Legal Services

The Legal Services Division is located on the ground floor of the Capitol Building and performs the following functions:

  • Provides drafting services for all three branches of state government.
  • Staffs standing, statutory, and interim study committees.
  • Publishes and distributes the state’s official legal publications.
  • Drafts and prepares bills embodying a plan of legislative and congressional redistricting
  • Prepares legal and legislative analysis with respect to rules and forms submitted by the Supreme Court to the Legislative Council.
  • Provides services by the Iowa Code Editor and the Administrative Code Editor.

Staff List

Name Title Phone Email
Heggen, John Division Director 515.725.7827
Nelson, Richard Division Administrator 515.242.5822
Adkisson, Douglas Sr. Legal Counsel 515.281.3884
Arnett, James Legal Counsel 515.281.3745
Cook, Edwin Sr. Legal Counsel 515.281.3994
Duster, Michael Sr. Legal Counsel 515.281.4800
Ewing, John Administrative Code Editor 515.281.6048
Funaro, Patricia Sr. Legal Counsel 515.281.3040
Gough, Daniel Legal Counsel 515.725.0479
Heeren, Tyler Legal Counsel 515.725.0480
Hickey, Leslie Iowa Code Editor 515.281.8871
Hjelmaas, Rachele Division Editor/Supervisor 515.281.8127
McEniry, Joseph Sr. Legal Counsel 515.281.3189
Miller, Charlotte Legal Counsel 515.725.4117
O’Connor, Kathleen Legal Counsel 515.281.6329
Schroeder, Nicholas Division Editor/Supervisor 515.725.7323
Schulte, Emma Legal Counsel 515.725.2299
Seusy, Adrienne Legal Counsel 515.281.3444
Simpson, Joseph Legal Counsel 515.725.2251
Stromberg, Stuart Legal Counsel 515.281.3430