Published Rule-Making Documents - 03/22/2023

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Fiscal
6954C Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department[21] Adopted and Filed Grain indemnity fund—per-bushel and participation fees, 93.8
6957C Soil Conservation and Water Quality Division[27] Adopted and Filed Time of meetings, 2.2
6955C Iowa Finance Authority[265] Adopted and Filed Council on homelessness—composition, quorum, voting requirements, committees, duties, amendments to ch 31
6956C Iowa Finance Authority[265] Adopted and Filed Housing renewal pilot program, ch 47
6952C Professional Licensure Division[645] Adopted and Filed Cosmetology arts and sciences—licensure, continuing education, 60.2(1)“f,” 60.7(2), 60.17, 64.1
6953C Pharmacy Board[657] Adopted and Filed Prescribing in the name of a school or school district—practice of nursing; bronchodilator canisters, bronchodilator canisters and spacers, 3.3(1), 6.10(1)“c,” 8.19, 18.3(4)“d,” 21.8(1)“h,” 39.7(1)
6958C Revenue Department[701] Adopted and Filed Local government services division, 102.14(2), 103.18(8), 111.2