity
Chapter 112 SF 605 PDF Icon Child support — nonassistance — fees
Chapter 113 SF 618 PDF Icon Alcoholic beverage regulation and control
Chapter 114 HF 224 PDF Icon Lascivious conduct with a minor
Chapter 115 HF 263 PDF Icon Consumer loan application fees
Chapter 116 HF 291 PDF Icon Medicaid — community spouse resource allowance
Chapter 117 HF 303 PDF Icon Statewide welcome center program
Chapter 118 HF 328 PDF Icon Vulnerable elder — definition changes
Chapter 119 HF 422 PDF Icon Civil commitment unit for sexual offenders — telehealth
Chapter 120 HF 486 PDF Icon Community catalyst building remediation grants — emergency projects
Chapter 121 HF 537 PDF Icon Public utilities — fees for use of public rights-of-way
Chapter 122 HF 569 PDF Icon Dependent adult abuse — personal degradation by caretaker
Chapter 123 HF 595 PDF Icon Salaries for deputy county auditors in charge of election administration
Chapter 124 HF 625 PDF Icon Integration of Medicaid and healthy and well kids in Iowa program administration
Chapter 125 HF 642 PDF Icon Department of human services records — confidentiality — disclosure
Chapter 126 HF 644 PDF Icon Juvenile justice — foster care providers — parent visitation in child in need of assistance proceedings
Chapter 127 HF 707 PDF Icon Juvenile delinquency and termination of the parent-child relationship proceedings — service of process
Chapter 128 HF 750 PDF Icon Powers and duties of the department of agriculture and land stewardship
Chapter 129 HF 764 PDF Icon Constitutional amendments — procedure and publication requirements
Chapter 130 SF 599 PDF Icon Regulation of hemp
Chapter 131 SF 609 PDF Icon Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
Chapter 132 SF 617 PDF Icon Sports wagering and fantasy sports contests
Chapter 133 SF 632 PDF Icon Appropriations — gambling treatment program
Chapter 134 HF 756 PDF Icon Federal block grant appropriations and other federal funding
Chapter 135 HF 758 PDF Icon Appropriations — education
Chapter 136 HF 759 PDF Icon Appropriations — administration and regulation
Chapter 137 HF 765 PDF Icon Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
Chapter 138 HF 769 PDF Icon Gross weight of special trucks — requirements and restrictions
Chapter 139 SF 228 PDF Icon Bioscience economic development
Chapter 140 SF 589 PDF Icon Criminal law and procedure
Chapter 141 SF 597 PDF Icon Sales tax — sales to nonprofit blood centers
Chapter 142 SF 619 PDF Icon Regulation of motor vehicle or residential services contracts and service companies
Chapter 143 HF 289 PDF Icon Gambling games — distribution of receipts for charitable purposes
Chapter 144 HF 305 PDF Icon Enhance Iowa board — member terms — duties
Chapter 145 HF 485 PDF Icon Targeted small business procurement — state agency purchasing requirements
Chapter 146 HF 499 PDF Icon Use of non-school bus motor vehicles for student transport
Chapter 147 HF 590 PDF Icon Regulation of tax return preparers
Chapter 148 HF 692 PDF Icon State and local elections — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 149 HF 734 PDF Icon Postconviction DNA profiling
Chapter 150 HF 741 PDF Icon City general obligation bonds — flood mitigation projects
Chapter 151 HF 767 PDF Icon Motor vehicle taxes and fees — electric vehicle registration fees — electric and hydrogen fuel excise taxes
Chapter 152 HF 779 PDF Icon Taxation and tax law administration — miscellaneous changes
Chapter 153 SF 377 PDF Icon Emergency response services by nonprofit corporations for municipalities — liability exemption
Chapter 154 SF 608 PDF Icon Appropriations — economic development
Chapter 155 SF 616 PDF Icon Appropriations — judicial branch
Chapter 156 HF 634 PDF Icon Department of human rights — division of criminal and juvenile justice planning — boards and councils
Chapter 157 HF 685 PDF Icon Prisoners of county jails — medical aid payment review
Chapter 158 SF 629 PDF Icon Vehicles of excessive size and weight — permits — raw forest product transport
Chapter 159 HF 772 PDF Icon Economic incentives for broadband and workforce housing development
Chapter 160 SF 230 PDF Icon Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages
Chapter 161 HF 768 PDF Icon Iowa finance authority and agricultural development — beginning farmer tax credits
Chapter 162 HF 778 PDF Icon Sale of farming business real property — capital gain deduction
Chapter 163 SF 615 PDF Icon Appropriations — justice system
Chapter 164 SF 603 PDF Icon Concurrent enrollment programs — weighting — education standards — accredited nonpublic schools
Chapter 165 SF 634 PDF Icon City and county budget practices and property taxation
Chapter 166 HF 546 PDF Icon School finance and extension, distribution, and use of secure an advanced vision for education funding
Chapter 167 SJR 17 PDF Icon Sales of merchandise at children’s benefit on capitol grounds
Chapter 168 SJR 18 PDF Icon Proposed constitutional amendment — right to keep and bear arms
Title Description
Tables Includes Conversion Tables of Senate and House Files and Joint Resolutions; table of 2019 Code Chapters and Sections Amended or Repealed and New; table of Session Laws Amended, Repealed, or Referred to; and other reference tables.
Index Lists in alphabetical order standardized terms describing subject matters and law concepts and the locations of these subject matters and law concepts in the 2019 Iowa Acts.