iTunes Podcasts

iTunes podcasts are audio files formatted to be played on any of your Apple devices. Podcasts can be downloaded individually or subscribed to so that each new episode of the podcast is automatically downloaded to the subscriber's device when connected to the Internet. You can subscribe to a podcast at the iTunes Store. For more information on iTunes podcasts:

Title Description
Conversations About Government in Iowa Short, conversational interviews conducted by LSA staff regarding state and local government. Watch for new Conversations to be posted here periodically.
Fiscal Update Fiscal Services newsletter. Individual articles are published throughout each week. A summary of links to articles is published monthly.
Issue Reviews Audio recording of detailed reviews of selected issues concerning State government.
Legal Updates Audio recordings of summaries of recent court decisions, Attorney General opinions, and other legal interpretations.
Legislative Guides Audio recordings of comprehensive surveys of particular areas of law.
Mental Health and Disability Services Study Committee Meetings Audio recording of the Mental Health and Disability Services Study Committee meetings.