Computer Services

The Computer Services Division is located on the third floor of the Miller Building and performs the following functions:

  • Provides legislative computer systems services to the Senate, the House of Representatives, and central legislative staff agencies.
  • Maintains all hardware required for the legislative network of servers, email, local area network, and Internet servers.
  • Provides security for all legislative information technology systems.
  • Staffs the Help Desk and provides chamber floor support.
  • Creates and maintains software to retrieve and edit information in legislative databases.
  • Develops and integrates Internet and intranet information and documentation.

Staff List

Name Title Phone Email
Eaton, Matthew Division Director 515.281.7841
Kair, David Division Editor/Supervisor 515.281.3685
Bernholtz, Jacob Sr. Computer Systems Engineer 515.281.4590
Birkett, Abby Computer Systems Developer 515.281.4613
Dawn, Paul Computer Systems Assistant 515.281.5285
Kakavas, Mathew Sr. Computer Systems Developer 515.725.2079
Keitel, Megan Computer Systems Assistant 515.281.6705
Koth, Jason Sr. Computer Systems Engineer 515.281.3657
Kramer, Emily Sr. Computer Systems Analyst 515.281.3155
Nagarajan, Geetha Sr. Computer Systems Developer 515.725.4632
Starr, Jeffrey Sr. Computer Systems Engineer 515.281.7842
Tath, Alexander Computer Systems Assistant 515.281.5724
Thomson, Nicholas Sr. Computer Systems Engineer 515.725.2262
VanVlair, Valerie Sr. Computer Systems Analyst 515.281.3662