Computer Services

The Computer Services Division provides nonpartisan technology solutions, advice, and support to the General Assembly and its staff. The division maintains the General Assembly's mainframe computer system, local area network, and the Internet and Intranet websites. The division provides the following services:

Training and Support
  • Provides training for all legislators and staff.
  • Staffs the Help Desk phone line to answer system user questions. 515.281.6506
  • Develops programming to maintain legislative databases and to enable communication of information to and from other computer systems.
  • During session, provides staff in each chamber to help with any computer-related issues, questions, or problems.
Network and Hardware
  • Maintains all hardware required for the legislative mainframe, email, local area network, and internet servers.
  • Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots all operating system software.
  • Upgrades all systems as necessary.
  • Provides security for all legislative systems.
Software and Web Development
  • Creates software to retrieve and edit information in legislative databases.
  • Develops and integrates Internet and Intranet information and documentation.
  • Provides specialized programming to meet user needs within the General Assembly.

Director Legislative Services Agency

Tim McDermott
Phone: 515.281.3566
Fax: 515.281.8027

Director Computer Services

Matthew Eaton
Phone: 515.281.7841
Fax: 515.242.6509