Legislative Updates Audio Edition

File Name
Part 1 Introduction Area Education Agencies.mp3
Part 1 Purpose and Overview.mp3
Part 1 Introduction.mp3
Part 1 Intro.mp3
Part 2 Executive Summary.mp3
Part 2 Acts, Offenses, Violations, Omissions, and Events Prompting Driver's License Sanctions.mp3
Part 3 Historical Background.mp3
Part 4 Role and Function of Area Education Agencies.mp3
Part 5 Governance.mp3
Part 6 Funding.mp3
Part 7 Accreditation.mp3
Part 8 Reorganization or Dissolution.mp3
Beverage Container Deposits--Iowa's Bottle Bill.mp3
Part 1 Introduction Charitable Property Tax Exemption .mp3
Part 2 Judicial Standard of Review.mp3
Part 2 Criminal Intent.mp3
Part 2 Historical Background.mp3
Part 3 Requirements for Exemption.mp3
Part 3 Categories of Criminal Penalties.mp3
Part 3 Future Changes in the Law.mp3
Part 3 Bingo.mp3
Part 4 Other Issues.mp3
Part 4 Criminal Proceedings.mp3
Part 4 Raffles.mp3
Part 5 Conclusion.mp3
Part 5 Imposition of Sentences.mp3
Part 5 Amusement Concessions.mp3
Part 6 Department of Corrections.mp3
Part 6 Annual Game Night.mp3
Part 7 Judicial District Departments of Correctional Services.mp3
Part 7 Licensed Social Gambling.mp3
Part 8 Board of Parole.mp3
Part 8 Unlicensed Social Gambling.mp3
Part 9 DNA Profiling.mp3
Part 9 Bona Fide Contests.mp3
Part 10 Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators.mp3
Part 10 Pari-Mutuel Wagering.mp3
Part 11 Sex Offender Registry.mp3
Part 11 Iowa Lottery.mp3
Part 12 Collection of Delinquent Court Debt.mp3
Part 12 Casino-Style Gambling -- Excursion Boats and Racetracks.mp3
Part 13 Disposition of Seized Property.mp3
Part 13 Wagering Tax Revenue to the State.mp3
Part 14 Iowa Lottery and Sales Tax Receipts Transfer Totals to Various Funds.mp3
Unemployment Compensation Benefits in Iowa.mp3
Veterans and Military Benefits.mp3