Iowa Administrative Code - 01/04/2017

Education Department [281] | Agency Listing
Chapter 82 STANDARDS FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION MANAGER PROGRAMS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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281.82.1 Definitions.
281.82.2 Organizations eligible to provide a school administration manager training program.
281.82.3 Approval of training programs.
281.82.4 Governance and resources standard.
281.82.5 Trainer and coach standard.
281.82.6 Assessment system and organization evaluation standard.
281.82.7 School administration manager knowledge and skills standards and criteria.
281.82.8 Periodic reports.
281.82.9 Reevaluation of school administration manager programs.
281.82.10 Approval of program changes and flexibility of programs.
281.82.11 Fees.