Bill Bill Title Committee Meetings
HF 2367 A bill for an act providing for certification requirements for persons actively involved in the operation of a commercial manure service. (Formerly HF 2110) Agriculture (Senate)
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
HF 2410 A bill for an act related to special exceptions from local zoning regulations. (Formerly HSB 627) Local Government (Senate)
SF 2177 A bill for an act relating to the use of construction managers for certain public improvement projects. (See SF 2264.) Local Government (Senate)
SSB 3080 A study bill for an act relating to vital records by increasing fees on marriage licenses. 01/23/14 Hart, Brase, Guth Local Government (Senate)
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
SSB 3127 A study bill for an act relating to county recorder duties, fees, and recordkeeping. 01/29/14 Brase, Hart, Guth Local Government (Senate)
SSB 3137 A study bill for an act making a supplemental appropriation for the low=income home energy assistance program and including effective date provisions. 01/30/14 Mathis, Ragan, Guth Appropriations (Senate)
SSB 3140 A study bill for an act relating to certain state and local government activities related to vehicle registrations and levee and drainage districts. 02/03/14 Brase, Taylor, Guth Local Government (Senate)
SSB 3172 A study bill for an act allowing the holders of interests in certain entities eligible to hold agricultural land to be elected as trustees of drainage or levee districts. 02/11/14 Hart, Beall, Guth Agriculture (Senate)
SSB 3186 A study bill for an act relating to fees charged for the services of a lawful custodian in examining and copying public records. 02/17/14 Wilhelm, Dvorsky, Guth Local Government (Senate)
SSB 3224 A study bill for an act relating to state and local finances by making transfers and appropriations, providing for properly related matters, and including effective date and applicability provisions. 04/30/14 Dvorsky, Danielson, Chapman, Black, Bolkcom, Courtney, Dotzler, Ernst, Garrett, Guth, Hatch, Hogg, Kapucian, Mathis, McCoy, Petersen, Ragan, Rozenboom, Schoenjahn, Segebart, Smith Appropriations (Senate)
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM