Legislative Information Office (LIO)

About the LIO (Multimedia Presentation)
The Legislative Information Office (LIO) provides nonpartisan information and materials concerning the Iowa General Assembly and the legislative process in Iowa to interested persons.
  • General public
  • International visitors
  • Legislators
  • Members of interest groups
  • Governmental agencies
  • Press
In addition, the LIO provides the following services during the legislative session and interim.
  • Publishes dozens of informational publications in print and on the Internet.
  • Acts as the International Protocol Office, welcoming international guests and dignitaries.
  • Responds to inquiries for information on legislative procedures, legislative schedules, legislators, and the status and identification of bills.
  • Offers educational presentations to groups about the legislative process.
  • Provides an assortment of unique Iowa gifts for purchase by legislators and legislative staff.

Director Legislative Services Agency

Tim McDermott
Phone: 515.281.3566
Fax: 515.281.8027

Division Director Legislative Information Office

Craig Cronbaugh
Phone: 515.281.8817
Fax: 515.281.8027