Front Office and Bill Room

The Front Office and Bill Room staff, which provide administrative support to all divisions of the LSA, are located in the Capitol and Miller buildings and perform the following functions:

  • Provides all necessary administrative services to support the functions of the Legal Services, Fiscal Services, and Computer Services divisions.
  • Publishes minutes, Legislative Guides, and memos.
  • Tracks, stores, copies, and distributes bills, amendments, research, and minutes of statutory and interim committees to the General Assembly and its staff.

Staff List

Name Title Phone Email
Steffensmeier, Samantha Admin Services Officer 515.281.3566
Walsh, Sharon Administrative Services Officer 515.281.4849
Becker, DaKeena Administrative Services Assistant 515.725.4175
Cardoza, Catherine Administrative Services Assistant 515.281.5279
Long, Eileen Administrative Services Officer 515.281.6766