Publications Processing and Proofreading Office

The Publications Processing and Proofreading Office, a subdivision of the Legal Services Division, is located on the third floor of the Miller Building and performs the following functions:

  • Text processes bills, amendments, rules, minutes, reports, legal guides, fiscal documents, and other LSA documents.
  • Updates the official Iowa Code, Iowa Administrative Code, and Iowa Court Rules databases.
  • Proofreads bills, amendments, rules, minutes, reports, legal guides and memoranda, the Iowa Code and Iowa Acts, fiscal information, and Internet and intranet site documents.

Staff List

Name Title Phone Email
Wernimont, Gina ASO Supervisor 515.725.4095
Magnuson, Scott ASO Assistant Supervisor 515.281.7254
White, Lacy Proofreading Supervisor 515.725.6069
Hagen, Mark Administrative Services Officer 515.725.4042
Cole, Daniel Administrative Services Officer 515.725.1736
Femrite, Stephanie Administrative Services Assistant 515.281.5438
Kirk, Diane Administrative Services Officer 515.242.6665
Logemann, Jayde Administrative Services Officer 515.725.0154
Long, Steven Administrative Services Assistant 515.725.1030
Lynch, Amy Administrative Services Officer 515.281.3949
Nelson, Kevin Administrative Services Officer 515.242.6664
Oxley, Michael Administrative Services Assistant 515.725.0481
Saunders, Luke Administrative Services Assistant 515.242.6873
Wieser, Tanner Administrative Services Assistant 515.281.7131