Rule Writer Tool Kit

This tool kit is intended as a comprehensive resource for rule writers regarding drafting rules, submitting rule makings, and using the Rules Management System (RMS).

The Rule Writer Handbook is a guide for drafting and maintaining administrative rules and navigating the rule-making process.

The Administrative Rules FAQ is an additional resource covering topics related to administrative rules and providing answers to questions commonly asked by rule writers.

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Drafting Rules show/hide

Rule-Drafting Template: Download Word | Zip File Instructions | PDF user guide - The tool rule writers should use to build rule-making documents. This Microsoft Word-based template provides:

  • Easy access to current, accurate rules in the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC).
  • Predrafted item statements that conform to the ones used in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB).
  • Predrafted frameworks for new rules that can be copied and tailored to fit and that have the proper formatting (e.g., bold and italics) used in the IAB and IAC.
  • Easy access to the RTF of the published Notice (or other rule making), which makes preparing an Adopted and Filed document much easier.

Rule-Making Document Checklist - A quick reference of important things to consider and include when drafting rule-making documents.

Parts of Rule - A guide to the hierarchy of rules, which is especially useful for writing new rules or restructuring existing rules.

Item Statements - A comprehensive list of item statements to be used when writing items for a rule-making document.

Rules Tracker - A tool that tracks the progress of rule-making documents and allows for reviewing an agency's past rule makings.

Editorial Change Process - Instructions for agencies to submit nonsubstantive editorial changes to rules.

Submitting a Rule Making show/hide

Schedule for Rule Making 2022 | 2023 - A chart of the rule-making timeline for a calendar year.

Rule-Making Calculator - A tool for interpreting the schedule for rule making.

Download Edited and Published Rule-Making Documents - An alternative to the Rule-Drafting Template above for downloading published rule makings, especially published Notices to use as a basis for creating related Adopted and Filed rule makings.

RMS Submission Checklist - A quick reference for preparing rule filings for submission via the Rules Management System.

Rules Management System (RMS) show/hide

RMS is the electronic filing system for administrative rules. RMS is managed by the Legislative Services Agency and is located in the Legislative Portal. A user account is required for access. To set up access to RMS or change your password, contact the LSA Front Office at 515.281.3566.

Rules Management System - Allows submission of rule making documents to the Governor's Office and Administrative Code Editor.

Rules Management System User Guide - Technical instructions for using RMS.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about RMS.

If you have problems or questions signing in to the Legislative Portal, please contact the LSA Help Desk at 515.281.6506.

Other Guidance show/hide

Uniform Rules on Agency Procedure PDF | RTF - Example language for agencies to use for rules on procedures for Petitions for Rule Making, Declaratory Orders, Agency Procedure for Rule Making, Fair Information Practices, and Contested Cases.

Iowa Administrative Procedure Act (Iowa Code Chapter 17A) - The statute that governs the rule-making process, contested cases, other agency action, and judicial review.

Rule-Making Guide - A thorough legal guide on the rule-making process.

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